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Monday, 28 June 2010 10:37

Queiroz: “The best of Portugal is yet to come”

Opposite number del Bosque heaps praise on Portugal coach

Vicente del BosqueCarlos Queiroz“The best of Portugal is yet to come. That is my conviction.”

These were the bold words of national team coach Carlos Queiroz as he confidently looked forward to the last-16 World Cup meeting against Spain in Cape Town on Tuesday evening.
“The players are motivated, confident, and game by game the attitude to get over our obstacles has been constant,” continued Queiroz.  
“In the last sixteen every team has a fifty percent chance. Some have a little more technique, some have a little more organisation, but the tension and the emotion is the same for everybody.
“We are talking about two great teams with the same possibilities to progress. I want to be in the quarter-finals. Nobody can be the best without beating the best.”

Trio fitness boost

The Portugal coach received good news before tomorrow’s match as injury doubts Pepe, Deco and Danny have all been passed fit to face the European Champions.
Meanwhile, Queiroz’s opposite number, Vicente del Bosque, has heaped praise on the manager of the Seleccao and admits his tactics will depend on how Portugal deploy star man Cristiano Ronaldo.
“We don’t know if he’ll play as a winger or a centre-forward, and our system will depend on that. Portugal have a good team, added to by the value of Cristiano Ronaldo. They are Ronaldo and a team behind him.
“We know them well. We saw their three matches and analysed all the possibilities. We know they only got to the World Cup through the play-offs, but Queiroz had done excellent work and they have grown as a team here.”
As for his own team, del Bosque admitted that the opening defeat to Switzerland knocked back the squad and made it hard work reaching the knockout stages.

Emotionally draining

“The defeat against Switzerland forced us to make a huge effort, but we knew how to get over the bitter taste of that 0-1 scoreline. It was enormously draining from an emotional point of view. After the game there was nothing but silence in the bus, but the team recovered by showing great character.
“We were excessively tense in the last two games because there was a big responsibility to win. But nobody can question the attitude of this group of players.”
by Tom Kundert
Comments (32)
what the hell?
32 Wednesday, 30 June 2010 01:25
well thanks for playing defense again. I thought the strategy was to lay offense. I guess we didn't need to progress. Oh wait, they had our defense figured out in the first minute. How come?
Didn't we have a guy named Cristiano Ronaldo that was the most expensive player in the world? Did he even touch the ball?

Wow!!!!! I can't even see the keyboard for the tears in my eyes. DOn;t rebuttal this as I am not in a good place right now and will hunt you down and kill you .

Sorry I am a little emotional right now.
Make us proud !!
31 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 14:16
Message of encouragement to our Portuguese Team, from the line up to the reserves ....

Block out all the negativity.

Focus on only one thing ... playing as a team ...you are only as strong as the weakest link.

Use each other ... promote each other ... it is not about the number of goals you have scored that you are remembered by ... look at Eduardo, he is the talk of the town (being the only goalkeeper without conceding a goal as yet in this tournament)

When you lose, don't lose the lesson. Turn every experience into an opportunity.

We are behind you all the way ... always be yourself, because the people that matter, don't mind and the ones that mind, don't matter.

VIVA PORTUGAL (from SA where all the fever is)
30 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 11:34
I hope portugal beat spain because im sick of the media and journalists writing us off. Prior to the start of the world cup no body gave us a chance, all they could talk about were Italy, England, france etc.. and where are they now???? At home! But we're still in the comp and i will believe we can beat spain and show them that the tournament favourites(spain) are gone as well, maybe then will we get some respect and be counted. Go portugal, Forca selecao & Fire up!!!!
I believe in you portugal. Do us PROUD!!!!!!!
Let us shock the world!!!
29 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 09:58
Portugal was never mentioned to be one of the contenders of the WC and now, its time to show who, what, and where is Portugal and surprise the world...Forca!
28 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 08:41
Anyone in london watching the match ? If so where ?
Portugal vs Spain
27 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 07:55
I think Portugal is gonna win they are gonna send Spain back to their country,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Portugal #1
26 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 02:29
Feel the win! Im running tonight after work for you guys! Win Guys Win! Viva Portugal!
We have a chance!
25 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 01:50
First and foremost, I changed my name/country. It use to be David/U.S.A. So now you know who I am.

I agree with (Joe / CT USA) we have a strong defense. Fabio, has gained my respect (did i mention i was a benfica fan). He did good at Benfica, and now I am seeing what he is really made of! Glad he is still young he is the future for the Portuguese.

