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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 11:57

Marcos Lopes serves further notice of brilliant future

Portuguese forward puts in man-of-the-match performance

marcos-lopes-man-of-match-20140121.jpgManchester City’s Portuguese forward Marcos Lopes lit up the Capital Cup semi-final second leg in London last night with a man-of-the-match display as City swept aside West Ham 3-0, after which his manager Manuel Pellegrini said, “Marcos is a young player with a great future.” PortuGOAL talked to ESPN’s Manchester City correspondent Simon Curtis to find out more. 
Having only recently turned 18, it was another demonstration of why many believe “Ronny” Lopes could be a future star for the Seleção. As a Lisbon-based journalist who does not miss one minute of Manchester City’s matches, Curtis is the perfect person to ask about the Brazilian-born starlet.
Describe Marcos Lopes’ performance against West Ham last night
A performance of darting confidence, he was lively from the start, tucked in behind the front two of Aguero and Negredo, playing wide but with licence to roam. Linked play well, supplied a great ball in for the first goal, walloped in by Negredo’s head and jinked right through the defence before setting Aguero up for the second. Was calm and clever in possession throughout.
What are his main attributes?
His main attributes are his faultless close control, great speed off the mark, speed of thought, eye for a pass and courage (he clattered happily into a couple of 50-50 balls with giant West ham defenders and chased down the keeper in a 40-60 ball in the opposition’s favour). Was still going strong at the end.
Portugal has a long tradition of producing wide players of the highest calibre. Which of these players, if any, would you say his playing style is most similar to: Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Simão, Ricardo Quaresma?
Difficult to say. He is tiny and has great close control but his slaloming running style and lovely left foot remind me a little of Simão.
Do you think he has a realistic chance of being mentioned alongside such exalted company later in his career? Judging by quotes from his team-mates and his coach, and his own dealings with the press, how would assess his character - does he seem to have a “good head on young shoulders”?
He is certainly a prodigious talent and has the character to put his head down and keep working. He seems very self-effacing and humble, but boy can the little fella play! He seems to have exactly the correct attitude to handling this stage of his career. For one so young, to be playing off Aguero and Negredo, must be quite a thrill, but he took it all in his immaculate stride. One very much to look out for.

Pellegrini priase

The comments made by Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini certainly back up that opinion:

“Marcos is a young player with a great future. He is just 18 years old and played with the personality he needs to play in our team. I see him work every day of the week, so I was sure he would realise the kind of performance he put on last night. I’m very happy for him because he deserves to do it - and he is a very important player for the future of the club.”

Comments (9)
9 Tuesday, 28 January 2014 18:15
Exciting prospect, hope he does well for club and country. Over time he may develop into a great player and I believe there a many other gems that Portugal are producing. Very excited to see these players come up and play for the senior team. It is reassuring to see that portuguese talent is not in short supply and that I can continue to watch the team of my ancestral home prosper.
Everyone take a breath
8 Sunday, 26 January 2014 14:14
Not bursting the bubble, but let's take it easy.He's playing at an experienced squad with "world class" talent and the means to go get more of it. Not easy to do, but I hope he earns his shot and excels.
In the last match verse Watford, FA Cup, Marcos didn't have such an easy time imposing himself on the match.

The facts are that Marcos is very talent, and has been praised plenty by his clubs management. Let's see if he can grow in teh manner taht everyone expects.
7 Sunday, 26 January 2014 04:36
Oscar, Australia
There is no chance of him playing for Brazil, he has mad that clear. Will definitely play for the senior national team, him and Bernardo silva together as some of us saw at the Euro, is a recipe for champagne football. Scary talented, only a matter of time. Future captain of the national team and Man City, ( he has exceptional leadership qualities.
marcos rules
6 Friday, 24 January 2014 03:49
Nelson, I have seen enough of both Marcos, and Bruma to tell you that Marcos is a better prospect. Bruma was one of the best players at the u20 world cup, and he also played well for sporting last season. Marcos, played in the pre season for Man city last year, and was 1 of the best player on the field. He also has been called up for a few games this year, and has been 1 of, if not the best players on the field.......he certainly was the best player last game. Man city is the most talented team in the world, and Marcos at 18 has shone that he can play as well as any of the big stars on that team. Marcos has a great attitude, something that bruma hasn't always shone. In my humble opinion Marcos lopes, is the best young players we have produced since CR7. In very short time people are going to know who Marcos Lopes is.
Bruma vs Lopes
5 Thursday, 23 January 2014 19:03
Nelson oakville
My question is who's the better prospect right now for the NT, Bruma or Lopes? The two of them could give portugal a really nice foundation for the NT for the next 10 yrs if they develop the way many people expect.
Call Him Up
4 Thursday, 23 January 2014 07:38
Tony, Ca
I have not seen this player but looks like our most promising young player. I am all for calling him up, he can take the spot that was possibility going to Bruma before injury. Also, I am sure he can't do any worse than the modest Vierinha who has hit his ceiling, and he has upside. Get him in a friendly game ASAP that way his plays for Portugal, and has no thoughts to play for Brazil.
Marcos is our best
3 Wednesday, 22 January 2014 20:01
I wrote on this site a few month ago that Marcos lopes will go to the world cup with Portugal. He is by far the best prospect we have. If he played on any other team, and im including all the big ones such as Man U or real Madrid, he would be playing first team football. This kid is exactly what portugal need up front. Great speed and Balance, he always want the ball. He can score and create goals. His attitude is the opposite Of Quaresma!
Marcos Lopes
2 Wednesday, 22 January 2014 18:53
I've managed to watch Lopes several times for the Portugal U19 squad and he certainly looks a very promising young talent. From what I watched he is more of an attacking midfielder than a traditional winger, but he is usually given the freedom to play both centrally and out wide.

He has the pace and dribbling ability of a winger, but the vision and creativity of an attacking midfielder. I was also extremely impressed with his work rate off the ball.

Man City usually play a fairly narrow 4-4-2 with Negredo as an out-and-out striker, Aguero as a second-striker, Navas as a traditional right winger and David Silva playing as a false winger on the left. I'm assuming Lopes more or less played the Silva role last night.
Another Great Piece
1 Wednesday, 22 January 2014 15:57
By all accounts Marcus Lopes has really played well in the U-21 Premier League. He has 2 goals and 2 assists in 8 league matches.
I'm very impressed in how he was not overcome by the moment and handled himself, playing one two's with Negredo and Aguero, in the "Coffee Cup".

I do hope that people stop comparing him with Portugal's wingers. He's an attacking mid, with the freedom to roam and attack the defense. Is he more like Rui Costa? I'm sure Portugal can provide "World Class" talent, at other positions.
The last thing we need is for Macos to be slotted in the wrong position in the Selecao. I've seen enough of that in my lifetime.

Benfica sold him for 1 million euros in 2012 when he was a 16 year old. A lot of money for a 16 year old, but it might just be the worst piece of business done by LFV. He looks like the real deal.

Please don't pile on, about how Benfica gives up on young Portuguese.
But, it just so happens that Marcos Lopes looks like the real deal. City has only had praise for him, from the start. Still only 18 years old, so we'll see if he'll start getting more looks.

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