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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 23:21

Eduardo:“Given our quality, we could have gone further

Players feel Portugal miss opportunity; Querioz congratulates squad

Ricardo Carvalho versus SpainCarlos Queiroz recognised the superiorty of Spain after the European champions had ended Portugals World Cup dreams with a 1-0 win tonight, while his players spoke in unison about how they thought they should have gone further in the tournament.

Carlos Queiroz, Portugal coach:

Spain had more possession and when you have the ball you have more chances. Spain justified their win given the game they played. They showed the football we know they play, with very good passing.
“It’s a shame we didn’t score. We tried on the counter-attack, but we didn’t manage it. At the end of the day Portugal played a good game. We have to congratulate the players who played with a desire to win. They were fantastic.”

Eduardo, Portugal goalkeeper:

“It was hard to take. Given the quality that this team had, we could have gone further. We gave everything but we couldn’t do it.
“Am I happy with my performance? The performance is of the whole team. Individuals are of secondary importance, so I can’t be happy now. I feel I did my work and lived up to my expectations. We all know we gave everything we had. It’s frustrating. We can only be disappointed.”


Pepe, Portugal midfielder:

“We have to lift our heads and believe in this project of the seleccao. I think you all saw, both against Brazil and today that I was in good shape and able the help my team and my country. We are disappointed, especially as the goal was offside, but now we’ll think about the next tournament.”

Tiago, Portugal midfielder:

“We could have gone further. We had the ability to do so, but we ended up getting knocked out. If we had scored first it would have been different. They scored first because they are a quality team, and when they have the ball it’s complicated to get it back off them.
“We’re all disappointed, we wanted to go further.”

Fabio Coentrao, Portugal defender:

“I did my work and tried to help, but my dream ended here. The atmosphere in the squad was always spectacular, and that’s why I always felt we could go further, we were very confident.”

Deco, Portugal midfielder:

“It certainly wasn’t the way I imagined my last game with the seleccao. But they most important thing is not that fact I didn’t play, but the fact we didn’t win. I’m sadder because of that.
“I made a mistake speaking the other day [criticising Queiroz’s substitutions] but I don’t know whether or not I was punished because of that. I don’t think so because I talked to the coach and everything was sorted out. I wish good luck to the seleccao, I will always root for it, wherever I am. Portugal gave me a lot.”
by Tom Kundert

Comments (33)
33 Sunday, 11 July 2010 16:32
hey, all portuguese saying that portugal only have 10 million people, its hard to develop a great team. look at uruguay only have 3 million people look how far they went into the tournment end up 4th place. i say all bs
Technical and Tactical Football
32 Thursday, 01 July 2010 15:29
In all due respect to the Portuguese team efforts let me elaborate in a simple way how Portugal can win tournaments with out a fear.

1. CAPTANCY: The captain's arm band should be held by a central defender ( Ricardo Carvalho) or else Mid fielder.
Now Ronaldo could be an option for captain if he plays attacking football from the rear to the front as mid player but as striker he simply has no choice since the opponent defence have mastered the art to block Ronaldo. Best Defensive captains. Lothar Mathaus , Frans Beckenbauer, Cafu , Fabio Cannavarro
and a lot others have done wonders.

2. Jose Mourinho: The world's most priced weapon. Jose mourinho uses his defensive strategy combined with a sudden attack to a perfection . Portugal should stop all political meddling and invite Jose to sellecao for his advice for his in dept understanding on Football.

And do not be surprised if Portugal wins 2 or even 3 cups in a row. They have an excellent midfield minus the coach interferrence .
31 Thursday, 01 July 2010 05:53
My biggest biggest dissapointiment was Ronaldo.
He was out there marketing himself not playing for Portugal, was a disgrace!
30 Thursday, 01 July 2010 05:06
Again I ask, why did CQ give CR the captain's band so early? There are other proven leaders on this squad....

Maybe CR should be captain; but first someone should show him how to be one...he showed no leadership, had no communication, nothing to motivate...

