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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:24

PortuGOAL podcast: Fonseca sacked, Portugal's exciting future, Europa League

Sporting v FC Porto, Tottenham v Benfica, Porto v Napoli previewed


In another packed show, Vasco Mota Pereira and Tom Kundert discuss Paulo Fonseca's dismissal from FC Porto, and look ahead to three exciting matches coming up: Sporting v Porto in the Liga, and Spurs-Benfica and Porto-Napoli in the Europa League. We also talk about the remarkable crop of high quality young Portuguese players coming through the ranks.



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Good podcast
1 Wednesday, 12 March 2014 14:15
Well done fellas. Very enjoyable listen. I agree with a lot of what Vasco says, especially the points on the mental aspect of the game that seems to really break some young players.

That said, on terms of talent, Tom is right, there are some real gems coming up. I'm just concerned because many of these gems are offensive players, whereas we've seen some of the defensive up and comers stalling lately (ie: Neto and Ilori).

I can't believe I'm sticking up for Benfica, but here goes. I disagree with Vasco that Spurs is better player for player than Benfica. They spent "Manchester City money" on 7 new players that were, for the most part, overhyped and untested.

The best in that group was Christian Eriksen, who was at one time touted as the next big thing. But his stock has since dropped significsntly, which is reflected in Spurs only paying £11 million for him.

They also spent £30 million on Llamela (hilarious and naive), and £10 million for Vlad Chiriches. Seriously people, talk about overpaying. These players are good, but nowhere near what Spurs paid for them, which is why they are not delivering under either coach this season.

Benfica is better and has more depth than Spurs. That's my opinion. Attacking, Lima, Cardozo and Rodrigo are more dangerous than Soldado and Adebayor.

In midfield, Enzo is more talented and hard working than Paulinho or Mousa Dembele. Defensively, there is no comparison. So while I love Vasco, I disagree wholeheartedly on that call.

And Tom, I think you're right about previous versions of Porto smashing this version of Napoli, but right now, of has to be 60-40 in Napoli's favour. Even with the "goatee'd one", Rafa, in my opinion one of the most overhyped coaches ever, in charge, Porto is still picking up the pieces right now.

I hope I'm wrong, but it will be tough, though not impossible for Porto to get through. I believe they can, but it will be a dogfight.


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