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Friday, 22 November 2013 17:41

Opinion: A Man of Gold

Ronaldo conquering the world

ronaldo-captain-20131115.jpgThe astonishing performance by Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo against Sweden on Tuesday has resonated all over the globe. Leading Saudi Arabian newspaper Arreydai published the following article yesterday, and contacted PortuGOAL to ask for an English version of it to be reproduced. We are happy to oblige.

A Man of Gold
Is it necessary for a player to win the Ballon d’Or award to become a hero and sit on the throne of titans? The answer might be "yes", but the fabulous Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo convinced us that "no" can also be a correct answer.

This Portuguese who runs with the speed of a bullet, and jumps as if his head could kiss the peak of a mountain, can escape from the shackles of any defence as water flows through the palm of a hand. He has achieved everything this year, as the numbers show. He is the number one, so kids can learn to sing thus in their schools: Ronaldo, two, three, four, five…

He told reporters yesterday that records are made to be broken. That’s why he continues to break all the records, one by one, as if he is throwing a glass bottle on a solid rock. He breaks a record, and never takes a photo for memory’s sake, like winners usually do, because he directly takes the road to break another one… and another one.

Ronaldo scored his 47th goal for Portugal to become the top scorer for his national team, alongside Pauleta. A crazy hat-trick allowed him to stand on the platform of pride, and he will go on with his journey, tilling all fields with his magic, as he needs one more goal to stand alone on this platform.

So, let us read the question another time: Is it necessary for a player to win the Ballon d’Or to become a hero and sit on the throne of titans? We can use Ronaldo’s answers, as he replies to all questions on the pitch. Let us ask then another question: What is better? Winning the Ballon D’Or or going with your people to the World Cup? The answer is simple… For a great king, he answered without using words into microphones… He answered on the pitch against Sweden. He is taking his people to Brazil, and he will try there to bring gold for his people. Can he?

Ask the records broken under his feet, and listen to the answers slowly. Here you can understand that a Ballon D’Or for Ronaldo is the one that takes its path to the goal, not the one to be put on his mantelpiece. That’s why when he was asked about it he replied: "I’m not obsessed with it."
arreyadi-sports-newspaper.jpgAhmad Al-Fuhaid (Arreydai Newspaper, Saudi Arabia)

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14 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:10
adebowale erukubami
bring my idol cr7
13 Monday, 02 December 2013 04:30
12 Monday, 25 November 2013 18:08
Great article full of some pretty interesting metaphors.

Now that we're on our way to Brazil, it's time for Bento to start fine-tuning the team. He should start plugging Eder, Josue, Carvalho and others into the team immediately. If we stick with the usual suspects, I don't doubt that we'll do an OK job, but if we really want to have a chance of surprising people and making a deep run, or who knows, maybe even winning the damn thing, Bento needs to address some key issues. Namely, ensure that we have an adequate replacement for Nani in the event he continues to get little to no PT for Man U (obviously he should be on the squad, but his starting spot should not be a given). Ensure that we start to work in, and try out, other strikers on a more regular basis because Postiga and Almeida simply wont cut it if we have any real intention of trying to win the WC. Start to work in replacements for Veloso and Meireles, such as Josue, Carvalho etc. Carvalho seems a shoe-in now that he's actually played for the NT, but we need others to step up for the future.

The Portugal team of the last Euro will not come close to winning the WC.
11 Monday, 25 November 2013 15:33
Fantastic read from a place which is not typically known for its football powers.

I wonder if all the negative press, the Sepp Blatter garbage is pushing people into the Ronaldo camp? People arent stupid and where it smells funny there is usually something rotten (Fifa). The only people who think the voting is fair are those who benefit from it. We all know the horrible hypocrisy that is the Fifa voting, its "American Idol" for footy players.

Through all this Ronaldo, continues to perform at an extraordinary level, game in game out, year in year out. It doesn’t matter how many goals, titles, assists, game winning goals he gets, Ronaldo is the most complete player on the planet and one of the top athletes on Earth! God bless him!!

2 things not associated with Ronaldo = HGH and Tax Evasion! How about that?
@ Steve
10 Sunday, 24 November 2013 23:22
Winnipeg / Canada
Thanks. Did not appreciate the cut-off date for the rankings.

Knowing Portugal's luck we will be in the group of death again with Brazil, United States and France.
9 Sunday, 24 November 2013 11:57
This is totally amazing. well written. I'm so happy that our Ronaldo has this influence in the arab world.
8 Sunday, 24 November 2013 05:52
Steve, I have watched and read allot on Marcus lopes. He is incredibly quick, great dribblers, great vision, and very brave with the ball. He also does something that very few of our other up and coming prospect do....he scores allot of goal. My only concern is he went to man city were opportunity will be slender.
Aguero, is a good comparison! Only time will tell, but the future looks good!!
@Winnipeg / Canada
7 Sunday, 24 November 2013 04:41
Hey 'Winnipeg / Canada',

The draw will be calculated as of the rankings in October (before the Sweden games) so we'll be in pot 4. If we had of beat Israel we would have probably been in the seeded pot as we dropped quite a few rankings and Switzerland went up quite a few.

Here are the pots(to the best of my knowledge)

Seeds (pot 1)Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Switzerland, Uruguay.

Pot 2: Japan, Australia, Iran, South Korea, Costa Rica, United States, Mexico, Honduras.

Pot 3: France*, Chile, Ecuador, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Ghana.

Pot 4: Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia.

France being the lowest ranked European team is put in the pot with the South Americans so it looks like they probably have a really tough draw.

Basically one team from each pot goes in a group so we'll have to face one team from pot 1, 2 and 3.

