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Thursday, 04 February 2010 18:24

Benfica are the strongest team in the championship - Fernandes

Setubal boss praises Lisbon rivals

manuel_fernandes.jpgVitoria de Setubal have the daunting task this weekend of trying to stop the juggernaut that is Benfica and Manuel Fernandes, the Setubal manager, knows it will be no easy feat.

The Aguias have scored a league high 50 goals in 18 matches, eight of which came at the expense of Setubal back when the two met in August, and Fernandes feels that it is a testament to Benfica's quality.

"You analyse teams for their regularity and, in this case, Benfica are the strongest team in the championship," said Fernandes. "Benfica can bury anyone and are always a team with a lot of options, as well as strong collectively."

"It would not be too much to say that a lot of the merit should go to their manager (Jorge Jesus). It's been many years since Benfica have played they way they do now."

But Fernandes stresses that his side won't back down from any fight and that they will do all they can to come away with a win.

"We have to be confident in ourselves and believe that we can create Benfica's defence problems. We won't play with 11 men behind the centre-line and we won't mark any specific Benfica player."

by Marco Pereira

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2 Friday, 05 February 2010 05:57
Nice to hear someone from another club have positive words to say with regards to the SLB for a change. I look forward to Benfica's performance this weekend after already playing two games this week. Like Fresh said the season isn't over yet, but with Jorge Jesus on the sideline I have complete faith they will finish off the year with silver for the chest.
1 Thursday, 04 February 2010 21:51
I appreciate Manuel Fernandes said nice words about Benfica which I agree because we are joint-leaders and were still competing in Europe while Braga are only a domestic a competitor this season. There is still 13 league games left in the season so champions are not guaranteed yet but I do believe Benfica can win the championship this year.

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