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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 17:46

PortuGOAL podcast: Porto crisis, a new cycle in Portuguese football?

Coaching merry-go-round, Sporting youth and Benfica

paulo-fonseca-pinto-da-costa.jpgIn a bumper podcast PortuGOAL takes an in-depth look at the crisis at FC Porto. Or is it really a crisis? Vasco Mota Pereira and Tom Kundert analyse the situation at the Dragão. We also discuss the goings-on at Braga and Paços de Ferreira, Sporting's youth and Benfica's impressive run before asking: is Portuguese football entering a new cycle?

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Comments (4)
My Thoughts
4 Thursday, 27 February 2014 17:21
Nice PodCast.

I would like to disagree with the notion that the league is stronger.
Yes, Sporting seems to be back, and finishing second would be huge for them. It guarantees CL Group Stage money, which could help with transfers.
I really feel that this offseason will be critical for Sporting. I may have deep rooted loathing for them, but Portugal needs them on the European stage.
I agree with some that Porto has been declining, yet they've won the league. They would be the strongest club the league has to make it through the CL qualifiers.
Let's hope we can get three Portuguese clubs into the CL Group Stages.

As for the rest of the league, it's an inconsistent mess.
Guimaraes, is horribly run. They have the 4th biggest fan base, yet the people that run the club are completely incompetent.
Braga has failed miserably to take advantage of the European run. And by that I don't mean go into hefty debt.
Just because Setubal has remained in the league for years, it doesn't mean they are stronger. That club is run horribly and if it ever did go down, they would probably go the way of Estrela.
Nacional has horrible attendance numbers, which frankly could be said about most of the league.
Hopefully Estoril can build slowly, so it can contend consistently.
Belem's goal is just to stay up and hopefully be a bit better next season.
Boavista is being promoted from the outer reaches of teh futebol world. Maybe they should earn their way in, through the proper promoting way. Please don;t tell me they were wronged.Even if that was the case, they don't have the means to be successful. Love the kit and loyal fan base, but let's do it right.

We're all fans of Portuguese futebol and follow the league, but let's remain realistic.
Best podcast yet
3 Thursday, 27 February 2014 04:59
Great job fellas. You went through such a wide range of items, it was really entertaining and edifying. Your discussion on Portuguese teams using Portuguese players exclusively as well as the topic of wage structure was really educating. Tom, I don't think Nani was the worst paid player at Man U.

In fact, I recall that he moved into the top tier of salary for 2 reasons: 1. he was thought of as the next Ronaldo, and essentially joined the starting line-up
2. his salary reflected his 25.5 million euro price tag.

I tend to agree with Vasco on this issue, which is to say, Portuguese clubs undervalue and underpay their Portuguese talent compared to foreigners. I hope this changes.

On the issue of Paulo Fonseca, Vasco, I love your mind and tactical knowledge, but I must say, you are crazy on this one. If Paulo Fonseca stays, there will be riots in Porto. And, there is a very real chance Estoril can catch up to 3rd, based on their form. I agree with Tom that it's time to get a new guy in to at least salvage the player's psyche since they are all lost under PF.

On Braga, tough to see Jesualdo out, but where he was great at developing players, he was always a bit light tactically. It cost him at Porto and now at Braga as well. Still a very good coach though.

Finally, as much as I have criticized JJ for being a poor coach in the past, he has really gotten results this season and deserves plaudits. I still don't think he's the greatest coach, but he has evolved this year.

Also, Tom, the reason I loved this podcast was because you expressed your views and knowledge more than usual. You and Vasco were excellent playing off each other. Well done to you both.

The League is Better
2 Thursday, 27 February 2014 01:08
I posted this in the porto article: I think we should stop talking about how bad porto are, and think that maybe the rest of the league is better. This year the big 3 are in the top 3, as they should be. Sporting havent been this good in years. Also, we have now established a secondary group of teams with great structure from top to bottom and young talent: estoril, braga, nacional, guimaraes, maritimo. Then there are teams that have been in the league consistently over the past 10 years: rio ave, setubal, academica, olhanense. And also, this year, Belenenses is back in the league and boa vista will join next year. Those are the 2 teams that have won the liga, and they have great fan bases who want to see them win. So really, i think this is more of the league catching up to porto. Other teams in the league have figured out the formula of getting young players, and letting them play, while i think Benfica have gone a step further, and developed young players, and have been able to keep a few core players to make the team consistent every year.
1 Wednesday, 26 February 2014 21:12
Interesting conversation and topics, chaps! A few thoughts of mine: firstly just to correct, Porto haven't dominated Portuguese football "for 3 decades" as was mentioned. Only from around 1996 or so did they really start to dominate (the Benfica team of the 80s and first half of the 90s was just as good). So yes it has been a long time that they've dominated, but just not as long as was suggested.

Secondly I agree with Vasco that this is too early to call Porto "in crisis". They've been going through a very rough patch of late due to a rookie manager with no experience of the pressure that comes with needing to win all the time, and of course losing 2 very key players in the summer that were simply not replaced.

As a Benfica fan I would love it if Vasco's comment that "the title is all but lost for Porto" were definitely true, but again I think it's too early to say that. 7 points is quite a big gap but there are still many matches to be played. Most Benfiquistas are not getting carried away after what's happened in the last few seasons, and the team has to keep it's focus right until the end of the season this time. In my opinion we have the best squad in Portugal for the 3rd straight season, and hopefully we make it count this time.

As for a new cycle emerging, I agree with that idea. Porto won the last 3 titles but only the first one with AVB were they really the best team in Portugal imo, the last 2 seasons SLB had the strongest team but blew it in the end both times. However I like the direction my club has been going in, going for stability and continuity which is always good for the long run. Sporting also are going back to what they've been good at in the past, investing in youth and their academy, and this season already they've been a big improvement. So in short I seriously doubt Porto is going to be as dominant in the coming seasons, and to have the big 3 all as major contenders for titles can only be a good thing for our Liga.

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