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Friday, 05 March 2010 18:34

Pacos aim to "chop" Benfica down

Morais asks for maximum concentration from players

ulisses-morais.jpgPacos de Ferreira will travel to the Estadio da Luz to take on Benfica and are riding a crest of a wave of confidence as the Mata Real side have not smelled defeat in the championhsip since their loss to Braga back in December.

The pacense have been in scintillaing form since that loss, having won three and drawn three of their last six domestic challenges. Also, the team have not come away empty-handed on the road since going down to Naval two weeks prior to the Braga defeat.

Ulisses Morais has whipped Pacos into shape after an indifferent start to the season and is relying on what has made his side so successful to try an come away with a positive result against high-flying Benfica.

"You don't question the merit, nor the capabilities, of who is in first place because it is always who is best," explained Morais. "It is unquestionable that Benfica have excellent merit, but our obligation is to do the best that we can within our limits and diminish the difference between the two teams - with efficiency, concentration, motivation and luck, if possible."

Pacos currently sit in sixth place in the table and are within reach of a European berth, but Morais does not want his team to get ahead of themselves as he wants his pupils to focus squarely on their upcoming match against Benfica.

"It is not because there is lack of ambition to think about the Europa League as an objective, but we have a huge forest to overcome and Benfica is our next tree."

by Marco Pereira

Comments (7)
7 Sunday, 07 March 2010 03:45
to olivar , r you just mad b/c benfica whooprd hertha asss
6 Saturday, 06 March 2010 19:07
Karl, I'm not sure if you mistaking Porto for Benfica? Benfica has 14 goals and allowed 3 in the last 5 games. I'm not too worried about this upcoming game. We're now looking at Braga and Benfica fighting for 1 & 2. There is very little chance that Benfica or Braga will loss 4 out of 9 games at this point.

I do feel bad for Olhanense, they blew that 2 goal lead but at the same time I am surprised what they pulled off. It's great to finally have a team from the south that is going to be able to stay past 1 year in the first division. The south has the population to support a big 3 type club and it would be great to see a team from thier grow as it would help Portuguese football.
5 Saturday, 06 March 2010 13:50
Benfica have struggled as of late in the league... A 4-0 win over poor teams like Hertha and Leixoes only covers the cracks that were seen in games against Setubal and Belenenses... Pacos have been a difficult team for Benfica to overcome this season and last... I still think Benfica will win but not by any great margin. Di Maria may be scoring goals but his form of late has been very on off. Depends whether he decides to show up or not...
Should be a good game
4 Saturday, 06 March 2010 12:41
Understand some people may think Pacos can do it since Porto couldn't beat them away or at home this season LOL. Last time Benfica played away and won 3-1. Should be a good match since its at home but it wont be much of a problem for Benfica. I would think that the B squad is a good idea to keep the team freash for Europe.
go pacos go!
3 Saturday, 06 March 2010 03:25
ooooooooooooooo yeaaaaa
Keep it simple
2 Friday, 05 March 2010 23:35
I hope they keep it simple. Should be a good game to keep testing out these new kids they picked up during the winter window. Main focus should be keeping the main players healthy so that they get a big win over Marseille during the week.
1 Friday, 05 March 2010 22:29
The only thing that will be choped in this match is Pacos's six game undeafted streak lol...

Forca Benfica

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