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Friday, 29 January 2010 18:13

Portugal Global - Lebanon

Monah Dahrouj rooting for the Seleccao

Lebanon flagIn the first of a series of short articles about Portugal’s fans spread wide and far all over the world, Monah Dahrouj tells us why Portugal are Europe’s Brazil.
My name is Monah Dahrouj, I’m from Lebanon.
This world cup is a special one, holding my top 2 teams in the same group: Portugal and Brazil. And one of them will probably compete with Spain in the second round! It’s so exciting! All of the best luck for our great Seleccao! Go Portugal!
Portugal is not a simple word, we’re the only team in Europe not playing like the other European countries. We have more than 30 players that can fit in all the available places in the squad. We’ll have great moments in South Africa, and Portugal is going to be something special in Africa 2010.

Downtown Beirut

Usually in our country (Lebanon) the best place to watch the games and to have a great atmosphere is the downtown area of Beirut - Lebanon’s capital. A place that I recommend as best place to watch the matches in is: The Champions- Marriotte  Hotel
People in our country almost believe in Brazilian style of football, and since we, as Portuguese, we have almost the same style of playing, so people watch Portugal matches and Players to enjoy football to a large extent, such as Ronaldo, Quaresma, Nani, and too many other famous players.
In my own point of view, we, Portuguese, we have a big if not the biggest chance to get this world cup. First of all, we will start playing against Ivory Coast, one of the best teams in Africa, and this match will be a must win match to secure a place in the top 2 teams in the group. Later if we finish first or second (it depends on our score with Brazil), we may face Spain! So we will never have easy matches, and this thing will keep us on and concentrated, and hopefully we will play in the final, and we will be the holders of the 2010 World Cup!
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My apologies
8 Saturday, 30 January 2010 17:20
Sorry Monah.. for the mistake hard to tell sex when you are hidden behind text. I was also guestimating about your support.. since you said you were Portuguese..

It is all good any way.. we like to welcome as many as we can to our ship..maybe with the ground swell of support we'll get some decisions our way...lol

Also Jon sorry for jumping on you dude.. but there has been some comments of late on here from some that have made me wonder not you personally. So it was more of a statement then a shot at you.

I persoanlly think it is the exciting brand of play that has brought others over to our side.
People Root For The Underdog
7 Saturday, 30 January 2010 14:13
It always amazes me how many fans a nossa seleccao has throughout the world. I once asked a non-Portuguese friend why he supported our team and he responded that he was glad to see a "small country" do so well against the big ones. By "small" he meant population - and he was right. If you look at the teams favored to win the World Cup, they all have much greater populations (and thus more players to choose from) than tiny Portugal which has only 10 million people. Brasil - 200 million, Germany - 82 million, France - 65 million, Spain - 40 million. They're all much bigger than us in terms of population, so when we play against them it's the classic David vs. Goliath. Yet we always manage to compete with the "big guys." In fact, we are currently ranked number 5 in the world!! I think even non-Portuguese respect that.
sorry guys
6 Saturday, 30 January 2010 12:54
Sorry I didn't want to seem xenophobic. It's great that we have people from all over the world supporting the seleccao even if they are not Portuguese. I just wasn't sure why he supported Portugal so passionately rather than other big countries because he didn't have Portuguese roots, but he cleared that up when he said his girlfriend was Portuguese.

In my opinion rooting for a club and rooting for a national team are much different.
Monah not Mona
5 Saturday, 30 January 2010 10:57

Actually Mona is a middle eastern female name!
while monah is not!It's a male name!
I said before that I don't have portuguese roots, my girlfriend is portuguese!
Hello All
4 Saturday, 30 January 2010 05:53
Hello all!
First, sorry if my english isn't that good, since I'm french educated!
Second, why I root for Portugal?!
I'm from a country where football isn't the first sport, Basketball is our first!So we'll never qualify to the world cup!And I've been watching Portugal and addicted to Portuguese football since I was 7 years old! I loved our U-21 team(Figo's team) in 1994! Adding that my girlfriend is Portuguese!

Third, all the best and the good luck for our great Portugal in the coming world cup!Vai Portugal!
Portugal NT
3 Saturday, 30 January 2010 03:51
hey dude,should i underline the statement "In the first of a series of short articles about Portugal’s fans spread wide and far all over the world"?...that means you must no problem what country the portugal NT fans are..i thought anybody love and support portugal NT for the WC..that would be awesome,after all i'm indonesian,but i'm a big fan of portuguese NT,it doesn't mean i lose my patriotism of being indonesian,,remember that WC is just an international game,you got your right to choose which country will be your favourite,if they win..you must be suprised and scream aloud among the other NT fans all around the world
Free to choose!!!
2 Saturday, 30 January 2010 03:21
The guy can root for who ever he likes and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it !! Just try to enjoy the tournament and don't worry to much about who is supporting what team !!

1 Saturday, 30 January 2010 02:24
First of all Monah is a middle eastern female name.. like Mona.. correct me if I am wrong in this case but all the other spellings I have seen like that were females.

And she stated that she is Portuguese.. which probably means that her mom married a Lebanese guy..

wow too complicated for some.

Should it even matter where a seleccao fan comes from and their background.. ?

I am just glad some people can appreciate them with Queer-Eyes at the helm.. this is the worst they have looked 15 years.

Monah it sounds like fun Lebanon.. I am near Toronto we are blessed with people from every part of the world in abundance. So world cup time means traffic jams.. so does Euros.. with people honking.. flag waving.. and generally carrying on. For the most part it is great but there are some definite sour apples that sometimes put a damper on festivities.

Overall it is a huge celebration no matter the winner.. someone is partying.

We usually have some huge family BBQ's and load the big screen outdoors under a tarp.. just in case it rains. A lot of fun. This year we will need more booze to wash away the sorrows.

I just hope Italy & Argentina goes out quicker.. I can't take those nim-rods going on..

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