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Wednesday, 12 February 2014 17:02

PortuGOAL podcast: Impressive Benfica sweep aside Sporting in Lisbon derby

Why is the brilliant Enzo Peréz transfer rumour free?

Enzo Pérez.jpegIn today's PortuGOAL podcast Vasco Mota Pereira and Tom Kundert analyse Benfica's ruthless dispatching of Sporting in the Lisbon derby on Tuesday night, we wax lyrical about Enzo Peréz and we ask: can anyone stop Benfica lifting the 2013/14 championship title?

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Comments (2)
@Mdot - Taça da Liga controversy
2 Friday, 14 February 2014 09:16
Tom Kundert / Lisbon
Hey Mdot,

I would be very surprised if Porto were kicked out. I expect the punishment to be a hefty fine and a "Don't do it again" warning.

Good podcast
1 Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:44
I think it's fair to say this was an easy match to review since it was clearly one sided with no controversial matters to debate. As a Benfica fan, based on the last few seasons I'll hold off on the title parade until the end of the season however I agree we are not only picking up momentum at a key part of the season but our two main opponents seem to be slowing down in their quality. That can all change, especially given that we are still fighting on 4 fronts.

I'll add something to your comments on Enzo, he's not only a quality player, he has nothing but passion when he plays. He's showed it all last season and this season that every game matters. It's rare to see a foreign player have so much emotion for one of our clubs and hopefully Benfica can capitalize on the lack of media coverage on him to sign him up for a longer period of time.

On a side note I would be curious to hear Tom's and Vasco's Sporting perspective on the League cup controversy of Porto being found guilty of purposely delaying their game. Supposedly by next week we should know if Benfica will face Sporting or Porto in the semi's. Do you think they will follow the ruling's recommendation of kicking Porto out of the tournament or do you think they will get a slap on the hand?

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