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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 21:27

Nani dismisses Barca link: “I’m at the best club in the world”

Winger repeats desire to stay

Portugal international Nani has stressed that he intends to remain with Manchester United, despite reported links with European champions Barcelona.

Nani has seen his name connected with various clubs across Europe in recent weeks, with Barcelona the latest to be suggested as a possible destination for the winger, who has seen his future called into question following United’s signing of Ashley Young.

However, speaking at a promotional appearance in Almada, Nani again insisted that he has no intention of leaving Old Trafford. “I am absolutely certain that I will stay in Manchester,” he said. “The interest of clubs like Barcelona makes all players think, but right now I am in the best club in the world, I am happy and I am not thinking about leaving.

“I have played for Manchester for many years and played alongside players of the highest quality, so a quality player like Ashley Young arriving will not intimidate me. I played with Cristiano Ronaldo and was not intimidated.”

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16 Sunday, 03 July 2011 18:15
I am convinced that you have higher regard for Man utd and premier league because you are seeing this from American perspective. I want let know that I live in the UK almost my hole life and I am a Arsenal supporter as well Benfica and Portugal. Also I personally hate Barcelona but I have to admit that they are the best and overall they have best team in team/sqaud in the World. Football is not about selling jerseys and money its about the qaulity you produce on the pitch and Man utd were completely outclassed by Barca in this year CL final. My assessment of the english league is fair every team in Europe have to perform in thier respective leagues...to get in to the champions league or fight relegation not just the English clubs
A bit harsh
15 Saturday, 02 July 2011 15:56
Orlando, I disagree with your assessment that the EPL is weaker due to their teams performance in Europen play. English teams have always dismissed EUFA Cup and now Europa League. Some due to trying to get to their Top 4 for CL play and others in order to make sure they stay up and don't get relegated. The league also brings in a ton of money so I get the fear of relegation.
Remember that Serie A teams also dismiss UEFA Cup and Europa League. Unlike the EPL squads,Serie A teams haven't done enough to keep the league from losing a CL spot.
The money differential between Europa and and the Champions League is huge. Eventhough there are leagues that still honor UEFA/Europa, many dismiss it.

I due agree with you in regards to Man United having front running fans. But doesn't Barca, Real, AC Milan and even Porto have them. For that matter so does, Benfica.
When you are a "World Club", that will always be the case, but that's what brings in the money as well.

For example, at a much lower level, Braga will make plenty of money off Nuno Gomes merchandise. There will be Benfica, Seleccao and Nuno fans that will buy the jersey.
At a much higher level, everyone screamed about the fee Real paid for CR7 yet he averaged selling two jerseys a minute for over six months. If you ask me a great deal for Real.

I know that I went off track a bit, but I don't think you can say Barca is more popular than Man United, nevermind Real.
Are they the best team in the world right now? Absolutely.
I actually believe they were when they lost to Inter. In the end, they just couldn't break them down.
14 Saturday, 02 July 2011 01:43
@torpiano uk...Being the best football team is not about having big fan base or global awarness. Most Man Utd supporters are plastic supporters who can't even name morethen 7 or 8 players of their team. Barcelona made Man Utd look pathetic and average in the champions league final-FACT Liverpool are still a bigger club then Man Utd because they have 18 leugue tittles and 5 champions league tittles to Manaure's 19 league tittles 3 champions league tiitles. Barcelona and Real Madrid are both obviously bigger then Man Utd. I also don't agree with your ideaoilgy that the premeir league is the best, because if look at this season Spanish teams have performed better then English Teams in Europe. There is a lack of qaulity overall especailly in on a technical level in England. England it self is full of overated players like Rooney who will burn out before he even gest to 30.
No offence but you sound like you have the same arragance as the English...which doesn't get you anywhere just look what happend to the national team in the World cup 2010 and their bid to host 2018 World cup.
Best? In what meaning?
13 Saturday, 02 July 2011 01:17
Thank you tropiano.
Best can mean many things.
If you want to say that Barca is the best team in the world right now, I get it.
But if you want to base it on world wide popularity, no.
Man United plays in the most watched league in the world.They also have a huge following in Asia. Truth be told, Real is still bigger than Barca in popularity.

There's no denying Barca's current superiority on the field.
Let me also make the point that Barca pays the highest wages in the world. Even more than Chelsea. They are still looked at as the little team that could, yet they spend as much as Real.
They are also known for the "Jogo Bonito", but yet have some of the worst divers in the game. Busquets, and Alves are prolific at it, and have apparently begun influencing Pedro.
They also have very chippy players. I respect the toughness of some and loathe the others.
As for the "Jogo Bonito" there is nothing more boring than watching Barca passing the ball from midfield to the backline while holding a 1-0 lead vs another team. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Barca attack it just doesn't happen often enough. At least as often as it should.

As for Man United, they had one of their worst years, and they still won the EPL. They went undefeated for huge stretch, but had to struggle all the way. Yet SAF managed to keep the team going and won a record breaking 19th title.

