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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 13:12

News round-up: Fernandes leaves Vitoria Setubal - official

Porto swoop for Braga pair; Jesus facing suspension

Manuel FernandesVitoria Setubal have sacked coach Manuel Fernandes. After two days of negotiating, the Sadinos have finally reached an agreement regarding his compensation.

In other news, Porto are reported to have agreed deals to sign Braga’s Silvio and Lima, while Benfica boss Jorge Jesus may be facing suspension.

Fernandes gets the bullet

Former Sporting and Vitoria striker Manuel Fernandes has been the latest victim of a spate of coach sackings in Portugal’s top flight.
The 59-year-old had been under increasing pressure in Setubal. Only one league win since October has seen the club slide dangerously close to the relegation zone, and with bottom two Portimonense and Naval both starting to pick up points, the club felt a change of manager was the best course of action to aid their chances of survival in the Liga ZON Sagres.
Vitoria are currently five points above the drop zone with nine matches remaining.

Lima and Silvio on their way to Porto

According to Portuguese daily A Bola, FC Porto have completed deals to bring Portugal full-back Silvio and Brazilian striker Lima to the Estadio do Dragao in the summer from local rivals Braga.
Full-back Silvio can play on either flank. The 23-year-old made his debut for the senior Portugal side last year against Norway.
Lima has been a big hit since coming to Portugal in the summer of 2009. The powerful front man impressed at Belenenses last season, earning himself a move to Braga where he has continued to find the net on a regular basis, both domestically and in European competition.
The signing of Lima by Porto will heighten rumours that the league leaders are preparing to cash in on one or both of their star players, Hulk and Falcao, at the end of the season.

Jorge Jesus learns his fate

A decision is expected today regarding Jorge Jesus’ possible suspension in the wake of incidents at the end of the match between Benfica and Nacional da Madeira on 22 January.

The Liga’s Disciplinary Committee have completed their inquiry into the incident, where Jesus appeared to slap Nacional player Luis Alberto in an ugly melee that followed the final whistle.
Curiously, Jesus let his fiery temper get the better of him again this past weekend. The coach was involved in an altercation with opponents after Benfica’s 2-1 victory over Maritimo, although whether or not another inquiry will be opened depends on the Disciplinary Committee’s analysis of the report by match referee, Vasco Santos.
by Tom Kundert

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Comments (11)
good n badd things
11 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 18:35
gosh i wonder who that was e gomes??? this is good webbsite with some sick people. in my head im go home already. o n thank goodness that fugly coach from setubal got fired. his like so annoying n everytime i look at him it looks like he woke up and went back to bed lol
Sad State Of Affairs
10 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 14:30
Let me say, that I actually love this site.
The information it provides has been excellent and it actually allows all of stupid and childish arguments to be heard. Yes, I'm included in those thoughts and arguments.
What I do find sad is someone actually using another current person's moniker/name in posting comments.
Some went on and posted the following;

JJ may have the passion but his behavior has been an absolutey disgusting. A suspension should have come some time ago and after the Maritimo game he is living up to his cretin status

under my name. I never wrote this statement. Although I may agree with parts of it, a cretin is the last thing I would have said.
People may not agree with everything I post and argue with me. But for someone to come in and use my name to post his own thoughts is pathetic. It's actually beyond childish.
For everyone's information, I happen to be a writer for a different website. I happen to write about football, both NFL and European football, and actually get paid for it.
I take that slice of my life very seriously, and enjoy it very much. For someone to come in and take credit for my posts here, it's very sad. Although I may disagree with whoever wrote pretending to be me, I would have liked to think he was man enough to stand by his own words. I could say 12 years olds are posting here, but by the looks of it, that would be putting down 12 years old.
The only way to remedy this would be to have log ins, but I'm not sure that the site wants to go that route.
What I am sure of, is that smart/knowledgeable people will stiop posting. I've been criticized for having too many opinions on everything. I get that. I love the sport and I DO have too many opinions. But that doesn;t give anyone the right to use my name in their rants.
Vacant job
9 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 22:33
Who is going to take over Vitoria Setubal?

I don't see Lima playing that much at Porto as I do Silvio but prove me wrong.
I foresee Braga's downfall
8 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 18:45
They are dumping to many players to remain a top team in the league. Where's everyone that was all over Paciencia's jock last year.

RE: Bryan, Braga already had Orlando Sa and they didn't play him. The only thing Lima has proven is that he has potential. I hope Couto has made replacement plans for these key players before selling them. I understand they have to sell but at lest try to perform in Europe with the players that got you there.
nice pick up
7 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 17:28
i think lima and silvio are both good additions for porto. silvio can replace fucile who has been an absolute disgrace this season after a solid world cup. as for lima, as long as he continues to score he will fit in just fine. i am doubtful porto will part with both hulk and falcao this season. i believe hulk goes this year and falcao probably has another year left. if braga is to get a player from porto it will most likely be another loan deal. ukra is there for the remainder of this season and all of next. maybe orlando sa or sergio oliveria will be loaned out for all of next season but i dont think they will give up anything preminant.
bryan scb your wrong
6 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 16:51
fine walter doesnt play much but most of the time he does play he has a good performance or scores. he scored like 6 goals in at least 9 games so i wouldnt be calling that dissapoitning
Agree with the time
5 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 14:55
Danny and mdot are bang on. Contrast how the FA in England has already ruled on Rooney's elbow on the weekend versus an incident almost two months old.

Perhaps if they ruled on JJ promptly, he would have freaked out this weekend. (but then again, maybe not)
4 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 14:41
JJ may have the passion but his behavior has been an absolutey disgusting. A suspension should have come some time ago and after the Maritimo game he is living up to his cretin status
It`s about time!
3 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 14:21
Enough said about the JJ decision.

We know Porto will be getting a proven striker and a bright fullback. It`s possible that Porto will be giving one of their player to Braga. Walter has been a big disappointment and Orlando Sa never fulfilled any potential. I`m hoping Braga receive Orlando Sa + cash.
Good article
2 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 14:03
Like I’ve stated before JJ will likely face a suspension. This league horribly slow, I know last month they just fined Porto for fan violence from min season in 2009/2010 season. Anyways, lets see what comes out of it.

Looks like Braga is completing the gutting of their squad. This team better use the cash they are getting to sign some good prospects or its unlikely they’ll have another good run for a long time.

Since winning the league cup Setubal seems to just always hold on to that last spot to stay in the league. They are reminding me of Belenense where it just seems that it’s going to happen sooner or later. Kinda sad since I always felt that teams like Belenense and Setubal could pull a strong fan base if they just had a run like Braga but poor management has lead them in a different direction.
1 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 13:50
Now everyone can stop their moaning antics about when is Jesus getting suspended, Jesus should be suspended, why on earth isn't he suspended yet, the league committee is ran by Benfiquista's. Blah, blah, blah, blah. You guys will finally get your wish. It's just pathetic how the league takes its sweet ass time to make a final decision on incidents like Jesus's. I mean this Jesus-Luis Alberto incident took place on 22 January, and their only going to make a final decision now? I just hope he gets around a three match ban with a fine, but after another outburst against Maritimo I think you can add another ban. I love the mans passion, but he has to calm his ass down lol.

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