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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 15:55

PortuGOAL podcast: Quaresma, Lucho González, Matic on the move

How will transfer market activity affect Portugal's top teams?

matic.jpgQuaresma040106.jpglucho-porto-celebrations-20120331.jpgIn the latest PortuGOAL podcast we discuss how the transfer activity this January - namely Lucho González's departure and Ricardo Quaresma's entrance at Porto, and Matic's departure from Benfica - will affect the rest of the season for Portugal's top clubs.

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Comments (10)
10 Saturday, 01 February 2014 15:00
I remember quaresma playing at national team and he was awful to the point they stop selecting him.
Nani, thinks to highly of himself, the moment he said his soccer playing was way above any Portuguese team,i only have one question why is he still one our national team??? after all he has been a bench warmer for a while now.

To this I would only add Nelson Oliveira, the first 2 (have beens or almost have) last one will never be!!
More thoughts
9 Saturday, 01 February 2014 10:51
@Steve and Jon: putting Coentrao on the wing is a thought I've also had, particularly if we played with a proper number 10 offensive midfielder like Danny for example. This could have it's advantages as Antunes could hold his own at left back. However as Jon points out, Coentrao is best at left back and him and CR7 work well together down that left flank, so I don't see this happening.

I've always been a fan of Quaresma. He never realised his big potential and it seemed his career was over in the last couple of seasons, but he is a player with unique talent and skills. If he can make an impact for the remainder of this season, then a place in the Selecao squad is possible. Nani has been out of form for some time now and didn't leave Man United this January, which probably would've benefited him and the Selecao. While Bruma's injury means it's good for the Selecao to have some alternatives on the flanks. Pizzi and Vierinha are also options. All will depend on how these players perform for the remainder of the season, before we see who makes the cut for the WC squad.
8 Saturday, 01 February 2014 04:34

Yeah agree all valid points... Plus I guess moving a player who performs well in a role (Coentrao at left back) to a new one would be a risk.

I guess my biggest worry is that history has shown that Quaresma has been a huge dissappointment, liability, lacked consistancy etc. wherever he has gone throughout his career with the exception of Porto of course.

But then again who knows where his head is at now. Maybe playing in the middle of no where has allowed him to mature or grow up and reflect on his life and possibly fix some of his faults and flaws in his game but it is a big gamble and i'd be nervous watching the seleccao start this guy on the wing as you just don't know who'll turn up
@ Steve
7 Friday, 31 January 2014 13:00
While Coentrao can certainly play on the wings, he is far more effective at left-back. He doesn't have the technical quality or dribbling ability to play well on the wings against quality opposition. His main assets (Stamina, Pace, Tenacity, etc) make him a fantastic attack-minded left-back.

Look back at his time at Benfica. He was nothing more than an energetic, above-average winger (and back-up to Di Maria) during the first few weeks of the season, but he quickly blossomed into a world-class player when JJ converted him to a left-back.

Moving Coentrao to the left wing would also force Ronaldo to play more on the right where he is less effective.
Move Coentrao to left wing
6 Friday, 31 January 2014 09:21
In my opinion the current best option if Vieirinha stays injured. Coentrao started his career there so why not... plus despite the fact he doesn't play much at Real, he is extremely consitant and reliable for the Seleccao and additionally is a big game player. He has a massive engine and decent skills and pace and would be extremely helpful against stronger opposition

Antunes or someone else could then play left back?

5 Wednesday, 29 January 2014 22:56
Jon, thank you for agreeing about Quaresma.
One of the frustrating things is when people continue pointing to "potential" and "if he puts it together" or even "when he's at his best" comments.
Please understand that I'm not writing people off. It's just that players are what they are at the moment.
People need to stop thinking of Quaresma as having potential. By the way, was Quaresma ever truly "world class"? Yes Barca wanted him, but what exactly did he do there? Or at Inter? Chelsea?
Jon that's where we disagree on Nani as well. Nani hasn't been "world class" for a while now. He could get back there, but by all accounts he might not even have the opportunity to do so before the World Cup.

Our Selecao needs an overhaul at key positions, unfortunately there isn't time.
4 Wednesday, 29 January 2014 22:25
I've got to agree with NJ regarding Quaresma. O Cigano has always been blessed with plenty of talent, but he is also one of the most selfish, immature, inconsistent players I have ever seen. I've seen him play a couple of times for Porto this season and though he has been doing rather well, we must also acknowledge that these decent performances have been against mediocre opponents (he was useless against Benfica).