As lame as some people may have thought it was; where's that CR that shows emotion during the hino, or after defeat?
Defense vs offense
29 Thursday, 01 July 2010 00:15
It is right that in 22 games the selecao conceded very few goals, but look at the goals the potuguese team scored, they were also very few, a new strategy should be taken, this team specially with the new players who have risen this year, the team can go very far. waiting for the next Euro to get even with the Spanish team. we just need some work on the offense, eventually we wouldn't care if Portugal conceded many goals as long as they have a good offense to score more than the other team. waiting for a counter attack is not the right strategy. Quieroz tried to imitate Murinho who succeeded with inter Mila with this strategy, but with Portugal it failed.
Lay Off CR
28 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 21:40
great post George!!!!.... all this crap about CR not being captain worthy is just that.... i don't think you'll find a player who wants his country to succeed more than he does.... CR has been unfairly criticized.... his talent is wasted on this squad which doesn't have anyone else possessing half his skill level....
27 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 17:17
It is obvious and a real shame that CQ decided to "get even" with Deco and not allow him to play for the rest of the tourneyment, especially against Spain where his game really would have helped us. It just goes to show why CQ should not be coaching this team, letting his personal feelings dictate over what is best for the team. I for one will miss Deco he served our national team well.
26 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 15:45
New coach or new strategy call it what you want. We need new talented players not old players or current players who are scared to posses the ball and force passes like Bret Farve. Everyone is calling for Jose Mourinho to coach and apparently you guys are not realizing that he likes to play defense more than any coach in the world!! We are ALREADY a GREAT defensive team! We need midfielders who know how and want to create and a forward who knows how to spell G.O.A.L.
We need a new strategy....
25 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 15:15
In the last three World Cup knockout games, we have failed to score. 0-0 vs. Englans (won on Penalty kicks), lost 1-0 to France and now lost 1-0 to Spain. While I agree that the defense has been great, clearly the sit back and wait for the counter attack only works with weaker teams (N. Korea, Albania, etc). We need to be more multi-dimensional in our offense...

Personally, I think we need a new coach too...
one dimensional attack
24 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 14:50
Our only attack for much of the tournament was the counter-attack. Only during play against Korea did I see the kind of passing/build-up I know Portugal is capable of. We needed more of this, not just sit back and counter-attack.
Thank you
23 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 14:47
I am deeply disappointed, but I do want to congratulate Coach Queiroz and the whole Portugal team. Especially a huge thank you to our goal keeper Eduardo!! He will shine as well as our Portugal players.

Let's hope for the best in Euro2012 and I don't think Queiroz should resign. After all, we did not concede a goal in what 22 matches?? That's progress but, more work needs to be done.
Wrong Captain - ARE YOU KIDDING
22 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 14:14
We played a defensive game, how in hell do you expect our best player to play? You morons don't know anything about futebol. We played 10 men back, defensive, defensive. Tell the coach to go back to England, it was like watching Barcelona vs Manchester United, ManU played defensive, what did Ronaldo do in that game. Wake up. Get this coach out of here and bring on Klinsman or a Dutch coach who is not involved in Portuguese politics, who won't stand for Brasilians being on the team, and finally will you use Ronaldo in the proper fashion. Look at Argentina, where is Messi playing? Come on, stop the childish comments about the players, it is always the system of play and choices on the field. What was Costa doing on the field, same for Pepe and Simao. JOKE. I am sorry but every 4 years we go through this bull-crap, bad decisions, being scared to succeed. YOU PLAY THE GAME TO WIN.
peace and stop crying about who should be captain.
21 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 14:07
I'm too disappointed to make many substantive comments, but of course I agree with much that has been said re CQ's poor tactics and leadership and CR's poor leadership qualities.

I also agree that we have some new players to be proud of (like FC) and also, despite not playing his best game, Pepe did us proud with his fighting spirit both in rehabilitating himself for the World Cup and in the games he played in.

An "obrigado" to the Portugoal.net team and all you guys out there who have been on this bumpy ride during an qualification and this World Cup together.

I will always support the Selecção 100% and hope that we can build a stronger team for Euro 2012 and World Cup 2014.
Good Starting Point
20 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 13:51
I agree in Ronaldo not being captain. Actually an attacking player shoudl never be Captain. A Goalie, strong Central Defender or Midfielder should always hold that title. It's also always best when the teams best player isn't the captain.

I understand the tactics, but the lineups and subs during games have to be questioned.
Boswinga was a bigger miss that Nani in my opinion.

The fact is that our qualifying campaign was discraceful. The player selections for the QWorld Cup have to be questioned as well. Where was Fernandes, for example. Please, I don't mean Quaresma, he has proven worthless.

All in all, I feel we have a good starting point for a competitive squad. We just need to bring a long a few youngsters.

By the way, Carvalho (would be sorely missed) and Deco might be gone, but don't forget Liedson either. He's an experiment that failed, and he's no spring chicken.
Whos retiring?
19 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 13:50
I think Queiroz had good intentions, but failed at the worst poosible moment. As everyone else has said, well done to Coentrao and Eduardo, both had amazing touraments. A new captain without a doubt and a new generation of players for Portugal. So does anyone know who is retiring for Portugal apart from Deco??

