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Sunday, 19 December 2010 14:36

Video: Machado bags brace in Toulouse win

Toulouse 3-0 Lorient

Portugal international Paulo Machado scored twice as Toulouse moved into the top half of Ligue 1 with a comfortable victory over Lorient on Saturday evening.

Having lost at Lyon last weekend, Toulouse had slipped into the bottom half of the French top flight, but Machado’s third and fourth goals of the season move the team from the southwest of the country up to 8th place in the standings.

The opening goal came somewhat against the run of play, after Lorient had been the dominant side in the early stages. Machado made the breakthrough for his side in the 16th minute, showing good pace to sprint clear of the high visiting defensive line and slot his finish past Fabien Audard.

Toulouse led 1-0 at the break, and Machado doubled the home side’s advantage from the penalty spot on the hour mark after Audard had brought down substitute Fode Mansare. Set-piece specialist Machado made no mistake from the spot, sending the Lorient goalkeeper the wrong way and placing his kick into the bottom-right corner.

Federico Santander rounded off the scoring not long afterwards as Toulouse claimed their eighth victory of the season, half of which have come at home. Alain Casanova’s side, who are just four points off leaders Lille in what is a fascinating Ligue 1 table, play their last match before the winter break when they travel to struggling Valenciennes on Wednesday.

By Sean Gillen

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Comments (7)
It depends on the team...
7 Tuesday, 21 December 2010 17:44
This is a team sport but any time he is on the ball he plays well. If the team plays poorly than he is not going to shine as much. SAME goes for Ronaldo, anyone remember the World Cup Spain game?

You want consistency? Where you watching soccer in Portugal from 2004-2008. Quaresma was CONSISTENTLY the best player in the Portuguese league BY FAR. And now that he has a coach backing him at Besiktas he is playing like that again.

He kept Portugal alive at a time when we had a suspended coach and were missing key players. Even the biggest Quaresma haters must admit that it is a SHAME that he hasnt been called to World and Euro cups.
6 Monday, 20 December 2010 02:00
I doesnt matter what he did with Scolari, Bento is now the coach and I know Quaresma is know where near Ronaldo's or Nani's level! Quaresma can't perform against the big teams and if you havent noticed is inconsistent. One day he was a super hero against Cyprus the next he wasa flop against Norway. You should never rely on Quaresma to perform consistently on a regular basis.
5 Monday, 20 December 2010 00:18
First off Adam, this site can do what ever the hell it wants as it's the only way Luso's like me who can't read Portuguese to well can keep up with what's going on. Keep up the good work boyz!

Second, Melinho, this guys not an all out striker, not even really an attacking midfielder like Deco or Danny. But yeah he's been potting them home also hasn't he!

Third, I can't see the video where I am. Is Machado actually wearing a purple hat or something? wtf? lol!
Quaresma is over rated???
4 Monday, 20 December 2010 00:07
He is probably the most under rated player in the world and no matter what he does its never good enough. If the Portuguese actually backed our players we would be stronger as a nation. But look at our site, we HATE on Ronaldo and Quaresma MORE than other people do.

I remember back when he scored an outstanding goal in a qualifier against Belgium, assisted Ronaldo and won man of the match...and then Scolari benched him the next game...and no one talked about how INSANE that is. Almost every time he plays, he is man of the match and as much as I LOVE Ronaldo, those few times he played with Quaresma (whcih is beautiful to watch) I actually think he outshines Ronaldo on the field. He just needs a damn chance.
3 Sunday, 19 December 2010 23:33
Seriously Adam why would they ignore the talents of Quaresma because he's a cigano (gypsy)
Anyway Quaresma is over rated amd after watching him for Portugal against Norway it proves that he is inconsistent for the NT. Vieirinha, Varela or Machado are better players than Quaresma!
2 Sunday, 19 December 2010 18:23
give the kid a chance ! portugals got no strikers anyways, the kids fast and reminds me alittle of david villa ! maybe hell make his big coming on the national team like villa, no ?
1 Sunday, 19 December 2010 16:52
See now THIS is what I don't understand, if this guy or Vieirinha score it ends up on this site...but earlier this week Quaresma score an AMAZING goal for Besiktas in Europa League and it never appeared here...what do you guys have against Quaresma?

It isn't the first time his outstanding goals this year have been ignored while every single goal by Machado or Vierinha are posted. Are Toulouse and PAOK bigger teams than Besiktas? Hardly. Is it because he is a cigano? Possibly.

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