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Friday, 09 July 2010 19:11

"This punishment is too heavy" - Costa

Defender shocked at FIFA applied ban

ricardocostatraining2.jpgRicardo Costa has been taken by surprise, to say the least, by the three-match suspension FIFA handed to him for seeing a red card in Portugal's defeat to Spain in the Round of Sixteen at the World Cup.

The now Valencia man is stunned that FIFA were so heavy-handed with their application of justice and has issued a statement expressing his grievances and wanting to clear his name:

I was not expecting a punishment like this. I consider this to be a great injustice as this punishment can be interpreted that I am a violent player and I am not. I like to play with the limits (of the game), I like to challenge myself, but I am a loyal player. I do not understand this decision, while having to accept it.

I intend to defend myself because I insist that I did nothing to justify a punishment as this one. I await that the (television) images absolve me because it was a normal situation in football - where I was looking to gain the (positional) advantage against my adversary and I never attacked him.

I will reaffrim that Capedevila took advantage of the situation, and its apparatus, to have me sent off, but nothing happened disproportionately in relation to what is heavily sanctioned in football. I feel that I have been wronged because I will miss out on the first few matches of the national team for the Euro 2012 qualification, and I feel, above everything else, hurt immensely because I continiue to say that I attacked nobody.

I hope that people see me for the player that I am and not for the punishment that I have received. I say this at necessary times: I am a hard defender, courageous, but I am also loyal. This punishment is way too heavy.

by Marco Pereira

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I agree
12 Saturday, 31 July 2010 10:09
Haig I agree with you 100%and I don't think it would even 15 seconds let alone 30 seconds to review a play. FIFA really needs to integrate technology in the match. It would be benificial to both the refs and the players. And even if they don't use it as often, at least use it in big tournaments.
Who Cares
11 Saturday, 10 July 2010 11:56
First off what a joke by FIFA to give R.Costa this ban, but considering it's Ricardo "Liability" Costa I really could care less...The guy should have never played a game in the World Cup let alone be part of the squad...And if he thinks his going to be part of Euro 2012 qualification then he has another thing coming...We don't need merda players on the NT anymore
$ $ $
10 Saturday, 10 July 2010 11:23
Villa's slap: no suspension

Suarez's handball: 1 match ban (NB: it changed the result completely as ghana would have gone through had that gone it, and it would have gone in; also, i don't believe it was an instinctive save. most keepers don't make that kind of instinctive save. 100% intentional)

Costa's whatever-that-was: three match ban?! Jesus, if you're taking bribes at least be subtle about it, Blatter!
Take the Toxicity out of Football
9 Saturday, 10 July 2010 04:03
Here is the comment I sent to FIFA as suggested in a post by "whoever":

It was a great world cup bar some bad officiating and some questionable calls. This is constructive criticism and is meant in a spirit of hope for the greatest game.

I have some complaints about the World Cup we your loyal fans who so passionately support and some suggestions for correction, which tweaked could remove the tainted nature of most World Cup's.

Some of the most glaring technical mistakes made during this world cup:

1)The Lampard goal vs Germany.. which was clearly a goal in real time on tv from a long distance.

2)The USA phantom foul and 3) offside goal in the Slovenia game.

4)The double hand ball by Luis Fabiano before he scored against Ivory Coast to add insult the Ref asked him if he handled it, he answered no the Ref laughed and allowed the goal. In his first interview after the match Luis admitted to handling it repeatedly.

5)Also in the same match Kaka gets sent off for a player that clearly runs into him and makes a meal of the contact. Covering his face ala Rivaldo & Henry pretending it was a head blow when he ran into him with his chest.

6)Tevez's clear offside against Mexico which resulted in a goal, or even Argentina's first goal of the tournament where 7)Heinze gets his free header when the Nigerian defender is clearly bear hugged by Samuel to give him the space in plain site.

Then finally there was the Spain v Portugal match where 8)David Villa is sent in on goal offside by the Xavi back heel, and where the game was crowned with the phantom elbow 9)that resulted in a red card to Ricardo Costa. To add insult to injury FIFA has now suspended Mr. Costa for 3 matches when clearly the video evidence shows there was no foul at all.

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list as there were other questionable calls & goals but they showcase some of the areas that clearly need to be re-worked for the good of the game.

So here are my constructive suggestions in hopes that we can improve the World Cup and the game.

In the case of Lampard there needs to be technology that signals a light as Ice Hockey uses to show when the ball has crossed the line. Tennis/Hockey/NFL and many other sports have been using equipment for ages without complaints.

It is not fair to the human eye or linesman running to make that judgement call from bad positions. Even if it is only for the biggest tournaments like the WC & the Confederations championships such as Euro Cup.

Also video replay should be used to review goals, penalty shots, and red cards. Since there is a natural respite in the game already when any of these happen, a 30 sec review by the fourth official wouldn't delay the game for long on such crucial decisions. This way tricky offsides, fouls, would be more readily spotted.

While we are on the subject of offsides, I believe it is too hard for the officials to get it right, as in the quick example with David Villa.. it is too hard for the official to catch. Also some of the long range offsides where the linesman is looking down-field and then has to look up-field quickly to make the call is not fair on the official and is repeatedly targeted by players.

I believe an offside system such as in Ice Hockey with a line makes it much easier for the linesman to make a call on the line as the focus is in the same area.

If you put the offside line 10 feet outside of the box it would prevent cherry picking and it would also result in more goals as silly offsides like the ones where the defence is pushing off from the goal-line would be eliminated, resulting in more offensive pressure and more goals.