If you think that Chelsea is going to breeze through with AVB, think again. They have an older squad that they are trying to change over. The problem with that they have players like Lamps that expect to be key players, when they have slipped badly. I am also interested to see how Terry reacts to any changes. Especially after having a bad year.

Arsenal is losing players instead of buying. Wenger still brings in no leaders to a squad that desperately needed one. They are slipping instead of rising.

Liverpool, still has a lot of work to do. A new stadium is still a priority, for a team looking for revenue.

Tottenham proved last season that they still can't compete when having to play on all fronts. Missing out on CL money, will force them to sell. So instead of bollstering the squad they will weaken it.

City actually has the best opportubity in defeating Man United. I still say that it will take them another year, especially with CL play this season.

If I may bring it full circle, there is no better place for Nani than at Man United. He had a very good year, and needs to improve on it. SAF is not easy to play for, but he will make him a better player.
12 Friday, 01 July 2011 21:14
Even MESSI is bigger than manure let alone Barca.
11 Friday, 01 July 2011 21:09
Gone are the days when manure used to be the so-called best club in the world. Now it's one and only BARCA even when it comes to fans and they are there to STAY.
10 Friday, 01 July 2011 11:07
California - that's possibily the longest sentence I've ever read before. Maybe that should go in the guinness book of world records for the longest sentence ever written! All I could make out was something about a jelly donut?

Orlando - Man Utd are widely regarded as the biggest club in the world. I don't support them but they do have a glittering history and a worldwide fan base that Real & Barca can only dream about.

They also play in the best league in the world in front of full stadiums every week in a competitive league. Again, something Real & Barca can only dream about (or maybe not - perhaps Real & Barca enjoy playing in front of a few thousand people at Levante and winning 5-0 every week).

Of course 'best' is just someones opinion. It's not just about how many trophies the club has, its also about the league they play in, the fans, the manager (25 years service and counting).
Funny statement
9 Friday, 01 July 2011 07:46
Nani's statement that 'Man Utd are the best club in the world' is funniest thing I've read all week...lol
If Barca are intrested him he should go they are the best team in the world. In fact Real Madrid and Chelsea will be better then Man Utd next Season. Man Utd will be a sinking ship once Alex Ferguson calls it a day
Nani / young
8 Friday, 01 July 2011 02:39
Young is over hyped because he is english its one thing to star at Aston Villa it's another matter all together when your playing for Man U and everybody is gunning for you The EPL is great because of all the foreign players not the english thats why Englands national team always disapoints with that many people compared too portugal or say even holland and with a big time league like the Epl they should be head and shoulders above them but their not Nani got left out of tough games because the central midfield was a jelly dounut and they made up for it by sacrificing Nani's creative attacking abilities for more defence on the wings thats two champions league finals they handed to Barca because the central mids had no mobility they need some horse's in midfield not another winger and Nani would be great at Barca he's the type of wide player they need if messi wants to play in central attack they didn't get what they paid for in David Villa because he got pushed out to the wing his goals where down and Barca's overall goals where down if they don,t get Sanchez i'm sure they'll make a run at Nani but Ashley Young wounldn't have even crossed their mind
perfect fit
7 Thursday, 30 June 2011 17:45
Nani would fit in perfectly at Barcelona.


Sergi Busquets would be the first one to give him a handshake.

If a big offer came in for him I don't think Sir Alex would have a problem selling him.

Nani will be spending a lot of time on the bench next season. I hope he has a blanket ready for the long winter months. It can get cold sitting on the bench on a Tuesday night in January.

Still, he should get some Carling Cup games along with Michael Owen and Anderson.

I guess time will tell. Sir Alex knows best, so we'll see how he rotates the 3 wingers. I'm sure Valencia & Young will have to sit out some games too. Probably when they are rested for the big games.

I suspect Nani will mainly play against weak teams and Valencia/Park/Young will be used in the big games.

I just hope he performs well for the seleccao this autumn, because some of his recent performances for the seleccao have not been up to the required standard.

I would like to see him dropped and have Varela & Ronaldo on the wings for the crucial games with Iceland, Cyprus & Denmark. But that's a debate for another day....
My money is on Nani staying,
6 Thursday, 30 June 2011 09:46
The English always over hype their own home grown players.I have a hard time believing Young is better than Nani. Ferguson is probably still regretting not starting Nani against Barca.
5 Thursday, 30 June 2011 09:35
Nani=(young*2.5)+ (Valencia *1.7321)
4 Thursday, 30 June 2011 05:30
off topic i know lol but sporting is about to sign another young south american (chilean) by the name is diego rubio. He is 18 and plays for colo-colo in chilean primera league. Theres a lot of hype about him in chile.
What a nice joke ;)
3 Thursday, 30 June 2011 02:58
BARCA simply owns man u.
2 Thursday, 30 June 2011 00:05
The interest from Barcelona? Voices in your head don't count as interest.
How many times?
1 Wednesday, 29 June 2011 22:16
How many freaking times must he say he's staying before people will sit up and listen? It's getting ridiculous!

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