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Sunday, 26 May 2013 18:40

Guimarães claim famous cup win

Match report: Benfica 1-2 Vitória Guimarães


After seeing the Primeira Liga and Europa League titles slip through their grasp in recent weeks, Jorge Jesus' Benfica suffered more heartbreak on Sunday, losing 2-1 to Vitória Guimarães in the final of the Taça de Portugal at the Estádio Nacional.

The Eagles took the lead through a freak goal from Argentine winger Nico Gaitán, but two late goals from El Arbi Soudani and Ricardo were enough to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for Rui Vitória's side.

Although the nature of the loss was certainly cruel, Benfica can have little complaint with the result - their failure to put Guimarães away compounded by a glaring error from 'keeper Artur that handed the eventual victor's their equaliser.

Benfica started the game clear favourites: the Lisbon club having won six of their last nine encounters against the Conquistadores. However, the Eagles entered the fray on the back of a desperate run of results that has seen them lose out in the league to rivals Porto and suffer late defeat to Premier League Chelsea in the Europa League final.


Rui Vitória's Guimarães underdogs were by no means incapable of springing a surprise, but knew they would need to find goals from somewhere after a relatively powderpuff season in attack: none of their forwards in double figures going into the contest.

On a sunny day and a decent surface, there was an end-of-season air to the game in the opening minutes, Benfica's travelling support making themselves heard, as they looked to inspire a side rocked by the recent defeats.

With the Primeira Liga and Europa League having slipped their clutches, the game constituted a last chance for Jesus' Eagles to stick some silverware in the trophy cabinet and they started the more positive of the two sides.

After some early sparring, Benfica centre half Ezekiel Garay had the first clear-cut effort on goal after 8 minutes, the Argentine meeting Salvio's corner with a full-blooded downward header that Guimarães 'keeper Douglas did well to push to safety.

Benfica dominate

Benfica stayed on top, dominating possession and territory, as they looked for the breakthrough goal that never came their way ten days ago in Amsterdam in their Europa League loss to Chelsea - Oscar Cardozo driving straight at Douglas after 15 minutes.

A golden opportunity presented itself to Guimarães just before the half hour mark, however, when they found themselves with a five-on-two break deep in their opponent's half. Left-back David Addy burst into the area, but lifted a tame effort into the side-netting to let Benfica off the hook.

A minute later and Guimarães' regret at spurning the Addy opportunity promptly doubled - when fortune shone on Benfica and they opened the scoring on 30 minutes.

Argentine winger Gaitán's name goes down on the scoresheet, but the talented left-footer knew little about the goal when it arrived, Guimarães defender Kanu's attempted clearance ricocheting off Gaitán and pinging past a bewildered Douglas into the corner of the net. 

With Benfica buoyed and Guimarães shaken, the game lost a little shape after Gaitán's opener - though Benfica still carried greater threat, particularly down their right. Full-back Maxi Pereira was proving a potent attacking outlet and he teed up striker Cardozo on 42 minutes: the rangy Paraguayan firing over.

Addy opportunity

Despite Benfica controlling the game, Guimarães and Ghanaian Addy still managed to engineer their second glorious chance on the stroke of half-time. The rangy defender did fabulously to break tackles and charge into the box, but suffered a bad attack of stage fright and scuffed a terrible, trickling effort at Artur under pressure from the covering Garay.

Benfica dangerman Gaitán slipped straight into gear after the re-start, the Argentine surging down the left flank before floating over a dinked cross that Cardozo was set to bury before he was denied by a last-ditch tackle. 

It wasn't one-way traffic, however, and Northern representatives Guimarães did flash a shot on target through wideman Ricardo on 50 minutes; Tiago Rodriguez also hitting the target moments later.

With the game into its last ten minutes, however, clear sights of goal were at a high premium.

Soudani equaliser

As the clock ran down, question marks naturally surfaced regarding Benfica's resilience late in games - and as has been the case in recent weeks, late drama wasn't far away.

Benfica 'keeper Artur - who has largely escaped criticism despite uninspired performances against Porto and Chelsea, was clearly to blame, as Guimarães found their way back into the contest on 78 minutes.