I think we should in this match with the same line up that brought the 7 goals. We did great on D and O.

I know that tomorrow I will be watching the game at Buffalo Wild Wings, with a bunch of Spanish Bandwagoners wearing their jerseys not able to name two players on the Spanish team, But I tell you what I will be wearing my Jersey and Scraf (with this 90 degree weather in Sunny Cali) but you better believe Ill be the loudest guy there!
Portugal v Spain, etc.
24 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 00:35
The London Telegraph advises to bet on Portugal beating Spain.

Former Spanish coach Aragones not optimistic about Spain's chances against Portugal.

Everyone talks about CR but why have people not noticed how good Coentrao is? The few smart people that mentioned Coentrao suggested he could end up being as good as Robben of Holland.
time to overachieve
23 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 00:20
I agree with most sentiments here: we shouldn't be overconfident since we are facing one of the best teams in the world but we know what we have to do and now we just need to go out on the field and get it done.

Frankly, it's time for this team to overachieve after all of the months of underachievement. I know this team can play great on both sides of the ball. We can score goals and we can defend but we'll need to do both quite well against Spain on Tuesday night. I'm pretty sure that even though Quieroz is promising to attack, Spain will have the ball most of the game so we won't be able to do that in great abundance anyway. So, we'll be forced to do what the Swiss did: the ol' "smash and grab" gameplan. We'll pick their pockets a few times and go on devastating counterattacking raids and hopefully we can bag an early goal so they'll be forced to chase the game even more desperately.

Theoretically, we are an ideal team to beat Spain with a great defense (at least better than the Swiss) and a decent enough counterattacking threat. Some of the questions that will decide the game will linger however: who will Quieroz start? The bunch that destroyed N Korea? Or the somewhat odd formation that started against Brazil? (the formation that will NOT get the job done against Spain) Next, will Spain's stars produce moments of such brilliance that even our defense will fail to contain them? Or, will they struggle to produce as they did against Switzerland, and to some extent, Honduras. (game could've easily been 6-0, 7-0, but ended up only 2-0)

In the end it will likely be by the narrowest of margins that this game is decided. I can envision another boring draw until the very end when one of these two teams will make the breakthrough and steal the win. I can only hope it will be Portugal. We will have to play an amazing game though.
If we do lose, I would at least like us to make it difficult for the Spaniards. Not a dismal loss, like England losing to Germany, or Chile's miserly performance in a 3-0 loss to Brazil on Monday night. I want us to go out and give everything we have, win or lose.

If we do that, I know we can win, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.
2012 euro team does look good ha
22 Tuesday, 29 June 2010 00:03
I wish the 2012 team was playing tomorrow!!! God it would be nice to see manny fernandes,nani,pele,varela,quaresma,yannick,makukula,orlando sa, and so on. Those attacking players would walk onto almost any team and start. Tomorrow will be great I can't wait.
my starting 11 vs spain + future squad
21 Monday, 28 June 2010 22:48
-------------------------------------raul meireles------------------

2012 their will be replacments for our more experienced players who will be retiring after this tournament and others that should make the squad

Cb ALVES. PEPE BACK IN defence FOR THE RETIRED CARVALHO other two cb rolando and carrico
LB COENTRAO maybe jose goncalves who is developing reallly well or nelson can convert to left back as can veloso
DM fernandes for PEPE since caRvalho is retired he converts back to defence and fernandEs takes his startingspot in dm VELOSO, AND VITOR PELE, will replace the old mendes
center midfield raul meireles, joao moutinho in for retired deco paulo machado possibly a sub or danny for the attacking mid
wingers nani for simao in starting if not retired quaresma or eliseu possibly on the bench with ronaldo a starter free role
yannick for liedson almeida on bench or makukula

starting lineup

------------------------------------------MEIRELES-----------------------------------JOAO MOUTINHO------------------------------------
or ronaldo yannick swap

20 Monday, 28 June 2010 21:33
if Portugal uses the same strategy they did against Brazil and the Ivorians, they'll be packing their bags tomorrow.... Portugal must take the game to the Spaniards to have any chance.... the less time Spain spends in Portugal's half the better....
19 Monday, 28 June 2010 18:54
I'm loving the quiet confidence on the boards here , such a stark contrast to before the world cup and even to 2008 when we were over confident . We have nothing to fear from Spain and we have nothing to lose playing against them . The Media in the UK doesn't rate us , which suits me . We are the underdogs, so what !
Let's go tomorrow and show the world that Spain aren't the only country on the Iberian Peninsula that can play football.

