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Friday, 09 July 2010 11:30

Queiroz walks into newspaper storm

Portugal boss reacts furiously to “falsified” interview

Carlos QueirozCarlos Queiroz’s often fraught relationship with sections of the Portuguese media has taken another turn for the worse. The Portugal coach has reacted furiously to an interview which claims he severely criticised the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).
Weekly broadsheet, Sol, published a front-page headline citing the Portugal coach as saying “Taking into account the amateur structure of the federation, things actually went well for the Seleccao (in South Africa).”
However, Queiroz has categorically denied making any such remarks, describing the journalist in question as “a conman, dishonest, swindler and repulsive.”
The former Sporting and Real Madrid coach added that the declarations attributed to him are completely “falsified and lies”. “The FPF carried out exceptional work in relation to the preparation of the national team.
“I can only praise the professionalism and impassioned way in which everybody worked to get behind the team during the World Cup. The team was given all the conditions to enable it to go as far as possible in the competition.”
The journalist in question, Pedro Prostes da Fonseca, insists his article was a faithful reproduction of the comments made by Queiroz. He says that the interview was recorded, although whether or not the recording would be released is up to his superiors.
In February this year Carlos Queiroz was involved in a physical altercation with another Portuguese sports journalist, Jorge Baptista, in an airport lounge.

Ricardo Costa gets 3-game ban

Meanwhile, FIFA have announced a heavy penalty for Portugal defender Ricardo Costa. The Valencia defender was sent off for elbowing Spain left-back Joan Capdevila in the last minute of Portugal’s 1-0 defeat.
Costa has been hit with a three-match suspension and will therefore miss the start of Portugal’s Euro 2012 qualification campaign.
by Tom Kundert


Comments (26)
26 Tuesday, 13 July 2010 21:11
Felipe Scolari just left him a mess, under the circunstances he did the best he could, I agree give him the first two games of the EURO 12.
Wrong Mentality
25 Monday, 12 July 2010 05:46
Everywhere I read anything CQ had to say after we were eliminated from the WC basically says that we did well and we should be proud that we lost 1-0 to spain..... this sounds completely wrong to me and also pretty much sums up CQ's tactics in qualifying and the WC. As the coach of our beloved national team which is ranked third in the world (albeit it seems inflated) shouldn't we be striving for success, expecting to beat the best teams in the world as we are supposed to be one ourselves. We never played to win (except the dpr korea game) not even in qualifying, we play only not to lose, yes our unbeaten streak was long and our goals against was excellent but how many of those unbeaten games were wins.... and how many goals did we score during all those clean sheets. I don't know about any of you but I don't feel proud that we only lost 1-0 to the eventual world champs and I feel even less proud at the way we lost that game. If Quieroz stays the mentality needs to change, Ronaldo will keep getting dumped on because he "doesnt" perform for the NT, but our coach doesn't know how to utilize our best players to get the best out of them.... We should not settle for mediocrity
Almeida could be top 5??? LOLOLOL
24 Monday, 12 July 2010 00:23
I'm sorry, but whoever said Almeida could be a Top 5 striker....what world are you on? He's AT BEST an average player.

And to the other dude that thinks Portugal has a bunch of strikers....no we don't. Our strikers suck. They're easily our week link. That's why we can't play 2 strikers.... because that means we have 2 marginal players on the field.

It's true that our midfield has slipped, but they're still much better than our strikers, and at least we have young players that may develop into more in those positions. Portugal is painfully thin at the striker position.
Almeida could be top 5??? LOLOLOL
23 Monday, 12 July 2010 00:21
I'm sorry, but whoever said Almeida could be a Top 5 striker....what world are you on? He's AT BEST an average player.

And to the other dude that thinks Portugal has a bunch of strikers....no we don't. Our strikers suck. They're easily our week link. That's why we can't play 2 strikers.... because that means we have 2 marginal players on the field.

It's true that our midfield has slipped, but they're still much better than our strikers, and at least we have young players that may develop into more in those positions. Portugal is painfully thin at the striker position.
22 Sunday, 11 July 2010 01:43
dont bother commenting if you cant contribute to the debate. either agree or disagree
21 Sunday, 11 July 2010 01:41
Have a look at France 98. I see plenty of strikers.

Queiroz is a joke. He is more interested in protecting his job than the way we play.
If you think we're better off with him. your as blind as him.
He's practically ruining Ronaldo's international career.

We're third in the ranking because we've played crap teams for two years.

