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Monday, 18 April 2011 09:05

Opinion: “Paciencia” is a virtue that Domingos should adhere to

Would Braga boss be better off turning down Sporting and staying put?

Paciencia (meaning “patience” in Portuguese) might just be the appropriate action for Braga President Antonio Salvador, Braga fans, and even the Braga coach himself. Domingos Paciencia’s rise in Portuguese football has been meteoric. Many have pointed to Andre Villas Boas’ season at Porto, but it is Paciencia’s job with Braga that has really impressed. 

The latest news being reported has Paciencia joining Sporting at the end of the season. Sporting’s newly elected President Godinho Lopes made it clear that Paciencia was his first choice all along. Without a doubt, getting Paciencia would be a great move for Sporting. They have been lacking in the managerial department all season, and Paciencia has proven to do a lot, with little. The question that has to be asked is whether it is in Paciencia’s best interest to go to Sporting. It’s no secret that he turned down Sporting last season after being low balled in salary.
Braga is still playing in the Europa League, amazingly reaching the semi-finals. The team currently sits 3rd in the table, ahead of Sporting. Looking at current form it would stand to reason that Braga will finish 3rd in the league. Granted, both 3rd and 4th spots will automatically lead to Europa League qualification. What many fail to realise is that there is a big difference in your qualification, due to where you finish. The club finishing fourth enters in the 3rd qualifying round at the end of July, while a third place finish is rewarded with direct access to the Europa League play-off, around one month later. Having to start play in early July not only forces teams to bring players in earlier, but it could also cut into profit making pre-season friendly matches and tournaments.
Domingos PacienciaThe fact is that Braga could finish the season with as much money for the open market as Sporting has. Braga will have earned more money in European play and will be guaranteed a better seeding for next season’s tournament as well. They have a plus 7 million euro surplus in transfer money this season, while Sporting come in at about one million less. Although Braga is averaging 10,000 fewer spectators a match, that number could also shrink. Sporting fans have been going to the stadium less and less while Braga fans should be excited about the end of the season.
Braga’s president Salvador has taken heat from pundits and fans for not locking up Paciencia earlier. Maybe he should have, but we all know that contracts, especially managerial ones, don’t mean a thing. Buy outs are always negotiated. Regardless, Salvador should have more money available to bolster a squad that has proven to be more than adequate. That fact cannot be ignored by Paciencia.
All these factors have to weigh heavily on Paciencia. Sporting’s job is far more prestigious and glamorous. But, with that prestige comes a lot more pressure. Unless he has a guarantee of funds to work with from Lopes, Braga just might be in a better situation. With Portugal having earned back a third Champions League spot for 2012/2013, next season’s race should be frantic at the very least. What Domingos needs, maybe, is a little “paciencia” before making such an important decision.
by Eduardo Gomes
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Too Good For Sporting?
10 Tuesday, 19 April 2011 00:54
I don't think that Paciencia would "crash and burn" if he went to Sporting unlike some of you.
I know that we have praised Braga's players, but it's Paciencia's system that has helped them along. Don't forget that this Braga squad was somewhat turned over in January, yet he got them prepared.
Can't he do the same at Sporting, even with the bunch that's there now? He would be able to comand their respect, no?

As for him going to some other league, let's temper our enthusiasm. He's been great in the Liga ZON Sagres, but handling a midtable club elsewhere is a different story.

Quique Flores, another guy that looks the part but isn't any good (see Rafa Benitez) is being rumored to be moving to Roma. I admit in not believing it.
But, is Atletico Madrid a step up from a Sporting club that could see the Champions League quickly? Even Braga?

Chelsea? No way.
For that matter I also don't think that AVB will be wanted by any of the big premier clubs throughout Europe. Clubs will want to see some Champions League success and mettle before taking a chance.