The Eagles' goalkeeper was under no pressure as he looked to clear his lines, but inexplicably scuffed his clearance straight to the opposing Rafael Crivellaro, who took a touch and played in Soudani, who kept his head to slide home and level the scores. Replays showed Soudani to be marginally offside, but the goal stood.

Two minutes later and Benfica's end of season nightmare took another cruel twist. This time their defending of their area was suspect, as Ricardo was allowed to cut in easily from the right and shoot left-footed from outside the box. Artur again seemed flat-footed as the ball rolled into the net, though Ricardo's strike did get a deflection on its way past him.

Final throes

As the game entered its final throes, Benfica had a luxury not afforded them in recent weeks: a chance to respond after falling behind. However, Jesus' men looked mentally and physically shot, while Guimarães understandably had a spring in their step after turning the match on its head.

The Northerners held on to record a famous victory that will buoy their confidence and heighten their aspirations of doing well in the Europa League next season. 

Benfica's players and management, meanwhile, have the summer to reflect on 'what might have been' after a season that looked set to end gloriously less than a month ago.

Benfica: Artur, Luisão, Garay, Pereira, Pérez (Aimar '86), Gaitán (Rodrio '83), Matić, Salvio, Almeida, Lima, Cardozo (Urretaviscaya '69).

Vitória Guimarães: Douglas, Addy, El Adoua, Oliveira, Kanú (Matias '64), André, Olímpio (Crivallero '77), Rodrigues, Soudani, Baldé (N'Diaye '90), Pereira

Benfica 1-0 Vitória Guimarães: Gaitán '30
Benfica 1-1 Vitória Guimarães: Soudani '78
Benfica 1-2 Vitória Guimarães: Ricardo '80

Comments (36)
At least we keep growing
36 Wednesday, 29 May 2013 19:51
It's not true science, but at least it's a respected publication.


Keep in mind that Benfica is worth much more. This pertains to
"Brand" value.
35 Wednesday, 29 May 2013 12:43
Sorry for all misspellings. On the train and fat fingers didn't help.
All models have their faults
34 Wednesday, 29 May 2013 12:27
Chris, I see it differently. Portugal is a feeder league, and that's what keeps out league relevant. It also allows Porto, Benfica and hopefully Sporting to remain relevant in the eyes of clubs, pundits and fans. I feel great pride when I hear an an announcer say "Portuguese Goants" on tv.
Monaco for me has become another outlet for our clubs to make money. Frankly it will help drive up cost which will drive up profits.
Will it all come crashing down, of the billionaires lose interest? For some yes. But these guys have egos and futebol allows them flex their power.

I would also caution on the presidents reliability. Do people think the Godinho or Bettencourt struggled financially while Sporting collapsed around them. I bet you that their personal wealth actually went up. More than one, sadly, Portuguese and Spanish president has filled their pockets while not paying player wages and cried poverty. There was even one in Spain that said players shouldn't expect to get paid on these ridiculous contracts. I say why offer them? He should have been thrown in jail for fraud.

Chris, we may differ in opinions on how everything should run. And for me that's no only ok it's a good thing. It should bring on discussion and progress. Yet it saddens me more and more that mediocrity is accepted. Nobody seems to want to take responsibility for anything, and incompetence is An excuse. Saying, I didn't know, shouldn't be good enough for an answer.

Sorry for the soapbox.

On a side note ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries have been great. Broke was sad and extremely funny to watch. People should try to find it online.
33 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 17:59
Chris (Canada)
Glad to hear your wise words on longevity in the career path. I agree wholeheartedly. I never said that those who choose to get paid are bad people, all I am saying is most of them see more money in a year than most people see in a lifetime, so I don't think they always "have to" take the money.

I think they, like us, can choose to take less cash for a more satisfying project. I do not think Moutinho is a bad person bc he's taking the money and running, but it feels like he and James prefer cash over credibility. And I stand by my comments about agents. It's all about the cash. They wield a lot of power over the players.

Yes, players are in a unique "early retirement" situation, but you can't expect me to pity multi-millionaires can you? If they have no knowledge of how to save money, they can pay for a business course or hire an accountant and financial advisor.

Finally, we have to talk about the operation of these oligarch clubs. Chelsea has had some success with Roman, but look at what a joke of a club it is. Revolving door of coaches, fans booing the coach,ober $1billion in debt. Players undermining leadership.