Forca !
Belief Is There
18 Monday, 28 June 2010 18:01
I believe that Portugal could defeat Spain.
Torres hasn't been right for a while now. Villa, or for that matter anyone, going up against Ferreira scares me. He's not very effective and either gives to much ground or gets beat. Neither good.
Miguel is also lacking in the defese department, but is much better going forward.
Portugal's defense has been terrific, which is a great surprise. I can only hope that Pepe will be strong for this one.

The Spanish D can be taken, Ramos is out of positon more often than not, and Puyol has slowed a bit.
Only I ask is for Ronaldo be deployed wide. He's most effective running at defenders from a wide position. He could also work well with Coentrao on overlaps. The defense will have to decide in staying with Ronaldo or Coentrao. Leaving the touch back to Ronaldo open or the cross in.
Oh yeah, Almeida should also start. People seem to think that Liedson is this nifty quick forward because of his build. It would be wrong to think that. He's a standard forward that is effective in Liga Sagres, but not so vs better competition.

The refereeing is always a scary proposition. Busquets and his flopping and hysterics are hard to take. Torres will also take the cheap shot and dive. I know that Portugal.Ronaldo has the diving reputation, but so many more teams have done so in this tourney. The Netherlands was on teh ground plenty today, for no reason at all, yet the ref bought it.

In any case, the way Portugal has played has to bring confidence. I know we want pretty all the time, but a win is a win.

Rui, get on a train and head to Nevada Smith's.
dont play deco
17 Monday, 28 June 2010 17:43
dont play deco he does not deserve to be on the team he is not good enough play him and portugal will lose .time to bring in youth .and ronaldo play the game and stop being a celebrity the team needs you.
had my doubts
16 Monday, 28 June 2010 17:41
I had my doubts about CQ bu this tactics have proven results so far. Well no goals in two of the three gmes but we didn't look bad or conceede any either. I'm sure he has a great stategy for Spain so don't be upset when you see the line up. He has planned this since the 25th. AND... the subs could be the 60 minute secret strategy that will turn the game around and solidify Portugal as the winners for the next 25 minutes.
Bring back 2006
15 Monday, 28 June 2010 17:19
I remember 2006, when we played Holland at this same stage. The Dutch played similar to how Spain are playing now. We bled blood during that match and kept our country on our sleeves. Costinha, Ronaldo, Figo and Maniche were all warriors for us that day. Raul, Fabio and Pepe must now do the same tomorrow. If we play in that same kind of spirit, Spain would be no match for us.
Off topic
14 Monday, 28 June 2010 15:24
but i would hate to watch the game alone. If anyone knows of a place in or around North Wildwood where I can watch the game with some fellow fans please let me know.
seleccao need courage and belief.
13 Monday, 28 June 2010 15:19
stay calm down,be focus on what tactical approach tommorow,get prepared physically and mentally. dont let your heart control your mind. the conviction is controlled by your brain. belief your own ability!! belief your team mates. u can do it portugall..forca
12 Monday, 28 June 2010 15:18
i sure hope cq doesnt screw the formation up..... i think it should be 4-1-2-1-2 with almeida and liedson up front, ronaldo behind, simao and meireles behind on more winger places, veloso as a defencive mid, and defence, carvalho, coentrao, miguel, and bruno alves. with the outstanding gk eduardo in goal of course :D
if portugal win, ill be soooo happy, but whenarent we happy when they win, even in friendlies! :D
To Andy & Tom
11 Monday, 28 June 2010 15:10
Hi Tom and Andy Please publish a Podcast before the match It brings Good luck to seleção.
beating spain
10 Monday, 28 June 2010 14:33
We can definetly beat spain we have a good record against them, and if the swiss can shut them out you better believe we can shut them out. Spain cb's have had a few mental lapses in the games I've seen Portugal will capitalize on this tomorrow. We'll counter them to death.
Portugal Has A Chance
9 Monday, 28 June 2010 14:28
This is a game Portugal has a chance to win but being objectively on paper you would give Spain a slight edge.

Portugal has the defense to break up the Spanish passing game and make it diffcult to score but Spain has two strikers who can turn a aound a game with one moment of brilliance. Both these players have demonstrated they can do this. Keep in mind that Villa will likely attack from the left and go up against Paulo F.

