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Monday, 01 February 2010 12:10

Portugal Global – Sri Lanka

“Theres a special bond between me and the Seleccao”

Sri Lanka FlagThe latest instalment of our series of articles written by Portugal fans around the world comes from Sri Lanka. Its a perfect example of how the Seleccao has managed to capture the imagination of football supporters all over the globe – even if they have no immediate connection to Portugal.
Hello to all my portugoal.net friends all over the world. I am Sameera from Sri Lanka.

First of all I have to mentioned about the qualifying campaign we witnessed this time from Portuguese NT. It was really one of the all time great comebacks. So unlike other so called big name countries Portuguese fans really do have some great memories to take from it.

In my country football is not the favorite sport among most of the people. Cricket is the favorite sport here. Unlike most of you I have not luxury to talk about football here and I am really disappointing for that.

Euro 2000 got me hooked

In Sri Lanka we only got chance to watch international football stars play when world cup or Euro arrives. So I first watched the Portuguese players when they played in Euro 2000. I remember that game against England it is the starting point of the love between me and the selesco. At that tournament Portugal deserved the cup that time. They are the best team in that competition no doubt about that. Then 2002 I cry when Portugal got out in the competition in dying minutes of that last group game. Then I wait until 2004 to what Portuguese players play in a major tournament although Portugal team failed to lift the cup that special bond between me and the selesco didn’t come to end. It became more and more strong.

After that Euro tournament I bought satellite dish to watch Portuguese players who players all around the world a big fan of Man united because of Ronaldo and Nani. And I watch Real Madrid matches only they include Figo now it is Ronaldo and Pepe in their  team sheet. So same with Chelsea, Atletico, Inter and Werder Bremen. I also follow the Portuguese league and right now my favorite teem is Sporting because they produce the most number of players for the national team.

In Sri Lanka there is no cultural thing around football like many of your countries so unlike most of you there will be no one to share my joys or sorrows when I watch the WC this time.

First place in group possible

Although we were grouped with Brazil I hope we can clinch the 1st place in the group. If Portuguese players trust them self like they did in the qualifying camping no doubt they will lift that precious trophy.
I pray every day for Pepe to recover before scheduled time to boost the confident of the team. And I wish injury free four months for every Portuguese player.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Viva Portugal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You can Do it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Comments (2)
Great addition
2 Monday, 01 February 2010 23:22
Sameera, great addition to the crew and I remember each moment you discussed vividly.. I was actually in the UK for 1996 and it was strange that I didn't get the world footie vibe that I get in a very ethnic area.

I was in Bedfordshire and still remember Portugal winning and running out my door screaming.. with all the neighbours looking at me strangely..lol

There is a sort of myopic view there in some areas.. I got hassled because they confused my Green & Red Portugal jersey for the Spanish Red & Gold.. some of them folk don't get out much so don't mind them...lol

Anyways thank you for your story..

nice article
1 Monday, 01 February 2010 19:04
Its nice to hear about people from all corners of the globe falling in love with the seleccao.

Funnily enough I'm actually a big fan of 'Slinga' Malinga :o)

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