I do not view these ownerships as realistic long-term successes. I think clubs like Bayern, Porto and Benfica have the right recipe, with socios and Presidents calling the shots.
Different opinions
32 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 17:10
Yes Chris, we have a difference of opinions.
I've actually taken a step back in my career in order to secure my future. I'm taking the financial hit now, but in the long run I'll be much better off. You're right it's not all about the money. I absolutely love where I'm at now.

I would like to state that I look at athletes differently. They have limit years of earning power. Athletes retired substantially sooner than you and I. I understand when a player takes that big pay day, like E'to did. For that matter, the way Boswinga has done. Not all athletes are like Figo, Leonardo, Rui Costa and others that have taken on important roles with former clubs or in business.
I think that fans get upset because it seems as if players are taking that pay day sooner and sooner, before they've won anything. Just like Bruno Cesar, Hulk, Axel, etc...
But we're fans, for them it's their job. They may proclaim their love for the club, but we are a feeder league. For players, they hope this is just a stop for greater riches. Luckily we are able to provide them with that platform, hence Portugal having hige clubs.

I also don't ever complain about an athletes salary. They've earned their market values. And that's set by whoever is willing to pay. Why should the owners/presidents pocket all the profits. When players are missing wages, do you think a Presidents check is ever late? Getting all you can, does not make a bad person.
Tough Spot
31 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 16:38
I just saw the Cardozo shove. Yes, it was very unprofessional, and he should be reprimanded (fined/suspended).
But I could understand his frustration. Urreta isn't exactly a defensive substitution.

It seems as if JJ will be back. It will make for a very tough season. Like I said, it won't matter how well they play until the very end. Unless we runaway with the league and advance past Group Stages in the CL, nothing will matter until "a" clutch game.
LFV is in a tough spot. If he can't draw a big enough name, he probably thinks he can nab an already mentioned option midseason, if it all falls apart.
Cardozos Actions
30 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 15:37
Though Cardozo's actions were stupid of him, I can understand why. (Something that I wouldnt do myself) The reason why he got into JJ's face, is becuase JJ removed him from the game, and has been doing that lately and not allowing Cardozo to finish his games. I knew from the moment that JJ took him out, Benfica was going to get worked on. Cardozo is a threat to other teams and they would definitely have had to keep an eye on him throughout the final mintues. With Cardozo gone there was no threat up on top, flood gates had open. Guimaraes could attack without worring about Benfica's top scorer. I hope they let JJ go, never liked his actions on and off the field and him speaking out that that Benfica would already be Champions and win every single game! It's good to think that way, but to make it public and place that in the minds of your rivals only increases their hatered and increase their motiviation to defeat you! You must play every game until the last minute, anything can happen in this sport. I say that Benfica lost their momentum when they played Estroil. They took them too lightly and looked what happen. Good job Porto this year as well as the past three. Always entertaining to watch, even though deep down inside I want them to lose. Until next season. Cant wait to see which picks and sell offs go on in the coming months.
You're partly right NJ, but missing the point in some respects
29 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 12:36
Chris (Canada)
I have had the opportunity to take on a job where the pay was higher, but I ultimately chose something that in the long-term would benefit my career, for less money. I get that you're American, and had some disparaging comments on my "socialist" rant (btw, I disagree with the majority of what you said), but not everything is about money.

We're not realistically expected to feel sorry for Moutinho if he chose to stay at Porto are we? The man made 2 million euros last year for crying out loud, just in salary. That's pretty good money for a "Feeder league" as you call it. Let's say he makes $4 million at Monaco now, but never sniffs European competition again. Would you be happy with that? I wouldn't.

These are not just players, they are ATHLETES, people who spend their entire lives focusing on being the best at their craft. As such, they should compete to be at the highest level. People like Hulk and Moutinho, who I have tremendous respect for as athletes and Portistas are unfortunately dim, because they let Jorge Mendes dictate to them where they should go for the highest dollar.

Does the agent care about them never winning anything of any real merit again? No, they just want the cash. Look at Neymar. A lot of people criticize (myself included), but when he had to choose, he chose the team that would be better for his career over the one who was going to pay him more. There are 2 ways of looking at every situation.

