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Saturday, 12 June 2010 20:50

We're mentally stronger than Brazil - Hak

Midfielder continues to provoke adversaries

an-yong-hak.jpgNorth Korea are definitely taking the fight to their opponents, in the press anyway, as An Yong Hak has claimed that the Asian side have stronger attribtues than the five-time world champions Brazil.

Just the other day Hak had stated that North Korea were looking to avenge the 1966 quarter-final loss to Portugal. Now the player has gone further and professed that North Korea have greater character than fellow Group G opponents Brazil.

"Our mentality for victory, strong organisational prowess and the ability to fight unified - these attributes are much more present in us than the Brazil team, I think," said Hak to SuperSport TV. "We're grouped with Brazil, Portugal and the Ivory Coast, but we will do our best, with our strong mentality and organisational power, in order to bring good news to the people of our country."

"We know that all the players on the Brazil team are famous and that they are strongest team in the world. It doesn't appear that they have any weaknesses. Our chances may not be the greatest, but we can't say that there is no chance at all."

by Marco Pereira

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Ricardo - the truly great don't laugh, they respect their opponents
7 Sunday, 13 June 2010 12:05
If the world cup was played on paper Portugal would beat the Koreans easily ... and Brazil would win every time.

But of course, the games are played on the field. Never underestimate a VERY motivated opponent.

Need I remind the Portuguese fans of collapses against "weaker" sides within the last 10 years:
Greece - TWICE
USA - 2002
Korea - 2002
Denmark - AT HOME

Although the Koreans are inferior (on paper), Portugal should be very careful - it may be the most difficult game of the three!

Forca Portugal ...
let this talk happen
6 Sunday, 13 June 2010 03:58
i think its not a big deal to talk big..u can talk..but u need to prove it on the pitch.
pscyhological attack is normal..football is just a game..not a war. so i think,u talk big about your ability in sport..than u should prove the ability in sport u had.
let alone this guy.
fire up your sport spirit..
forca portugal..
agree with Nathan
5 Saturday, 12 June 2010 22:59
We can score 10 goals against N. Korea if our finishing is good, but we do have a tendancy to treat poor teams with no respect. N.Korea will park the bus throughout the game and we do have trouble agaisnt teams that employ this tactic. However, if we take it seriously, we should get a comfortable win. We will probably have 30 shots, but I think that we will win 3-0. The seleccao has a great team that can get 9 points in this group if they play to their potential.

My predictions

We will beat the Ivory Coast 3-1

We will beat N.Korea 3-0

We will beat Brazil 1-0

FORCA PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 Saturday, 12 June 2010 22:41
this guy hak is a retart, portugal and brazil are gonna rip these korean guys a new one, north korea SUCKS!!!! put that in your pipe and smoke it hak!!
Trash Talk
3 Saturday, 12 June 2010 21:52
I love all the trash talk from the North Koreans. It just shows how afraid they are of the teams in their group. Every team except for Portugal seems to be talking...Brazil about the brazilian players on Portugal...Ivory Coast and Drogba, will he play, will he not play, senseless mind games. Portugal is focused and is going to take this group. FORCA PORTUGAL!
I hope CQ is listening
2 Saturday, 12 June 2010 21:20
Although this empty trash-talk is not likely to do any good, I do hope CQ is taking note of the amount of resolve North Korea has to get at least some kind of result. I think Brazil are going to annihilate North Korea on Tuesday, but it is actually us that the Koreans want to beat the most.

We need to go at these guys hard from start to finish. I've seen them play and the only decent results they have come up with (in my opinion) were the 2-2 draw with Greece (who looked EXTREMELY poor today) and a 1-0 loss to Paraguay, where they somehow managed to hold the South Americans until the very end of the game when they conceded a penalty.

These guys are not just beatable. They are ripe for destruction. Their boastful talk only makes things worse in my opinion. Nigeria beat them 3-1 in their last friendly and I think we will beat them 4-0 if we take them seriously and take care of business.
korea mentally stronger than Brazil
1 Saturday, 12 June 2010 21:12

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