We only lost 1.0 to spain becuase we parked the team bus in front of goal.
Wake up dude we hardly even touched the ball in that game.
Paulo- australia
20 Saturday, 10 July 2010 10:20
first of all france won in 98 with out any strikers second portugals ranking was a bit high remember fifa doesn't know how to get it's head out of it's own ass third when the golden generation won the two under 21 world cups CQ pretty much played a 4-6-0 formation forth does anyone down under even have their coaching badges plus realy think about it and see what he realy had to work with what would you have changed his tactics where solid for every game they did have a good world cup they barely lost to the number one team and should have beaten the number two team it's not CQ fault juan didn't get a red card for the hand ball we lost to a fully loaded spain we where missing two and a half starters pepe is the half and a few bench players to injury
19 Saturday, 10 July 2010 08:48
no1 cares what u think. do us a favour and sto writing long comments!
Portugal Lack Ambition
18 Saturday, 10 July 2010 02:54
Under Queiroz we wont win anything, We'll more likely qualify but yet again for whatever reason will be happy to just make it out of the group stage at euro 2012.

We're ranked 3rd in the world yet the FPF and Queiroz act like we're some minnow who is happy to get out of the group stage and lose to the European champions 1-0. Then tell the nation we had a good WC.

Its total BS.

Its no wonder FIFA dump on us.There a joke and the world can see it,howevr it doesn't help when we act like minnows.

When we start acting like a powerhouse of football and play like it we might do something. At the momment we're not respected.
When your not respected, your craped on, you play like crap and you believe everything is against you..sound familiar.

When are we going to admit that we might need a foreign coach or a new philosphy of football to take us to the next level.

Even in Australia we understand that to be the best you have to employ the best.Paper talk here in AUS is that we are going to employ Bielsa, P Le Guen, Lippi, top coaches.

We've had Hiddink in the past and we still have a dutch football technical director. My point being is,we're looking for expertise from outside to bring in.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but no team has ever won a WC or Euro without two strikers. France, Germany,Brazil, Spain /Holland, Argentina
We came close in 2004 and that was with a brasilian.

and before you say...Potugal doesn't have strikers..more BS.

We need to develop our style, allow it to be flexible not predicable,develop our youth and believe.
play like we're not afraid of anyone.

Our forefathers once sailed around the world, when the rest of the world said it was flat.
those men had courage.
Where there hell has it gone!
Good points Fresh and everybody
17 Friday, 09 July 2010 22:44
I cant really add anything that hasnt been already said. I agree Fresh Fifa treat Portugal very much unfair com pared to bigger countries and they seem to hold us to a different standard. God Forbid they(Fifa) do something about Spains Villa for that slap on the Honduras player, or what about Kaka's elbow in that game against Ivorians. Such hippocracy from Fifa compleletly ridiculous.
As for Queiroz we all know we're stuck with him, and for me ive been lukewarm on the guy, and i thought his tactics in terms of playing on the counter were fine but the subs in the Spain game were horrible, with players like Danny and Ronaldo playong out of position. Ricardo Costa who has always played more central in club footbal as CB another out of position player. As for the midfield well we will see if Ruben Micheal can make a difference, maybe bow that Moutinho is out of Sporting maybe he can find better more consistent form(Im still thinking for the NT he may not be the playmaker we need but I hope he proves me wrong) I hope maybe Danny gets another shot considering he is more comfortable in midfield as even in Ivory game thats where he would tend to go. I think in theory after Nani went down and Danny had showed some promise on wing Querioz thought well Now that Nani is out only other player that can complement with Ronaldos speed on the wing is Danny. We know Simao and Duda are not speedy wingers, so that was the idea with Danny. Why Queiroz used him as striker That waas just bad altogether. So come September we see who can come in maybe add a spark or a cutting edge maybe mix in the experienced players with perhaps new blood like possibly a Micheal, a Djalo if he gets playing time whether it be with Sporting or a lesser English side like Newcastle, (dont think he is ready yet for England but Sporting will likely sell because they seem willing to give up on him which is another stupid move by Bettencourt.

Lastly with the group we are in there is no reason why we shouldnt win this group and come out with max points which would be 24. Somebody already touched on it but if we do not go thru first 4 qualifiers with 12 points then Queiroz should be fired. Firing the coach after September qualifiers if team falters only leaves FPF with couple weeks to find replacement for games in October against Denmark and Iceleand. This on paper is easier group then recent WC qualifying. Im sure playing in Norway and Iceland will be tougher than when we play them on home soil but we are better than those nations. And for everyone who saw Denmark this WC that team is in transistion and if they play defence the way they did in WC then we should be able to beat them twice hands down.