28 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 12:02
To Jonah and all the other trolls...no it's the complete opposite...when Porto miserably crashed out of Europe for the last 2 seasons running...most of the Benfica fans who comment here, offered their sympathy. That is the difference from what I've seen. The Porto fans (most, not all) who comment here are in a class of their own when it comes to hating and rubbing salt, a clear sign of insecurity. But it's ironic really, because in the end they have to come hijack SLB articles to get any attention lol!
Easy now
27 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 11:42
Chris, Peligrini only achieved the highest point total ever in the league and got fired. Yes Barca surpassed Real with an even higher point total, but Real had its best point total ever.

Both are very good technicians. Peligrini would have more of calming presence. Bielsa could isolate domes players, but lets face it, they need to get it done.

Once we lost a Porto, it was always going to be tough. I thought we bounced back nicely verse Chelsea, which surprised me. But by the time Taca rolled around these guys were already on vacation mode. Guimaraes wanted it more and deserved it. All credit to them.
The loss should cost JJ his job.
Disgrace re Cardozo
26 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 09:20
Larry USA
That was a disgraceful thing for a professional player to shove his coach like that! Where does Cardozo get off acting like he's a solid world class player??! He should be ashamed of himself! Sure he carried us for a few years but c'mon time to move on from this,all of it. The losses the fussing etc, time for new ideas new players with better attitudes! I'd still keep JJ as our coach but maybe time to let go or sell some of these guys aka Cardozo, and look onward..
@ NJ
25 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 01:25
Chris (Canada)
I like your suggestions of Bielsa and Pellegrini, for Benfica, but I would still prefer sticking with a domestic candidate. Same goes for Porto. We are a conveyor belt for good coaches these days, and the more guys we pump out, the likelier our chances of getting Bento off the NT (one can only hope).

Bielsa is a brilliant technician, but his ability to go into mood swings is dangerous. he was able to disenfranchise the fans and his administration, as well as Llorente just because he was a bit moody.

Pellegrini, I am not sold on either. I think he is a great technician as well, but not a great motivator. Let's be honest, at the highest level (Real Madrid), he did nothing. I would not have supported him as coach at FCP, especially over VP.

I think Bielsa and Pellegrini would be interesting in our league, but I'm just not sure I would support it. I'd rather see what Paulo Fonseca, Leonardo Jardim, Domingos Paciencia and Rui Vitoria can do over those 2.

Just my 2 cents.
24 Tuesday, 28 May 2013 00:43
What an awful end to the season for us. If I was a Porto fan I'd be gloating as well. From a treble to nothing. UGH. Just shoot me. I'm sorry but someone has to pay. I'm looking at you JJ. Losing the taca is the last straw. He's gotta go. If only to make me be able to sleep knowing somebody payed the price for this historic collapse of a season.
23 Monday, 27 May 2013 23:13
Adamski / UK
Ok as a Porto fan I'm glad Guimares won, however you Benfica boys would be exactly the same if Porto blew it as majorly as Benfica did on the big day (repeatedly!)
I will say this, I genuinely wanted you to win the Uefa cup, I support any and every Portuguese team in European competition.
The level of hypocrisy in here...
22 Monday, 27 May 2013 20:20
.....is too damn high! Benfiquistas, you complain about Portistas jeering, claiming that they are classless and have an inferiority complex, please don't lie to your self, if you were in the same position you wouldn't be much different! So deal with the banter, the jeering and the hate, your team let you down.

Força Porto, Tricampeão.
Cruel campaign
21 Monday, 27 May 2013 17:00
Congratulations to Guimaraes. They've always had a great following and the club and their fans deserved the silverware.

I disagree with many. The Taca de Portugal does mean something. This isn't the coffee cup.

JJ will not be with Benfica next season. How does Aimar, Martins, Urreta get into huge matches when they hadn't seem any significant action. We put up with Ugh all season, yet people said he wasn't that bad. What? He's awful.
The club didn't possess the mental fortitude necessary to get the job done. It isn't the first time, so the manager has to be held accountable.
If JJ is back, every win will mean nothing until the end. We can go undefeated, but nothing will matter until decisive matches. Saying that it will be a rough campaign would be an understatement.

I would like us to go after Bielsa. On a side note, I would love for us to go after Pellegrini as well. I was actually happy to see Porto making a bid. Just doing that shows how much for real our league/clubs are. As long as its a legitimate bid.

