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Saturday, 30 January 2010 00:35

Portugal Global – USA

“Rooting for my beloved Portgual”

USA FlagContinuing a series of short articles about Portugal’s fans spread wide and far all over the world, Dan tells us why his heart and his head say different things about this year’s World Cup.
My name is Dan and I’m from the USA. Soccer is my life and when the WC comes around my summer is jamed pack of watching all the games! In CT we always go crazy after a Portugal win during the knock-out stages. You guys should’ve seen the streets after our wins against Holland and England in 06. Red & green everywhere!

I watch the games at home with family and friends. Some other great places to watch the games in CT are Vasco da Gama and Lancers.

TV writes off Portugal

Here in States we only get two Portuguese channels who talk a lot about Futebol in general, but when it comes to American soccer channels they hardly talk about Portugal. A LOT of them write them off which is a JOKE! Every time it comes up people always say Brazil and Ivory Coast will advance.

I like England’s and Spain’s chances of winning it, but in my heart I’m rooting for my beloved Portugal and U.S.A. As far as Portugal’s chances I want to say we will reach somewhere near the SF stage again, but in my head I’m thinking we will get bounced out around the R16, QF stage, but I hope that’s not the case lol.


Portugal Global - watching you watching us!

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1 Saturday, 30 January 2010 18:59
lol no idea you guys would turn my post into a little article...Thanks for putting it up...Another nice feature you guys got going on

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