We all know your not a leader of men Queiroz but for love of God dont screw this up. You can identify talent, and you have built a good building off point. Lets get off to good start and win all 4 games this Septembver and October. What am I saying we should win all 8 qualifiers, we are in the nordic group, respect the opponents, but realize that we are better and need to show that in our play.
California great read and love the vannessa comment, you need to grace us with your presence more often, you are quite witty. Keep the great posts coming guys and ill enjoy reading them. Be well my brotheren
16 Friday, 09 July 2010 20:30
Well, FPF will not fire Queiroz so we have to suffer a little bit more. FIFA treats Portugal like slaves like it or not, even though Ricardo Costa's sent off was unfair I don't see them taking away or minimizing the ban.

Queiroz needs to fix the biggest problem and that is the midfield. Portugal's midfield does not co-exist so people mentioning we don't have good strikers is nonsense because we cannot get the ball to Almeida or Liedson whoever is playing. Players like Tiago and Danny had terrible passing vision and that's why we cannot move up. Cristiano should stay on the wing always and not a striker. The European qualifications is a time to try some new players as well. Good luck to Portugal!
costa and CQ and vanessa feltz
15 Friday, 09 July 2010 20:25
I think Costa's elbow did brush Crapdavilla but he must have a delayed pain reaction, because after it happened he didn't respond for like 15 seconds after it happened when the ball was coming in from the cross. Also C.Q should not be replaced he did a good job . It's not his fault Almieda isn't in better shape with his size 6ft 4 with a big frame and skill if he got down to business and toned up he could be world class maybe top 5 in the world.Plus his tatics where right on maybe a little on the safe side but thats the game today hey inter won the champions leauge by not losing. Even spain are in the final not because they came out and beat every one they just stoped losing . Portugal dosen't lack talent the problem is the talent isn't spread out evenly too many players with the same game the midfield had good players but was incomplete so he had to compenstate with his tactics . p.s.
putting deco on the right side seems crazy to me and everyone else but i thought to my self CQ might screw up but he is not stupid maybe he saw somthing maybe if deco didnt bitch and just trusted cq we could have won the opener and everything woud be differnt now the coast shut down the middle of the pitch maybe moving deco to the right side was his way of rotating the pitch and changing all the angles . juan should have been red carded or kept his hand down robbing portugal of three points if it was bruno alves red card right away instead yellow for brasil plus a yellow to portugal and spains offside goal dont blame CQ blame the fifa fix . p.s hey Mis feltz if you are hot and not a guy you can give me writing lessons if not unless im going into pulblishing i dont care . i care what my fellow portugese fans think not how well we write .
diving whiner capdvilla
14 Friday, 09 July 2010 18:27
fking capdevilla, what a diving whiner. he should be banned for that, costa BARELY TOUCHED HIM . and WHY DOESNT JOSE MOURINHO BECOME PORTUGALS COACH!? id love to see him there, hes a great coach, probably the best in the world, whos about scoring and winning, and thats what portugal needs! i think querioz needs to leave, and bring in a better coach, mourinho, please!
Does anyone here....?
13 Friday, 09 July 2010 16:39
know what a paragraph is?
I like Queiroz!
12 Friday, 09 July 2010 16:21
He has given many new talents opportunities to come into the team and he has done a good job transitioning the team into a new era. He has built a solid foundation for the team and a strong united and confident team mentality. Portugal is a great team!! Danny did underachieve in the tournament that's all, and Nani wasn't there and EVERYBODY knows that Nani is a world class game winning player now, and Ruben Amorim was missing a great playmaker who would have added more attacking impetus from midfield, and Bosingwa was missing great right back. Costa did crap and lost us that game against Spain. I am happy that Queiroz is coach and all i would say is that from now on the team can go from strength to strength! We are very sold in defense and our attack will develop more and become better. Forca Portugal!!
11 Friday, 09 July 2010 15:54
I don't know if picking another coach will make much of a difference to be honest. I know he likes to play defensively which in a way was not a bad thing for the team we had. My only concern is just like everybody elses. NO OFFENSE and no rhythm, that is what seperated the team this year from 4 years ago. When our midfield got the ball we tried to force one touch passes into crowded areas or send Ronaldo on a 30 yard sprint to a ball that even he could not get to much less anybody else. It is incredibly frustrating to watch professional players not be able to figure out something that I knew how to do when I was 12 years old. Don't force passes and play to your teamates feet when you know that we don't have speed. I just hope so badly that guys like Varela,Quaresma,Moutinho, Vazalde, yannick, manuel fernandes and any other fast players can figure it out and help the core we have. Maybe this Diogo Salamao kid can figure something out in Sporting and become another great winger that maybe can score.
to small of a coach
10 Friday, 09 July 2010 15:30
First let me say that Queiroz won't be fired. The FPF isn't going to pay off his contract. I will say that we will find out how much of a hold Queiroz has on this team. If the players don't believe in him they will fail miserably in the Euro qualifiers and get him fired. Simple as that.
I actually understand Queiroz's tactics in playing defensively, his substitutions were more than questionable. Part of playing a great defense is maintaining a player up top. If that threat isn't there, it doesn't matter how well you defend, because the other team doesn't have to. Almeida should have never come off, and the player saying that he wasn't tired costs Queiroz even more, after he stated otherwise. He also subbed a holding mid, Pepe, for another holding mid, Mendes, when a goal was needed.