Please no retreads.
Classless Porto trolls
20 Monday, 27 May 2013 14:42
Once again you guys prove that you care more about hating Benfica than celebrating a championship. And on a holiday weekend no less. Get outside, take a walk, go to the beach.

There is more to life than hating Benfica and making up fake names and identities on order to troll on Benfica pages.

BTW, anyone who thinks Ricardo is in the same class of player as Moutinho doesn't watch much footy...
Congrats to Vitoria
19 Monday, 27 May 2013 13:47
First of all congrats to Vitoria, we played well in the first half but they never gave up and won themselves a critical title. I’ve said it before that many people including myself and even the guys who run this site had felt that Vitoria’s season would be focused on staying in the first division. They have had one of their best seasons in ages with a Taca title.

As for the troll talking about Benfica’s greatness. If we were such a weak side we wouldn’t be going into next year’s CL in pot 1 for seeding alongside Real, United, Barca, Chelsea, Bayern, Porto, etc… you fast forward one year on UEFA’s ranking system and we are the 6th ranked club in UEFA. So while our past European glory puts us as one of the greats of the game, the current standings show that we are back as a top competitive side. Man this site continues to be a magnet for anit-Benfica fans. The only fans that can talk are Porto fans which needed to get knocked out of all cups and focus on a perfect season to just win the title by 1 point. So if we’re that shit of a side it doesn’t say much about Porto. So congrats on your title but there is a thin line where you guys are crossing which makes you look like morons and it gives your other fans/club a bad name.

Lastly on JJ. I agree with what many people have said in the past that if JJ goes we need someone better, however I’ll have a hard time following our team if he’s still in charge next season. He blew our title chances last year when it was in our control and he did the same thing this season except later in the year. He lost to Braga in the semi’s of the EL when 9 times out of 10 we are the better side over two legs. He’s been criticized a million times over for not being able to manage our squads fitness, after 3 seasons of him showing this weakness as a manager it seemed like he did it again at the end of this season and it was clear in the Estoril, Porto, Chelsea, Moreirense, and yesterday with Vitoria. People have used the excuse that our mid-field was tired and we didn’t have options. To me it we have a crazy amount of depth most teams would love to have and when lack of rotation at the end of the season caught up with Enzo he brings out Martins and Aimar of all people who have not played anything all season. Gomes played 18 games this season, his best against Barca at the Camp Nou and yet most of those games came in the first half of the season. We hit a point that Gomes was non-stop benched, Rosa which has been our best player out of the B-team didn’t get one run in a league cup or anything or since we signed Aimar for one more season we could have actually gave him mins as a sub and league cup games to keep him match fit.

According to Abola, LFV has been publicly stating for some time that JJ is going to stay with a 2 year contract but today was the date in the calendar they had booked to sign that contract. So I got a feeling we’ll know shortly if he’s staying or going. If he stays the heat really pick up on LFV.
My thoughts
18 Monday, 27 May 2013 09:26
Firstly these Porto troll fans are such a joke, they call Benfiquistas arrogant? The hatred of Porto towards SLB is very amusing, a sorry short man complex indeed! Back to more important matters, firstly congrats to Vitoria on winning, they had more desire to do so, so they deserved it. As for us, this end of season capitulation is unacceptable, it really is. One thing was the unfortunate last minute goals against Porto and Chelsea...but failing to beat (with all due respect) a very average Guimaraes side yesterday? Make no mistake, even had we won the Taça, it would not have made up for the disappointing end to the season. However it was a last chance to win something, and the performance was just unnaceptable, the players were not fired up and way too casual and JJ must take much of the blame for this attitude.

I have been suppourtive of JJ all season, but that was before the collapse of these last 2 weeks... we did brilliantly for most of the season right up until the climax, but the way we threw everything away right at the death...I don't know, this begs the inevitable question...is he the right man to be in charge of this talented squad? I can see the logic of both arguments for and against, it's a tough one to call.

On one hand he has clearly moved the club forward in these last 4 years, we normally play great entertaining futebol and we are a force to be reckoned with in every competition we play in, after some very long barren years before he arrived. On the other hand, one Liga title in 4 years (no the Taça da Liga doesn't count!) is not enough considering the talented players we've had. And the way the team has choked at the end of the season, being in a great position, for 3 seasons running now...in the end the coach has to take responcibility for this.

