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Monday, 17 January 2011 15:32

PAOK’s Vieirinha ignores transfer speculation after another wonder goal

Video of latest strike

Having scored another spectacular long-range goal for PAOK in their weekend victory over Olympiakos Volos, Portuguese star Vieirinha admits that he is reaping the benefits of extra work on the training ground.

Vieirinha’s impressive strike in his team’s 3-0 victory was his 8th of the season in all competitions, already surpassing his total of seven from last term. Having found the net from distance on a few occasions already this season, the former Porto man admits it has been a conscious effort on his part to improve his shooting.

“The difference is this year I’m setting new targets and so I’m trying to score more with long-range shots,” he said. “Compared to last year I have improved my accuracy, I’ve worked hard and I want to keep improving.

“PAOK was the better team and have more quality players, but in some games you also need a little luck and that was on our side in this match. PAOK had to win the game, had to get three points and we managed it.”

Voted PAOK’s Player of the Year last term, Vieirinha’s improving performances have led to rumours that he may move on to a bigger club in the near future. However, with a €15m buyout clause and two-and-a-half years left on his current contract, it appears unlikely that PAOK will give up their prized asset easily, and Vieirinha refuses to be distracted by the press speculation.

“I do not want to say anything about this. They are questions for the clubs concerned and the board. I am a PAOK player and I want to help my team. I have seen the papers but nobody has spoken to me. I remain focused on my team and my responsibilities.

“The team is in all competitions. We are still in the Europa League and the cup and are in a high position in the league. We want to go as far as possible in Europe and get to the final of the cup and finish the league as well as possible. Unfortunately, first place is quite far away but we want to continue to perform well and win so we can secure a good place in the play-offs.”

By Sean Gillen

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Comments (19)
19 Wednesday, 09 February 2011 22:43
ask plc defenders of Ajax, Fener, Villareal, Dinamo etc... about Vieirinha
not exactly
18 Tuesday, 08 February 2011 22:34
Ill name 5 portuguese wingers better than him. Coentrao Varela Quaresma Ronaldo Nani Danny...theres 6 lol very easy...I know you love your team and league but please be honest with yourself the greek league is average at best. The same thing can be said for vierinha.
any better winger?
17 Tuesday, 08 February 2011 22:09
3M? should be kidding!!! he will be sold for more than 10M in May! name plZ 5 wingers better than him...
Best Winger
16 Tuesday, 08 February 2011 22:03
Guys .. Vieirinha is by far one of the top 5 wingers in Europe who combines top speed with technique, ability to pass and score and 90 mins non stop running with hard pressing to the opposite players. Hope to see him in Portugal National Team while playing for Paok FC.
15 Tuesday, 25 January 2011 22:43
This guy plays with so much passion for PAOK, I hope he stays/a big team realises the 15 mil price tag is well worth it, as much as PAOK would miss him, they wouldnt complain about the immense income for new talent!.. A call up is definately in the books, was dissapointed not to see him in the world cup!
Vierinha Jury Still Out
14 Wednesday, 19 January 2011 06:24
This guy was another of the promising players who did not deliver earlier in his career. Nice to see improvement but not convinced he can play in a big time league. He gets taken off the ball too easy. I hope he becomes something because it is good for Portugal. He may want to get a soccer name that is more catchy.
13 Wednesday, 19 January 2011 04:37
He is a poor man's Quaresma.
12 Tuesday, 18 January 2011 12:34
Vieirinha has everything as a winger...Everything...Apart from Ronaldo he is the best portoguese winger by far...His only weak spot is that sometimes he seems to get bored in the match...But still his quality is definite.
Quaresma covered
11 Tuesday, 18 January 2011 06:34
Adam, Im a big Quaresma fan too but dont know why you complain always about the site for not talking of him. Are you his brother! All the news on is on the Besiktas page http://www.portugoal.net/index.php/portuguese-abroad/turkey/besiktas I think they missed one goal only all season. RQ7 is the idol of Besiktas fans and now he has more friends on the team he will be even better. Be careful Nani. RQ7 is looking for your place on NT!!!
@ adam
10 Tuesday, 18 January 2011 02:07
you do know rq7 has one goal since august right?
9 Tuesday, 18 January 2011 01:31
It's annoying that this site posts every goal by Vierinha but none of the amazing goals this year by Quaresma...is Quaresma not Portuguese???
8 Monday, 17 January 2011 22:12
he is a very good player , he deserves to be in some of the top teams in europe. scouters move while you still can .....
7 Monday, 17 January 2011 22:03
mediocre player has only ads!
6 Monday, 17 January 2011 21:20
I hope he has a better future cause from what I see hes wicked!
5 Monday, 17 January 2011 20:46
Vierinha stay PAOK forever!
4 Monday, 17 January 2011 19:59
Good player, but 15M euros NOOOOOO.
More like 3M
3 Monday, 17 January 2011 19:49
I hope he stays FOREVER in Thessaloniki.. PAOK FC ! !
2 Monday, 17 January 2011 17:23
Vieirinha might be better than Nani! anyways I hope he moves to a bigger club and gets a call from the national team cause he deserves it.
Top class
1 Monday, 17 January 2011 16:22
He continues to progress and I hope he gets a big contract at a big club. Good luck!

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