Then we get to the most annoying.. the players that bring the game into disrepute.

The Capedevila's, Fabiano's, Keita's, Rivaldo's, Henry's, Maradona's that continually give the sport a black eye.

I personally think the Ref is only one man and it is hard to spot even the most flagrant fouls when 22 men are cheating around you. I think it is incredibly difficult, and we should help the Ref's.

My suggestion is that the fourth official should be on a high quality large screen reviewing the play as it goes on, making calls as they do in the NFL as an officiating team. This will result in more calls being made live during the action through the headphones.

My other suggestion to help stamp out cheaters and gamesmanship is to review the game afterwards. FIFA already does so to evaluate the Ref, while they are at it, they can decide which players were diving, which were simulating, and which brought disrepute to the game with flagrant actions. Their reward would be a yellow card after the fact, which as we know will impact their team with suspensions going forward, and will act as a deterent.

This two pronged attack on cheaters would restore the game to beauty only.

Now I can appreciate not all of these suggestions can be implemented around the globe for every match, but they should all be present for major tournaments as that is when the games are at their most crucial moments and under the most scrutiny as a showcase for the game.

Also 10) Suarez's hand ball off of the line, and constant gamesmanship.

The Ref should have the power to call that an automatic goal, and still reward Suarez with the red card for his actions.

That was clearly an intentional hand ball that prevented Ghana from continuing in the tournament. His celebrating the penalty miss on the sidelines is a black eye to the sport, disgusting.

Once again after suggested video review that should've been a goal and a red card, so that we could see Suarez cry all the way to the locker room, instead he was rewarded for his actions as Uruguay moved forward.

I appreciate FIFA has many great officials/members that help make it the sport that we so love, only a few more tweaks to make it even that much greater.

Thank you for your time.

It is not the first time I have written them, but hopefully with enough push, a few corrections can be made.
8 Saturday, 10 July 2010 02:34
All football organizations are pathetic, when it comes to this.
The only explanation might be that they hope to stop players from being violent, but its backfired.
Take a look at Melo, who lost it after watching Roben flop around non-stop and acting as if he was hurt, when barely touched. I'm not condoning that type of action, but you could see it coming.
Busquets did the same thing when Barca played Inter and basically ruined the 2nd leg.

I feel for Costa.
FIFA Disgrace
7 Saturday, 10 July 2010 02:13
another great decision by FIFA. The sooner the world gets rid of blatter the better. All the says is that cheating is worth it,

T henry, Luis Suarez. blantant cheats , not to mention fake diving and simulation.
Potential line-up help me out??
6 Saturday, 10 July 2010 01:30
Assuming these players are in form what do you think about this potential lineup. Help me with the forwards and try and not use liedson or almeida because I don't care for them to much.

Bosingwa Carvalho Alves Coentrao
Nani Quaresma
5 Friday, 09 July 2010 23:11
If you don't play for Brazil, and the top team's that have won the cup over and over and over again, bc Fifa helps them with getting greats Ref's for the games,and it's obvious that Spain has put the money down this time. If the World cup(Fifa) was really only about Soccer alone, other Nations would have won already too! 2006 is a perfect example. Brazil 5, Italy 4, that means nothing to me, but corruption! that's the way the world works! It's about $$$$$$$$$ If you want to hold title, you have to pay for it. It's NOT for free, nothing is. World Cup is basically a show event, to show case your product, However you have to pay for it, just like TV commercials. Spain will win, but they don't devserve it.

think what you think, but thats the really true, and not just in soccer or sports, but how the world works!
FIFA the corrupted interprise
4 Friday, 09 July 2010 21:28
FIFA has got to be the most corrupt sports organization on earth. The favoritism and blatant cheating that is allowed by FIFA in this modern age is absolutely disgraceful. FIFA makes the World Boxing Association look like choir boys. Sepp Blatter is the Don King of football.

I hope the FPF does not take this lying down. Sure that Capedevila is the diving prick who orchestrated this scenario. But to punish Costa for a blatant dive that even the sport announcers where puzzled by the showing of the red card is an absolute travesty.
No wonder that football has a hard time cracking the North American market with all the blatant cheating that’s allowed to take place, and even condoned by FIFA at this WC. Disgraceful!
Starting to think FIFA is doing everything for sPain
3 Friday, 09 July 2010 21:21
That is ridiculous. It really ought to be the Spanish player for a clear dive. What can possibly justify this FIFA?

On the positive side I can't think of anything but injustice like this that can make Portugal fans like him more. No one seems to be a fan, but now has popular support due to this injustice.
Don't complain here
2 Friday, 09 July 2010 21:07
Like everyone else, I have seen the replays over and over and there is no clear picture of any contact. BS red card and BS ban by the looks of it. However, complaining here doesn't do any good. If you feel that strongly about the ban like I know we all do, complain right to FiFa through their website http://www.fifa.com/contact/form.html . Probably won't do anything but at least they will hear enough complaints they may re-think things in the future....it can't hurt.
1 Friday, 09 July 2010 20:18
He's got a point......it will look bad on him and people will assume he has violent tendencies after an alleged elbow. As much as I don't like him being on the NT I feel bad for the bullshit FIFA has pulled on this guy. They didn't bother suspending Villa after his slap to the face in the Honduras game, that was easily a 3 match ban as this happened after the play. What a F***ing joke FIFA has been this W.C. with reviewing these altercations. TERRIBLE

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