I know continuity is a good thing in football, it creates stability. However when you think there are some good, experienced managers out there who could be convinced to take charge at the Luz (Frank Rijkaard, Sven Goran Erikson, Rafa Benitez, Marcelo Bielsa etc etc)...then it's difficult to know what's best to do. Personally i need some time to digest this disappointment, before making my own mind up whether it's best to stick with JJ or not.

It's not all JJ's fault though. As I've mentioned recently, some key players have lost form just at the wrong time...Salvio, Cardozo, Ola John, Maxi...and none more so than Artur. He really cost us in recent matches, against Estoril, I also thought he should've kept out at least one of Porto's goals...and now this latest frango! He's a good shot-stopper, but has mistakes in him, no doubt. We must bring Oblak into the squad to really challenge him for a starting place next season.

Also our lack of a number 10 playmaker has cost us big time. The midfield just hasn't been good enough in the end, highlighted by our recent failure to dominate Estoril or Guimaraes in the middle of the park. The one number 10 we do have, Aimar, wasn't used at all, even when he should've been, his experience could've really helped. Andre Gomes was hardly used either in these last few months, there should've been a lot more rotation with these two players used more. Too much responcibility was put on Matic to drive the midfield. Next season I want to see Djuricic play the number 10 role and Enzo back on the wings, which is his real position. So yeah all in all, disappointment...but this is what makes it all interesting, right? It never goes all your way....roll on next season!
How can anyone living in Canada speak of inferiority complexes lol
17 Monday, 27 May 2013 09:01
Did you want sympathy from your rivals? You need someone to hug you and say it'll be ok? Grow a pair and take it like a man.

The reason benfica get ripped on constantly is because of the constant boasting of greatness when you haven't been great for decades. There's zero proof of greatness. It's become so obvious that the only thing left is to try and discredit Porto's titles with claims of "luck", "bias reffing" and whatever else.
16 Monday, 27 May 2013 06:38
You're the one to talk! The majority of Benfiquistas are try hards whose heads are so far up their own asses justified by a supposed 'superiority' on the grounds of their lineage or roots. In all reality, the majority of Benfiquitas aren't even from the Lisbon, let alone that area of Portugal, yet they're just as arrogant, if not more. See what I did there? I just made unjustified claims in relation to the inhabitants of a region, completely unrelated to FOOTBALL. Rather than generalise, making somewhat personal attacks and potentially offend others in doing so, talk about Benfica's abysmal attempts to win a trophy this season :D
New SLB chant!
15 Monday, 27 May 2013 06:23
Ganhei quase tudo!
Mas quase tudo foi demais!
Ganhei quase tudo!
Tudo menos as finais!
FCP no class
14 Monday, 27 May 2013 00:58
Comments on this board prove that although FCP are one again national champions, their fans still suffer from an inferiority complex. and their lack of class proves that it is justified, they should feel inferior. Stop proving that the North is full of "saloios" who are jealous of the capital, and beyond their football team really have nothing else to live for
Complete lack of class in defeat??? not cardoso all team
13 Monday, 27 May 2013 00:40
Never in my life ive seen such poor losers, all team left the field without congratulating winners and before cup was presented!!
I use to pull for benfica in europe games, but how can any one except for benfica fans support them again? all portuguese sport papers are full of soccers fans laughing at them and discussed with their performance after the loss.
The joke in Portugal is that Benfica reserved Marques Pombal twice and now all they have is melons LOL.
Today was one of the happiest sports day in my life, the honest, harworking and Humilde team won!!!
Just what the doctor order for conceded arrogant team!! Forca Guimaraes and every team that will play Benfica.
Yes im a sportinguista but after all your bragging you won as many cups as we did but we never claimed to be the best team in the world and will win eveything.
Thank you Benfica as a sporting fun i never thought i could have so much fun in this season!!!
Also you have to laugh at JJ comments saying that they thought 1-0 would be enough!!!!! losers comments, this is the same guy that said he wish he could do the same next year!!! I hope Benfica keeps him, they say he makes 4 million a year really?? Guimaraes all team makes less than that and they salary are 5 months in arrears
ooooh so close
12 Sunday, 26 May 2013 23:55
Great job JJ! Keep talking big and coming up short!

