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Sunday, 20 June 2010 20:29

Kaka sent off as Brazil sweep aside Ivory Coast

Brazil 3-1 Ivory Coast

Five-time world champions Brazil became the first team to qualify from Group G after a convincing victory over Ivory Coast in Johannesburg this evening.

A brace from Luis Fabiano and another goal for Elano gave the South Americans a comfortable win over Sven-Goran Eriksson’s side. The South Americans controlled the vast majority of proceedings, with Ivory Coast again setting out to defend deep and contain their opponents, much as they did in the first half against Portugal last Tuesday.

However, the Elephants did not fair nearly as well against the firepower of Brazil. Fabiano opened the scoring with a superb finish (25) and the former Porto striker doubled his team’s advantage with an individual goal five minutes into the second period. It threatened to get embarrassing for the West Africans when Elano converted Kaka’s cross to make it 3-0 with just over an hour played.

The Ivorians showed some fighting spirit during the last fifteen minutes and Didier Drogba registered a late consolation, but the closing stages descended into a constant stream of poor challenges and scuffles. One such incident resulted in Kaka being harshly shown a second yellow card after a seemingly innocuous collisions with Kader Keita, who appeared to deliberately earn the Brazilian a second caution.

The result means that Portugal need four points from their final two matches to be sure of qualification. A win against North Korea tomorrow would leave the Seleccao requiring a draw when they take on Brazil in the final match of the group phase.

Kaka's red card results in him being suspended for the clash, meaning the Ivorians’ apparent gamesmanship in order to see him dismissed will, in fact, benefit the Seleccao when the group is decided on Friday. Elano also went off with what looked a bad knock after a poor challenge, possibly putting his participation in doubt.

By Sean Gillen

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Comments (14)
Thanks Ivory Coast
14 Monday, 21 June 2010 10:11
It was truly a disgusting game with the Ivorian's & Brazilian's cheating like crazy.

Add to that the continued cheating of Italy and the WC has a big black eye..

Ivory coast was continuing their dirty tactics.. foot stomping.. and hard fouls so they can get a reaction like they did with CR resulting in cards..

Contrary to what Mattheiro was saying.. truth is Brazil would love to give their colonial masters an ass whupping.. especially on this stage.. in front of the masses.
Also if Dunga & CQ met that would be very serious as the bookmakers that offer odds on this sport would freak and it would lead to legal action and possibly jail time.

With all that said Sup Gino has it straight..

Ivory Coast did us a favour because their behaviour might just lead to a favourable result. All their dirty tactics, including getting Kaka sent off, means a draw makes for an extremely pleasureable result for Brazil. They can still point to their 6-2 demolition of us in the last match and beem in happiness to see the axe fall on those douches from the Cockes D'Ivoire.

In the World Cup like Italy with their simulated 4 World Cups you need all the favourable results you can get to win it, and lets face facts. Unless we get a few Italian Jobs.. Quieroz's inability will have us out in the first round.
Kaka off Not a Bad Thing for Brazil
13 Monday, 21 June 2010 00:01
Kaka had a yellow prior to the second that sent him off. In a way it helps Brazil because if Kaka had not gotten 2nd yellow he would have been playing with 1 yellow and 2nd would mean missing the subsequent game if Brazil continued to advance. Once Brazil gets to the round of 16 they have Kaka with no yellow cards.

Also, keep in mind that the 1st place team out of this group could play Spain depending on what happens in Spain's group.
If Spain do not get first in their group then 1st in Portugal's group will get likely get Spain.

I don't think Dunga is going to give the game away on Friday as there will be hungary reserves wanting to show their merit.

Bottom line is Portugal needs to control their destiny (I use this in a sporting sense -- had a reader tell me it is invalid to use in a another post). Win 3-0 against NK and we are in good shape with no gaurantees but a better outlook on Friday.

We'll see if all the talk of confidence and good performance is talk or action? I'm hopeful of a good performance but the balance on this team is poor (too much defensive selections and few offensive) but we go with what we have. Simao or Danny will need to pick up their performance to help keep the pressure off CR. I hope Pepe is ready to play and PLEASE PLAY MIGUEL.
12 Sunday, 20 June 2010 22:26
Justin from Rochester, i'd be ashamed if Portugal went on through due to "portuguese friendship".... i'd prefer Portugal lose honorably even if it meant not going on to the next round.... that said, Portugal shouldn't expect any favours from Brazil and will have to play their best game of the group stage in order to get the result needed....
FIFA refs are the worse
11 Sunday, 20 June 2010 22:25
First, did anyone see the handball by Luis Fabiano not once BUT twice!! And then Kaka gets sent off for what????....