Call me crazy, but I would love to see one of them at Tottenham and dueling with the big boys in the EPL. The Spurs have a ton of talent and Redknap isn't good enough.
Should I stay or should I go...
9 Monday, 18 April 2011 14:54
Firstly I don't think he will go to Sporting for obvious reasons. Sporting have been in free fall for a couple of seasons now. Even purchasing half of Braga's defence hasnt helped them. Domingos is being tracked by both Sevilha and Athletic Madrid and will probably end up going abroad if he leaves Braga. He denied having had contact with Sporting and Godinho Lopes basically said that he had an agreement so one of them is lying. At the moment I would put my money on GL lying as he also changed his mind about all the players he would buy straight after the election had been won. It's a long shot but I would love to see Domingos stay and bring Braga even further.
hes to good for sporting
8 Monday, 18 April 2011 14:39
i am a big fan of domingos as a coach and i have always respected him. what he has done with braga is unbelievable. this makes him to good for sporting. sporting has been an absolute circus this season. sure they might offer him a little bit more money. but he could wait another year at braga and go somewhere else and make even more. other then that sporting has no bargaining points. their squad is terrible and will likley get worse with patricio likely gone in the summer. all the money the receive from transfers magiclly disappears. personally i hope he stays with braga and then moves on to a real club worthy of his talent. sporting needs him but he doesnt need sporting.
tough call
7 Monday, 18 April 2011 14:28
Like Alex, I'm a little nervous that if he goes to Sporting he might really crash and burn. Not because he's not good enough, but because Sporting really do need to completely revamp their side. Hiring Paciencia alone will not magically fix SCP's woes. Also, I would like to see just how far he can take Braga. Over the last two seasons they have soared to unprecedencted heights but I'm still left wondering if they might go further if he were to stay. He apparently knows how to get the best out of all his players, a quality that has been lacking in Sporting's last few (axed) coaches. Honestly Sporting really just need to buy new players right now and not worry about a coach just yet. As for Paciencia, I really would like to see him stay one more year at Braga before moving on. I don't think his value would diminish all that much if Braga don't perform as well as they have this year and last year. He has already earned a solid reputation and shouldn't go to a team like Sporting until they have better resources. Yes, he has shown that he can still succeed with the best in talent, but there's no reason to rush hastily into a bad situation when SCP could make things better for him by buying some better players for when he does arrive. Best of luck to Paciencia, Braga, and SCP.
Leaving Portugal
6 Monday, 18 April 2011 13:52
I don't think he should stay at braga but I don't think he should manage sporting. Sporting needs a major rehaul. all new players are needed and less money to do it with. Braga currently has better players than sporting so itll be easier to win games next year with braga. He shouldnt go to sporting but I think he will leave to either replace jj or avb if avb leaves to greener pastures or jj gets sacked or transfered. He might also have suitors in foreign markets. Managers are getting fired quicker than before in the big leagues so I guess he might fit an open position. I mean for avb, I could see him at chelsea or man city next year since mourinho might not go
Good luck
5 Monday, 18 April 2011 13:51
Historically a move to any of the big 3 from Braga would be good but I don’t think Sporting will be a good option next year. A combination of an early start, older players, some players want to leave, several untested loan players, and lower funds to buy new players, this will make coaching Sporting the hardest job next season. Next year starts the re-building process for them but typically that does mean one more year without titles. The big 3 don’t have too much patience, so the coach could likely be a stepping stone.

I agree that Braga is better setup for early success next year. If they are willing to commit the funds, the can have another big push for titles. I can see Paciencia as a great option if any of the big 3 come knocking, I just think that next year maybe the wrong timing for him to move to Sporting. If he does go I hope Braga digs a bit deeper for a quality replacement. They have a shot at holding on to one of the big 3 spots next year which will give them a chance at CL money again. Braga is so close to officially making it the big 4 if they can just get that extra little bit.
phenomenal job
4 Monday, 18 April 2011 12:25
This was decent article, it opened up my perspective somewhat. Initially, I found no reason for him to remain, but now there may be some real logic being staying.

Beyond that, I am fabulously impressed with Paciencia and his work at SC Braga. Even with their late charge to 3rd, which will yield another shot at the Champion's League.

I would like to see him remain in the north, but Sporting is a large club with tremendous prestige. It would be really difficult to turn down. Sporting certainly need a solid leader and have struggled with their recent hiring decisions.
Where ever he goes
3 Monday, 18 April 2011 12:17
I will always respect him
Wait & See
2 Monday, 18 April 2011 10:35
Paciencia is doing the right thing. He will wait and see, AVB could leave or JJ sacked. He might even be head hunted by a spanish team
Depends on his ambitions...
1 Monday, 18 April 2011 10:28
... if he wants to 'develop' Braga into the '4th Big' in Portugal, then he'd stay.

I suspect Sporting is offering him better money, and yes, there is a certain prestige to coaching Sporting.

I think Sporting needs him more than he needs Sporting. But I can see him moving south and instantly giving the Lions more credibility.

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