Forca Porto, Forca Guimaraes, Forca Portugal!!!
insane pictures
11 Sunday, 26 May 2013 23:28
I have to say, it's weird when we see a cup that the big 3 don't always take seriously being lost. When it's lost by the big boys it suddenly becomes a big deal but when it's won, it's little more than a formality.

Congrats to Guimaraes and coach Vitoria. Great job not giving up and pressuring Benfica. Artur had quite a few frangos this year, more so than usual. I think the fact that Benfica lost another trophy highlights a few important things:

1. That back line is very suspect. Yes, the CB's are solid, but Melgarejo, Artur and Maxi are unreliable. I recall discussions earlier this year about Arthur's awesomeness, but his stock has dropped considerably.

2. JJ is not a coach with a strong mentality. Yes, he has his perks, but in 3 clutch situations he choked. It's not a coincidence. I think Benfica needs to reevaluate their coaching options quite seriously.

3. For everyone always slagging off the perceived quality of our league, this ones for you. We have a better league than many admit and it's nice to see the Academicas and Vitorias of the world get some silverware.

Cheers lads.
10 Sunday, 26 May 2013 23:08
Hoping for an update on Cardozo shove on JJ and pissed at Andre Almeida too, wow!

When it rains it pours for Benfica. I wonder what the fallout of all this will be?
Pobre Galinas
9 Sunday, 26 May 2013 22:20
Roger P Texas
I was on this site last week to explain what seperates FC Porto from benfica we win the big games we win Champions league we win Toyota cup or Intercontinental cup we win The European supercup we win The Portugal championship 3 4 5 times to Benficas one we win the Portuguese supercup We Rule in Portugal once again its very hard for a small team like Benfica to win SILVERWARE!!!!!
8 Sunday, 26 May 2013 21:27
Porto's future already sticking it to benfica
7 Sunday, 26 May 2013 20:58
Well deserved victory for guimaraes. This means they go directly into Europa group stage instead of qualifiers.

Soon to be Porto mids look promising

Benfica's treble turned into a big pile of crap. I have an immense feeling of satisfaction knowing they walked away with zero trophies after all the propaganda by their fans about them being the best team in Portugal the last 2 years. Stop throwing rocks at the throne, Porto has been king the whole time.

JJ went from leaving benfica for new challenges to probably getting sacked for ineptitude

Cardozo was already linked to a summer move. I think his actions today increased the likelihood 10 fold
Cardozos Push
6 Sunday, 26 May 2013 20:43
I have to say I feel for Cardozo. I don't blame him for shoving JJ, I mean who wouldn't?
I'm back!!!!!!!!!!
5 Sunday, 26 May 2013 20:04
Anti-Benfica boy
hahahahhahahaa It's always good to pick your spot. Benfica lost everything this year! They did not even win the precious beer cup!!!
Again, we only have ourselves to blame
4 Sunday, 26 May 2013 19:59
As in the Europa League final, we were the much better team in the first half, dominating possession but failing to convert our chances. Guimaraes, in my opinion, was the better team in the second half and deserved at least one goal for their hard-fought performance.

I think the loss, yet again was a cruel end to another frustrating loss, but I certainly wouldn't say that we deserved to win today's game.

What the hell was Artur doing? I don't care if Soudani was offside. Artur has saved us plenty of times this season so it's hard to criticize the guy, but come on, why does he have to save all his frangos for the biggest games?

He gifted Jackson a goal in the 2-2 draw earlier this season, gifted Jefferson a goal a couple of weeks ago, and now this...

I was also appalled with Cardozo's behavior after the final whistle. Complete lack of class in defeat.
3 Sunday, 26 May 2013 19:15
Força porto!!!
Looking good Ricardo scoring against Benfica!!
The future is looking bright for os dragões!!!
Cardozo Pushes JJ
2 Sunday, 26 May 2013 19:09
Hey, anyone know why Cardozo was pushing Jorge Jesus at the end of the match?
Jorge Jesus
1 Sunday, 26 May 2013 19:03
It's time to fire Jorge Jesus. Time to get a new manger

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