I'm hoping we get:

Switzerland from pot 1
Honduras from pot 2
Algeria from pot 3

I'm hoping to avoid

Brasil from pot 1
Mexico from pot 2
France and Chile from pot 3
Draw Question
6 Saturday, 23 November 2013 18:12
Winnipeg / Canada
Wrong spot to post this question but... Does anyone know if these 2 games against Sweden may actually have been a blessing for Portugal. Here's my thought. We (Portugal) currently sit at Rank 14 in the World Rankings (1036pts).

However with the 2 victories over Sweden we would move to 1172pts which would put us around Rank 6 !!! Won't that give us a better Draw for the World Cup?
Could be the Greatest ever
5 Saturday, 23 November 2013 14:18
Cristiano has the physical attributes and drive that other players just don't possess. The guy is a physical marvel and trains as if he was still trying to make the squad.
His maturity level has increased with age, but it has not softened him. Just look at the goal scored verse Sweden at The Luz. He dove and put his head in harms way for the touch. It seems as if, "he's in the mood", all the time now. If we're able to supply a few pieces it can be special.

As fir the greatest Portuguese player ever, Eusebio and as time passes, Figo are in the conversation.
I didn't get to watch Eusebio, but statically he was a beast. He carried Benfica and the Seleccao on his shoulders. If you ask Brits from that era, most would tell you Portugal would have beat England if the match had remained in Liverpool. People forget the Seleccao had a late night train ride to London, before the match, due to the move to Wembley. It's kind in interesting how Eusebio was taken in by the British fans, you can say the same way Cristiano has. Granted at a whole different level due to Cristiano having played at Man United.
Figo tends to get shortchanged in the conversation. A tremendous player that was the glue that held clubs together on the way to titles. But, let's face it, he was part of the "Golden Generation" that failed miserably. We complain about today's athletes and how egotistical they are now, but that Portuguese Seleccao was full of egos. For all his leadership accolades he was unable to bring together a star studded group that mostly complained. Rui Costa does not get a pass either. We all know that the FPF is a clown organization, but at some point Figo should have rallied the team. It never happened.

When it's all said and done, Cristiano will be mentioned in the Greatest ever conversation.

As for what's down the pike, we'll see. The cream always rises to the top. As Portuguese we've been very fortunate to have such icons in the worlds biggest game.
I'm fed up with this Balon D'Or crap
4 Saturday, 23 November 2013 09:37
Mario / Guerra
The award itself doesn't make sense. It is awarded for the performance during the calendar year despite the football season starting in autumn and finishing in the summer. So you have a calendar year which includes the end of one season, the start of another and perhaps some major competition in between. And yet if it was a true calendar year voting should take place in January of the following year and not in November. Then their are the campaigns launched by the clubs to get their player elected, something Real Madrid did not do for Ronaldo last year. Then people vote for their own even though they know that said player doesn't deserve it; It's like the Euro song contest.

The award should be given to the player that was the most influential in his team winning titles, like it is in most other sports. The last Balon D'Or was given to Messi in a calendar year in which his team won only the Copa del Rey and I would say that in that competition the most influential person was the referee at the Camp Nou when Barca played Madrid. Ronaldo won La Liga, despite Di Maria and Ozil being injured for lengthy periods of time that season. Ronaldo carried that team. In short according to my criteria Ronaldo should have won the last Balon D'Or and Ribery should win this one, even though at this moment in time Ronaldo is the most effective player on the planet.
3 Saturday, 23 November 2013 06:06
Hey mate,

I've heard good reviews about this kid but I don't know much about him other than the fact that he is solidly built and possibly a similar type forward to Aguero. Is that Correct? I'm interested to know why you rate this guy so highly? In my opinion to succeed in Football you need to have not only skill and talent but other non-playing qualities such as also drive, ambition, determination, strength of character, etc... to help counter the pressure that being a professional footballer comes with. Good solid family support can always help as well. For me the test for Lopes will be if he can crack the Man City first team. I think for a player to move countries at a yonug age he has to have some of those qualities at least but in saying that It's pretty hard for a youngster to get a chance at City. Hopefully he can get a break and if not hopefully his next move he can get some game time. Could be a good loanee for a club like Boavista (Primeira next year), Belenenses or Guimaraes.
2 Friday, 22 November 2013 21:19
He is all that, but it is awesome to hear it from an arab country.
Im so glad to be alive to witness our king reign in football.
any more words would take away from the masterpiece.
Forca Ronaldo e Portugal!!!
try again
1 Friday, 22 November 2013 20:07
I think I posted this opinion a little to late in the last column. please feel free to come up with any future player that i may have missed??

Nice to see all the love that Ronaldo is getting! I remember not that long ago, he was being ripped for not playing great for the national team. I remember him winning games for Portugal in the last European cup, but it wasn't very long after that allot of our so called supporter starting ripping him again. Ronaldo is an amazing player, but even he is going to have off games.

Here is a great stat for you. During Ronaldo 10 years of play for Portugal, they have qualified for 3 world cups
3 European cups!

The first 80 years before Ronaldo, Portugal, played in 3 world cups and, 3 European cups. Hmmmm

lets give this once in a life time player all the love and support that he deserves in good, and difficult times.

Last there is no other Ronaldo coming through our youth teams!! But there is 1 player in particular that I think has a chance to be special, his name is Marcos Lopes for Man City.

There are a few others that I like such as Rafa, Bruma, Bernardo silva, Carlos Mane, William Carvalho, Tiago Ilori, Joao Teieira, Ivan Cavaleiro, just to name a few of the better prospects!

To me the player with the most upside in the group is Lopes!!

Please feel free to jump in with your choices and why?
God bless

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