As for Costa getting three match ban, it's par for the course. I truely despise the Netherlands and Spain for the type of tactics thay have used. Two teams that could play so beautifully, but resort to pathetic dives/flops/acting. von Bommel is a thug and should have had numerous yellows in the World Cup, but none ever came. Roben play acts everytime he goes down.
How a ref can't notice and react to a player dying and then pop up and take the free kick once a card is given, I'll never understand.
As for Spain Busquets is as bad as von Bommel, and Torres is forever on the ground begging. Capevilla and Iniesta also get in the act.
I wonder if the World Cup final will be as good as it should be, based on the squads, or will it crumble due to those clowns.
As for Cristiano, he's paying the price for being a known diver. He was fouled plenty, but now the defenders get the benefit of the doubt. What angers me more, is all the pundits attacking Cristiano, yet seem to let others get away with it.
Portuguese national soccer team must overachieve
9 Friday, 09 July 2010 14:45
The shenanigans of the soccer players are ruining a great sport. Faking should be penalized, and we need video replays - if we had that Spain's Villa goal wouldn't have counted as he was offside. You don't see this kind of embarrassing faking by players in any other sport. Cristiano is a stooge and is bringing the team down. Instead of faking an injury every 10 seconds he should concentrate on putting the ball in the net. The team played much better without him to qualify for the World Cup. The Portuguese players are talented but lack the fighting spirit - the have to work as a team and focus on attacking. They must see themselves as overachievers not underachievers. A good new coach we need as well. Portugal should have never lost that 2004 Euro Cup against, of all teams, Greece. That was really bad Karma and a bad omen for the future. Winning that championship could have changed everything.
typical fifa
8 Friday, 09 July 2010 13:55
they decide to punish a guy who never made any contact, meanwhile Villa slaps a player in the face and gets nothing....not to mention Dunga's outburst at a journalist, Juan's handball that should have been a red card and Lucio accosting the referee and not seeing a yellow card.

conspiracy? maybe, but definitely favoritism.
7 Friday, 09 July 2010 13:27
There is no evidence from any camara angle that his elbow made contact with the guys face. Capdevila is a coward. Why dont you ban him for diving? I hope Costa isnt involved with the team anymore anyway.
That's trash
6 Friday, 09 July 2010 13:15
The Costa ban is just like FIFA spitting at Portugal. That was a dive and I’m shocked that after reviewing it they would punish him even more. As for the newspaper comments, there’s one easy way to solve it, sue the newspaper. They state they have proof, have them provide it, if its true he’s fired, if its fake they should pay a massive liability penalty which can go to funding our youth system development.
if they keep him...
5 Friday, 09 July 2010 13:08
ok i can go along with keeping quieroz for now cause he's done ok i guess considering all the injuries , but i will say this , i'd give him the first two euro 2012 qualifiers against cyprus and norway and if the team is less than impressive then i think we should fire him , anything less than 6 points in those games and multiple goal wins and he has to go...just my opinion
4 Friday, 09 July 2010 12:49
FIFA wake up!! The faking of fouls is polluting the game. Allow 4th official to help with calls. It will be a shame if Spain when with cheaters like Capevilla.
3 Friday, 09 July 2010 12:47
Mickey Mouse could be a better coach. With such a large player pool, can't we find a goal scorer????????????????
Sack him!
2 Friday, 09 July 2010 12:18
If the comments are true...
1 Friday, 09 July 2010 11:52
he didn't do anything,capdevilla was absoutely diving...

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