Paulo F has a tendancy to allow his man to cut inside and play the play to his right foot for a shot on goal which is what Villa likes to do. Need to force him away from goal toward his left and force him to cross it as Spain is not much of a threat in the air.

The problem for Portugal in this game will be scoring even though Spain will give you a few good quality chances we need clinical finishing and penetration. Will CR provide the brilliance we need not only with goals but passing to set up his teammates? I have my doubts based on past performance but tomorrow is a new day to re-write history.

We have a shot but if we lose given where we can from with a limited scoring options this is a good accomplishment.
Need another option in the poll answers
8 Monday, 28 June 2010 14:17
How about an option for "Tight game with Portugal scraping through." Because that is what I think will happen.

Portugal win 2-1.

It will be interesting (to put it mildly) to see CQ's lineup. I believe everyone is fit, so that won't affect the choices. We need to win, not just avoid losing, so this will be a pure decision on our overall best selection for the game.

It's a toss-up for me between Deco and Tiago, but I do hope CQ goes with Miguel over P. Ferreira.

Forca Portugal!
7 Monday, 28 June 2010 14:05
I mentioned on this site about 6 months ago how I felt Portugal had one of the best defenses in the word (someone replied, I don't remember who, mocking me). Well after only allowing 3 goals in the last 19 matches, I again say that defense will be Portugal's key to victory. I expect this game to be close, and luck may determine which team advances ( a luckly bounce, a slip, etc...). Let's just hope the referees don't screw it up...
by the way, it irks me how no analyst is evening considering Portugal winning this game. All the futebol channels I get here in the USA, keep talking about Argentina, Brazil & Spain. Hope Portugal shocks them.
I respect some spanish players but not all of them
6 Monday, 28 June 2010 13:48
It would be so damn nice to beat the spaniards. I don't think that they are overly cocky as a team but some of the players really piss me off. I do not like David Villa I think he has a lot of technical ability and is a great goal scorer but I think we should muscle his little 130lb skinny frame. Sergio Ramos thinks he is a dribbling winger and he will be suceptible to counters on his side. Xavi and Iniesta will try to lob the ball and slide through balls through our defensive line all day so we have to be tight. All in all Portugal and Spain like to play the same way and are very similar in talent. I think spain is a better attacking team then brazil so I am glad we atleast were able to face a good team before brazil. This coach for spain is a cocky #%^&@ and I would love to shut him up. He seems like a product of his talented teams. How hard is it to win games when you have the old real madrid teams of figo,zidane,ronaldo,roberto carlos,guti, and raul. Now he takes over another all star team and has the nerve to make fun of portugal. I hope we win 2-0 and ronaldo gets a goal and so he can say I beat in England when I played in the EPL and I beat Spain when I played in la liga. I hope we shut them down more than anything in the world! Just to beat Spain would be a world cup victory in my eyes because of all the press they get!! So sick of hearing about every other great team with no mention to portugal. It is as if people do not look at our roster and see the class we have. We have just as much talent and class as almost every other team that is glorified all day in the papers and on tv.
Forca Portugal!
5 Monday, 28 June 2010 13:32
No problem this game is Portugal's win!!!! Forca Portugal!!
The spanish are not confident
4 Monday, 28 June 2010 13:25
Spain's old coach Luis Aragones was very pessimistic about spain's chances. He states,

"if Portugal knows how to take the ball off Spain then they are going to have options to win comfortably. I am not optimistic about the game because I see that Portugal has a great team."

Spain have not been the same this year and if we do disrupt their passing game and keep them from dictating the tempo, we can score goals. Our defense is the strongest in the world and We can keep a clean sheet against a spanish team that lacks it's usual creativity and cutting edge.
back handed compliments
3 Monday, 28 June 2010 12:34
del Bosque quotes. "its CR and the team behind him" and "they only got here through playoffs" are slight digs at the team. ie.. they are a one man team who don't deserve to be here. The team and Quieroz should use those words to motivate them to victory.
2 Monday, 28 June 2010 12:13
I think del bousque is relatively scared of portugal - it seems that way anyway from what he said in that interview. They've already shown they're not invincible as they were made out to be and we've got every chance of winning this game. If we defend well as we did in all three of our group games and counter attack them with pace, skill and conviction, we can cause them a bundle of problems. I just hope our players don't get ahead of themselves and ruin the hopes of our country. Forca Portugal!
1 Monday, 28 June 2010 11:40
what a very nice sounding man.

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