Forca Portugal, our support will never stop.
Cheer up
18 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 13:30
Hey, Roger from South Africa don't be so pessimistic. We didn't lose by 4 goals like the English - now that's a loss. I'm Canadian-born, however, I am more Proud to be Portuguese than a Canadian. I love Portugal and I am very proud of our team - being a true Portuguese doesn't revolve around how well a national team performs every 4 years. By the way the Spaniard was off side when he scored that goal.
P.S. I can't wait to start my summer vacation in Portugal this summer.
Ronaldo and arrogance, and hopes for the future
17 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 13:16
Ronaldo is the first to blame!he's not th only one!but he's the first!this player will never stop his childish acts, his facial reactions!Every one in the squad was better than him yesterday!I dont know from where he brought that feeling of superiority!
I bet I love Portugal more than he does!

But guys we will never forget that we were playing without Nani and Bosingwa!
some positive points appear in horizon:

Hopefully a new coach will lead us to a better team with two forwards instead of 1...
1-Ricardo Vaz Te, Yannick Djalo, Bruno Gama and other youngsters will be mature enough to replace the old Liedson!
2-Quaresma promised that he will leave blood on the pitch with Besiktas!He will shine again and he'll be back to Portugal!
3-We have now the best left back in the world cup!THE BIG COENTRAO!and a perfect goalkeeper called Eduardo!

so I think it's still early to predict and comment!but I'm just trying to keep our hope alive since I was not able to sleep yesterday!
so let's wait and see what will the FPF bring on!
Ronaldo = Man Child
16 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 13:06
There is no way that Ronaldo should captain the National Team. He showed no leadership at all during this world cup, often sitting on the ground for long periods while play continued. A captain fights 100% of the time. Making him captain was an insult to players like Carvalho, Alves and even Tiago....real leaders on the team. Ronaldo needs to mature in a hurry. I'm Portuguese and his antics embarrass me.
Its not about Captain!!!!
15 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 12:19
We lost cause we choose to play a 10 men defensive strategy.

This doesn't fall on Ronaldo or any other player, we lost cause we played not to win.

I don't remember anytime in the past 4-6 years in Portugal where players have hung their manager like Deco and Ronaldo did.

Goodbye Carlos!
Queiroz To Blame
14 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 11:00
What team uses 3 different right backs in four games in the WC

What team promises to play attacking football but parks the team bus in front of goal (brazil & spain) then says we played a great game and he's proud of the players.
New coach please
13 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 10:28
I agree with Joe 100%. From the beginning of the tournament we were very defensive. Even against Brazil when we were already qualified (mathematically not) , we could have gone for the win and yet he played with no strikers. He started against Spain with four central defenders (carvalho,alves,costa,pepe) . We looked so well balance against Korea with Miguel at right back and mendes in midfield. Now against Spain he puts a player that has been injured for 6months (pepe). Miguel being from Valencia and having played with Villa all the time would have been a better bet at right back. You cant win a tournament with no goals . We played 4 games and only scored in 1 game. In my opinion this was not a good torunament for Portugal. I dont blame the players and i dont blame Ronaldo . Any player can only be good when he has the ball. We didnt see the ball against Spain. We were th underdogs and should have gone all out to win . 1-0 loss or a 3-1 loss is a loss ,you are out . I do agree though that Ronaldo should not be captain. Let him play football and let someone else worry about leading the team. NEW COACH PLEASE !!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo- incorrect choice as a captain
12 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:23
It has become blatantly clear that their is no merit whatsoever in keeping CR as our captain. He is uninspiring, has no motivational skills and of bigger concern is commitment as a "team player". Going forward Portugal need to re-assess this position and award it to a team player that is more deserving of such an honour.
At 1-O down any Captain worth his salt would urge his team to lift their game and keep fighting to the end. Did any of you see that inspiration from CR (remenber Figo).
In all likelihood Queiroz will be fired as his tenure was hardly successful and i understand he is extremely unpopular in Portugal. Whether he stays on or not the captaincy of the Portugal needs to be taken away from CR as he has been a failure in that role.
"Wrong Captain"
11 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:19
I agree with Michael_Portugal. I wondered why his pay check is that much with that kind of play. His heart and soul wasn't in it from the way he played(worrying too about his many girlfriends perhaps?). But I applaud everyone else in the team especially, Fabio Coentrao.

