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Saturday, 30 January 2010 00:52

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USA FlagContinuing a series of short articles looking forward to the World Cup written by Portugal’s fans spread all around the globe, American Gus Bisserg explains why he can’t see beyond Spain or Brazil to lift the trophy.
Hello, my name is Gus Bisserg and I’m from the United States of America
I am absolutely stoked for this summer’s World Cup. I think the worldwide level of excitement is going to be at an all-time high, because of the finals being in Africa. Consequently, the African nations will play with more pride and determination, which will no doubt make for an amazing tournament. Here in the states, at least where I live, hardly anyone even knows what the World Cup is. Unfortunately, the only sports on people’s minds are Basketball, Baseball, and Football.
I watched the last World Cup equally on BBC, ABC, and ESPN. As for the locations to watch it......not very many places. People will have it on their television, not because they enjoy soccer, but because there is some kind of a sport on. I’m sorry to say that all I can recommend is ESPN.
Like I said above, soccer is definitely not the most popular sport around, much less Portuguese soccer.
I feel that either Spain or Brazil will win the tournament. I know this sounds horribly cliche, but those are the two strongest and most consistent teams at the moment. As for Portugal, I believe that we will at least reach the quarterfinals. We will beat North Korea with ease, probably with a 2-0 or 3-0 scoreline. The Ivory Coast game will decide whether or not we make it into the second round. I predict a narrow win or a draw. The Brazil game will no-doubt be our toughest game. Brazil will probably come out on top with a 1-0 or 2-1 score. I of course wish that we will play in the final, but I don’t think that it’s going to happen.
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We Could Go All The Way!
2 Saturday, 30 January 2010 13:49
You're right, Gus, both Brazil and Spain look very strong. And I, too, would not be surprised to see either one of those amazing sides win the title. But Portugal has a great opportunity to progress into the knock-out rounds precisely because we have been drawn into a difficult group. The scheduling of our matches definitely favors A Seleccao Das Quinas. If we can beat Ivory Coast (a team coming off a horrible display in the African Cup) and then take care of North Korea (a nation still looking for revenge against Portugal for 1966), then we will most likely be assured of getting into the next round. This would mean that our final group stage game against Brazil would be less crucial to win and Quieroz could basically play our "second team" and rest the starters. And with a fresh first team, anything could happen in the later stages of the tournament. In fact, as you Americans like to say, we could...go...all... the...way!!
1 Saturday, 30 January 2010 02:52
Sorry to hear that Gus I know how hard it is when you are all excited about a particular game and you are in a remote part where no one cares.

Takes the edge off, games are best enjoyed as a group.

Spain on record is one of the worst A level sides in the World Cup they have a lousy record. So I don't think they will go anywhere. The European teams will at least feel comfortable because it is the South African winter so the temperates are more moderate between 5 & 22 degrees Celsius depending which part they are in.

I think Brazil has a good chance because it is a southern hemisphere game (although I am not a fan), but am quietly hoping an African team gets crowned. Ghana maybe..it would be great for the sport.

All the Euro teams have issues except for Spain.. but history will weigh on them.

It will be a difficult tournament to call, but I agree with Gus.. we are all but dead. Only the players can make a difference.. the manager will get out foxed by the parking attendant.

Even with the great players we have.. they are at best a headless chicken running around in my Italian neighbours backyard with no where to go but down.

I apologize to my friends who are optimistic.. I usually am.. in this case realism has followed a straight left with a high kick leaving us exposed to the crack of a shin on the cranium.

When we all wake it will be over, wondering what happened?

I try to see the positive side.. it means we can concentrate more on real summer activities on the weekend instead of chasing games..

I of course will watch as many games as I can.. I am a football fan.. but will keep it to the work week.. since we will be out.

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