Portugal need to score more than 2 goals or more WITHOUT conceding any goals from N.Korea....or else it's over..PERIOD!
Makes me sick
10 Sunday, 20 June 2010 22:00
Some of these comments i am seeing are making me sick.. maybe Brazil will allow a draw, maybe both teams should take it easy and play for a draw.


No we have to beat Korea and we have to beat Brazil!
What kind of third ranked team plays for a draw?
You think Brazil cares if Portugal doesn't make it past the group? I doubt it if they cared they wouldn't of embarrassed us 6-2 last time we played each other. Trust me Brazilians don't give a crap what happens to Portugal....

So we have to play for the win against both teams because Draws don't count in the knockout stages.

I am also sad to hear that Kaka isn't playing against Portugal because to be the best we got to beat the best.

Also Its time this team gets the balls to kick our opponents in the ass.

But think of it this way if we tie Korea and fail to advance out of the group stages then CQ prob will get fired and If we get Destroyed By Brazil than hes for sure gone.

But like always i am behind my second country no matter what happens all I want for this team is TO WIN!

Forca Portugal Sempre
Refereeing as expected
9 Sunday, 20 June 2010 21:53
I'm so glad that this tournament hasn't changed much from last tournament. The refereeing is still a disgrace, & Im still instructing Refs to look after Italy.
I'm also ignoring all dives and handballs, except if the teams are ****.

please elect me a further term
8 Sunday, 20 June 2010 21:42
I was routing Brazil but in all fairness, Fabiano's 2nd was controlled by hand and Keita purposely faked to get Kaka sent off.

This might be good for us but I'm not happy Kaka is off. It calms the hype for a very entertaining match. CR vs Kaka. Ivory Coast players have no respect and were complete sore losers to end the match they way they did.

In retaliation, Brazil just might purposely tie us to avenge for Kaka's loss and send those assholes on their way. I really hope they do so.

We just need to focus on Korea DPR.. hopefully take a 3-0 or more. We'll be fine.
Ivory Coast Disgrace!
7 Sunday, 20 June 2010 21:31
The IC player that faked a shot to the face from Kaka should be banned as well as the idiot ref that yellow carded Kaka.When will FIFA get some decent refs?
good result for Portugal
6 Sunday, 20 June 2010 21:09
A win tomorrow by two or more goals means Ivory coast would need to score 4+ goals even if we lose to Brazil, and if we tie or win, we are through no matter what!!!

Lets just believe that our final third will start clicking tomorrow!
N Korea
5 Sunday, 20 June 2010 21:04
Portugal need to show well and beat N Korea. Everything that happened today appears to hep Portugal cause, but without 3 points tomorrow it doesn't matter.

0-0 or 1-1 does Portugal no good.

A little crazy but it is certainly possible.
4 Sunday, 20 June 2010 20:59
This could help so much all portugal need is a win tomorrow and tie against brazil. This is my reasoning, Brazil and portugal could just settle for a draw instead of beating each other up the final game just get by. Brazil takes first we take 2nd with 5 points and they have 7. I can't see why that would not be the favorable outcome. Am I wrong to think that maybe some portuguese friendship could occur and let the teams rest a little bit and just stay sharp and play a little less intensely. I would not be surprised at all if that was the mindset going in to that game. Who is going to stop Dunga and CQ from speaking to each other and coming to an agreement. I know that what I am saying is a little Hollywood movie like but in all honesty I could see it happening. I don't think brazil is afraid of spain or any of those teams and most likely us coming in second would mean a meeting with spain unless the swiss win their next two games.
More motivation to get a win tomorrow
3 Sunday, 20 June 2010 20:50
A Win tomorrow and a draw against Brasil, that will do it!


forca Portugal!
Brazil vs Ivory Coast
2 Sunday, 20 June 2010 20:49
It was a pretty good game to watch but the only thing that bothered me in this match was the fact that Brazil left Drogba unmarked I would of been pleased if they shut them out but denying Ivory Coast points was good. I wasn't surprised how dirty Ivory Coast was today kind of what they were against Portugal, they were very cheeky to get Kaka sent off but Brazil might appeal the decision to FIFA and Elano injuried. This might of been a good result for Brazil but left a few Brazilians unhappy.

Let's Go Portugal let's score some goals and win!
1 Sunday, 20 June 2010 20:37
couldn't ask for more. i cannot believe ivory coast were stupid enough to get kaka sent off. thanks guys! FORCA PORTUGAL!

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