Next time boys, run for the ball. Don't just wait for the ball to magically appear on your feet.
Wrong Captain
10 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 07:40
Is it just me or does no one see that Ronaldo is not captain material
something is missing??!!
9 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 07:38
all theses comments are correct...CQ needs to have his tactics re-examined..very poor choice tonight.taking almeida out was disasterous,no miguel?..what were you thinking CQ?thank you Eduardo for making portugal look some what respectable...your job tonight was amazing..muito abrigado.Finally,we have no midfield...where do we go from here?
8 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 07:25
People lets not full ourselves.It didnt matter what team
CR put out there or tactics used,we were never going to beat Spain ,they technicly more gifted and superior in all departments.The fact remains we a small nation and we never going to be able to compete against the top five or six giants of the world game.Forget it,mark
my words its going to be more of the same in 2012 and 2014,GREAT EXPECTATIONS PUT NO END RESULT.What a shame.
remember group of death?
7 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 05:57
Spain deserved to win but not with that goal. He was off-side.
We need a new Figo in the moddlefield, and another Coentrao, on the right side.
6 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 05:43
if u know anything about football dude you would know pepe is there to sit infront of the back 4 not to pass the ball and be your typical midfielder
this sucks
5 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 04:14
Wrong tacktics boys, I'm sorry...

Queiroz got it all wrong in my opinion. When you enter a fight willingly you fight and I don't mean all out brawl but with class. Portugal should have made this a war like they did with the Netherlands. We should have imposed our will on Spain not obsorb and counter. Make it a war and fight for every ball. Big Phil would have done that.

Ronaldo as a striker??? he barely got the ball. He needed to be on the wings receiving balls and taking on players constantly using his pace and ability. Don't you not think the hard fouls would come sooner or later?

Taking out Hugo was a brutal move. He was winning balls, running hard and making life difficult for Spain. That was the beginning of the end the way I saw it.

And as soon as Spain scored the goal I was screaming they better start warming up Deco. I don't care what anyone says and I know he hasn't been in top form lately but in this tournie he performed like the Deco of before. We needed someone to hold up the ball and distirbute passes with some creativity and style and Pedro Mendes is more defensive relying on long passes and playing the ball backwards to keep possession.

Read what the players are saying...
Eduardo, “It was hard to take. Given the quality that this team had, we could have gone further. We gave everything but we couldn’t do it.

Tiago, “We could have gone further. We had the ability to do so, but we ended up getting knocked out.

Fabio Coentrao, "I always felt we could go further, we were very confident.”

We know we had a team to compete instead we turtled.

Very dissapointing.
the coach
4 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 00:32
He's working on developing players to fill out our squad, his tatics in my opinion were on target counter attacking spain would have been the only way to beat them. Playing Ronaldo in a cf role is not my first choice but I found he had Simao Almeida and Ronaldo rotating between that role. Subbing Almeida might not have been a wise choice considering his size and strength could have been critical in those last minutes with crosses coming into the box. I'm willing to see if Quieroz can find an attacking midfielder and striker to help Ronaldo out offensively.
The Coach
3 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 00:09
Almeida sub'd out should of never happened. That was the downfall of the team. Hugo was playing just fine and there was no need to put in the dread pirate roberts in for him. If anything, maybe in the last 15, take out Simon Delicious and put in Liedson. But in all honesty, David Villa is a bamma, Costa should of never been on the pitch(last game was ok just so others didn't pick up yellows) and Ronaldo isn't to blame(you cannot put the hopes of a nation on one players shoulders... no matter how good of a player he is). Spain had our number today, it was lucky bounce and a lucky strike, but none the less, they got us.
Time for a new coach
2 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 23:58
First off, I agreed with the coaches tactics in terms of strategy on how the team should play. They just dont have the fire power to play an open style so they went into a defensive shell and relied on counter attacks.

What i thought the coach was terrible at was handling his personnel. I have 4 major issues with this game and how the coach handled it.

1.) Pepe should of never started the game at the holding midfield position. He lacks the ball skills to play a central midfield position and it showed today. He only was able to complete the easy passes and hurt the flow of their midfield. He is not fit enough to play on this stage as he was beat many times in 1v1 situations. The only thing he did well IMO was helping out on double teams.

2.) Ricardo costa had no business starting at RB. Miguel with his offensive ability, his familiarity with the La Liga players and the speed and quickness to run with david villa should of been the EASY choice here.

3.) I am not a huge fan of Deco, he is past his prime and not as good as he once was but in a game in which holding possession would of been such a crucial part of the game he should of started the game. The portugal midfield had a serious lack of passing ability and creativity. Deco would of helped in both instances. If they were playing a more rugged physical team then i would agree with having him on the bench. Not in a finesse style of game liek this one.

4.) why in the world did they take out hugo almeida? didnt the coach see what everyone else saw? he was the only effective forward player they had the entire game. Instead they bring in a player with a bum hamstring?/???
Are We Really #3?
1 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 23:57
you can't score when you allow the other teams to dictate the game.... you can't advance when you can't score.... whether it's strategy or lack of talent, Portugal keeps on failing to live up to the hype.... the FPF has some work to do....

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