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Saturday, 30 January 2010 00:43

Portugal Global - USA

Proud of our Portuguese heritage

usa-flag.jpgThe excellent response to PortuGOALs call to arms continues! Jon tells us about the huge Portuguese communities in the US and how family ties made him fall in love with ‘the beautiful game’.
I am Jon from Boston MA. Massachusetts has one of the largest Portuguese communities in the US especially on the Rhode Island border. Pretty much half the people in the cities of Fall River and New Bedford are Portuguese and we are all proud of our Portuguese heritage.

My mom is from the island of Graciosa in the Azores and my dad is an Italian American. My dad’s family is more Americanized so they don’t really like soccer, but my mom’s family is soccer crazy. As a kid I didn’t really care much about soccer, I loved baseball, but after watching the previous World Cup with my beloved Grandfather, I became OBSESSED. I had never felt so proud of my Portuguese heritage. I am now 17 and I live Futebol. My grandfather and I are die hard Benfiquistas, but there is nothing like sitting with my grandfather watching the seleccao.

Well we watch pretty much all our games on RTP or ESPN. Most people I know watch it in their houses, but a lot of people go to Portuguese clubs and bars in Portuguese neighborhoods like East Cambridge, Fall River, and New Bedford.

Portugal has a team with a lot of talent, but I am not yet sure if they are capable of winning it all. I pray every day that we can do it and deep down inside, something is telling me there will be a miracle. I can’t wait for Portugal’s friendly matches in March. Good Luck in the world cup.


Portugal Global - watching you watching us!

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Great Story!!
2 Monday, 01 February 2010 23:06
Jon, I too come from a massive Portuguese community so can appreciate what you have..

I was impressed about your story of your Grandfather.. it is really great to hear.. not many people are blessed with special relationships nowadays.. since both of my grandfathers passed away and both were pretty tough dudes.. I can't say I had the same relationship.. but I respected both.. greatly.

But I can respect someone who has a very close and dear relationship.. with their family.

Enjoy the rest of the season it looks good for Benfica.. although they still have a few hurdles.. and enjoy the WC with your grandpop..

new beige
1 Saturday, 30 January 2010 03:26
hell yea im from new bedford and it is the second largest portuguese city behind fall river in the states, every world cup all of my portuguese and brazilian and cape verde friends get together and root our teams

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