The fact that he is being considered for the national team speaks to the lack of depth we have at the moment.

Let's take a look at our current options on the wings:

Ronaldo: One of the all time greats

Nani: Very inconsistent, but world-class when he's on.

Varela: Above-average impact player, but a significant drop in quality from Ronaldo and Nani.

Vieirinha: Currently injured so he'll probably miss out on the WC. Nevertheless, when fit, he's not an upgrade from Varela.

Bruma: Ruled out by injury. It's a shame since he could have been a valuable impact player off the bench. Definitely one for the future.

Pizzi: talented, versatile, but not getting enough playing time at Espanyol.

Danny: Could be a very valuable asset off the bench, but he is more of a second-striker/#10 than a winger. Best when played centrally.

Quaresma: Talented, but way past his prime and extremely inconsistent.

Rafa Silva: Another bright young talent, but I'm not sure if he's ready to make the step up to the senior national team.

With the injuries to guys like Bruma and Vieirinha, Quaremsa could make the squad, but I doubt it'll happen.

Barring injury, Bento will most likely select Ronaldo, Nani, Varela, and Danny.
3 Wednesday, 29 January 2014 14:28
Good work, as always gents. I think Lucho is a loss bc he was one of our best players. However, as Vasco pointed out, he was completely misused by PF.

If Quaresma can prove he is well conditioned and hungry, I see no issue with him being in Brazil. I disagree with NJ on how this highlights a lack of talent. Rather, it might signal one of the best wingers in the world plying his trade well at the only club that ever truly got the best out of him. Selection is about "who's hot" as much as it is about talent.

We know he's got the talent, if he's on fire and proving his worth, I take no issue with him being on Seleccao. But if Bento is willing to do that, he must also be willing to overhaul midfield, specifically, Meireles.

On the issue of Matic, sad to see him leave our league but he was also not the same player he had been last year. I think Benfica actually did well in selling him now since his form had dropped off slightly. The sale of Andre Gomes is where I think they made a real mistake. Gomes has shown he is a real gem, and let's face it, JJ is anti-Portuguese (sorry Benfas, you know it's true), did him no favours.

I hope Mendes at least sells him to a good league and team where he can start. I don't want to see him at Monaco, but if he went to England, maybe a manager like B. Rodgers would be good for him (although Ilori has been largely unused).

Finally, may I make a suggestion for the next podcast? I would really like to learn more about some of the little details about the Liga. For example, how does travel to and from the island affect the Madeirense teams? Which coach who is still active has been coaching the longest? Maybe some stories about the special characters of certain lesser-known stadia (o Restelo, for example). Who is Jorge Jesus' hairdresser? Just some tidbits that only journalists will know about, behind the scenes.

Just an idea.

Some thoughts
2 Wednesday, 29 January 2014 13:11
For me, just having the thought of Quaresma being relevant come Brazil, goes to show and accent the weakness of our Selecao.
Nani hasn't played well and is supposedly injured. Varela is more of a part time player. All other options are old, injured or not getting regular playing time with clubs.
My opinion is that Quaresma has a lot to prove, very quickly, at Porto, but sadly that may not even be necessary.

Matic is exactly the type of player Mourinho loves. He has good vision, is good on the ball and passes well. When needed he's able to use his size well, to go along with good tackling. Period.
This will allow Mourinho to put Luis at CB and send Terry to the bench. I still feel Luis is too reckless for Mourinho's taste, but maybe he'll settle down.

Lastly, I do feel that the loss of Lucho could really hurt Porto. They got a nice chunk of change for an older player, but he brought more to that squad than just his skills. I think they'll miss his leadership a great deal.
That being said, if he was contradicting the manager, which we didn't hear any of, then it made sense.

Let me add that Carvalho has come in line a bull in a china shop, at Sporting. Frankly I think that the club and fan base needed something like that. But let's be frank, some of his dealings were/are a bit naive, and the constant bickering is starting to fall on deaf ears, no?
Quaresma is better than Nani
1 Wednesday, 29 January 2014 05:41
Great podcast guys. Even though this is not a popular opinion, I think Quaresma is and always has been a better player. He's more of a team player, Portugal always play well with Cristiano and Quaresma together, and his crossing is sublime.

Matic is already playing incredibly for Chelsea, he steals practically every ball, and is precisely the exact player that Real Madrid need.

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