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Saturday, 18 September 2010 14:59

"FC Porto respect us" - Costa

Striker not intimidated by league leaders

pacheco_edgarcosta.jpgFC Porto have yet to drop a single point in their domestic campign, and are undefeated in all competitive matches so far. But for Nacional forward Edgar Costa (pictured right), that might all change Monday night when the Dragoes fly to Madeira.

Nacional were somehwat of a surprise in the Liga ZON Sagres this season when the Alvinegros occupied the top places in the tables. Since then, the Madeira outfit have not collected any points in their last two matches and will want to reverse the trend against Porto.

The task will not be a simple one as Nacional will host Porto, who have looked every bit likely to re-claim the domestic title surrendered to Benfica last season, but a challenge that the black-and-white stripes will not back down from.

"We hope to win - just like we do in all of our matches. That's what we work towards," said Costa. "The secret is to never give up, run and be focusd throughout the entire match."

"It is not easy to win here at the Choupana, Certainly, FC Porto respect us, just like we respect them."

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Mr against corrupts
4 Sunday, 19 September 2010 06:25
Y is it when ppl talk bout the corrupts etc they dont put their names up, be brave so we know who u r...now as for the game, nacional has been a team porto struggles with both away and at home.cmon ref, gift us a penalty or red card against this tough opposition, as u so often did for a team in red last season haha
Keep pointing fingers
3 Sunday, 19 September 2010 01:44
What's the matter now corrupts, your team not doing so well?Typical, always pointing fingers but never looking within where the real problems lie. Get rid of the suits making dumb decisions and maybe things will turn around.
P.S. I won't bring up the sixties!
@against corrupts - canada
2 Saturday, 18 September 2010 23:10
I don't buy your crap about Porto being corrupt. As much as I enjoy watching Nacional play, there is no way they will crush Porto, not going to happen. You can drag all you want and say Porto are corrupt, but they will always remain top in the league. Whether Pinto da Costa bribe the ref or the FPF, Porto will always be a force to reckon in Portugal and in Europe.
we are with Nacional
1 Saturday, 18 September 2010 19:04
come on Nacional, crush the corrupts next monday!

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