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Sunday, 12 June 2011 18:19

“I’m very happy at Man United” - Nani

Winger flattered by interest

Manchester United’s Portuguese international Nani says he is pleased to be the subject of interest of some of Europe’s biggest clubs, but insists he is happy at Old Trafford.

Nani’s future with the English champions has become the subject of minor debate in recent weeks, following reports strongly linking United with a move for Aston Villa’s Ashley Young. The former Sporting man, who was left out of Alex Ferguson’s side for the Champions League final last month, has seen his name connected with Internazionale, Real Madrid and Juventus.

However, Nani says he is happy in Manchester, where he was voted United’s Player of the Year by his fellow team-mates after an impressive campaign in which he scored 10 goals from 48 appearances in all competitions.

“It was a very successful season for Manchester United and it was my best campaign from an individual point of view,” he said. “I did expect to play in the Champions League final, but it is the manager who decides. He has many options, so you must respect that.

“I am very happy at Manchester United; it is one of the biggest clubs in the world, but it is nice to hear that other clubs are interested. Would I enjoy working with Mourinho? Yes, but I’m happy where I am right now. I have had no contact with anybody.”

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Comments (27)
hi guy's
27 Thursday, 16 June 2011 00:43
is not fair because of young that's why he want to sale Nani ,,,,,,,Nani is a good player Nani is better than Valencia and young the advantage is that Nani is both foot and he goes many way's but for Valencia he goes only one way guy's look who is better this season Nani and berbatov where voted player of the year where is Valencia and young haa if sir Alex Ferguson sale Nani it will affect the team if Nani is there the attack used to fast Nani is not going any where guy's
Nani's decision
26 Tuesday, 14 June 2011 19:19
Nani came a long way this season and it was good to see that, but he has still further to go if he wants to achieve his own personal goals. I have serious doubts now that he can continue to make any more progress at Man United. It isn't that SAF can't "get the best out of him" or something like that, but it is obvious that he will play second fiddle to Valencia when it counts. I know Nani wants better than that, and he's simply not going to get it at Man United. Honestly, I'm not sure where Nani should take off to, but it needs to be a top level club in either Spain or England. Nani would probably flourish in Spain more anyway, and he also wouldn't have the moniker of "traitor" hung around his neck by the British press if he moved there as opposed to one of United's rivals in England. Real Madrid is not the place for Nani either though, since they are fully stocked at the wing position. It's quite the conundrum because if Nani can have the kind of season that he had last year and still get passed up for the big matches just as soon as Valencia was available, it stands to reason that things will stay that way. Nani is at a very important intersection in his career and I hope for his sake (and Portugal's) that he makes a good decision. He is a great talent and still has a lot to offer United, but will he get the chance there? I think not. I think his best bet is to somehow find another top level club and ply his trade there and become their star. He's good enough to do that, and he's had a great instructor, it's just up to him to make the move.
Who's Being Bias?
25 Tuesday, 14 June 2011 13:18
Wow, where to begin.
By his post I can only assume that Nuno doesn't follow Man United, Cristiano or Sir Alex Ferguson.
If he did, he would have known that Cristiano left Man United on good terms. He has such a good relationship with SAF that they agreed for him to stay an additional season at Man United and then move on to Real.
SAF has always called Cristiano the best player in the world, and the hardest working player he's ever had.

As for other posts, I agree that wingers need to put pressure on defenses. But they, or at least one of them needs to track back effectively to help on defense. When Cristiano was at Man United all other midfielders stayed back, and even the second striker, Rooney dropped deep.
All that earned them was a Champions League title.

As for Nani, please realize that Cristiano had the team built around him. Nani isn't that caliber of player, so he must do what is asked of him. That also doesn't mean that development would be stunted.
People may want Nani to play first team ball, but why couldn't he still do that at Man United. Let him work through his game and tactics and be able to stay in a Top 3, if not higher, club in the world.
I'm not so sure that he would start at Real, or that Real wants him. Again, that's not a slight.

In my opinion, Nani could and should still flourish at Man United. He is an extremely talented player that should be working and fighting for his spot. If he does those things, there is no reason that he shouldn't start at Man United.
Any move to another squad could be looked at as a drop in class.
24 Tuesday, 14 June 2011 04:18
look at the poll result here. most of them say Nani to go.This poll doesn't ask about Porto or Benfica matter. so we can trust this result as true opinion of the Portuguese football fans.
Nani...big mistake if you stay
23 Monday, 13 June 2011 23:41
Most Man Utd supporters want you stay because they are greedy and think you are a good squad player. I think Nani is better then this and he deserves to play for a club that will play him regulary. Nani has more ability and skill then that fat overated Rooney, Nani move on before its too late.
Ferguson's Choices On Nani
22 Monday, 13 June 2011 21:03
The reason Ferguson left Nani on the bench in important games was for one simple reason; he is portuguese. Ferguson started not liking the portuguese after Ronaldo left and not just him but Carlos Queiroz to. In Ferguson's mind they betrayed him so now he is taking it out on Nani.
wingers track back
21 Monday, 13 June 2011 20:18
"wingers track back" I don't think that must be a crucial element of a winger.If u wont to win the champions league you don't need those kind of winger no not at all.
if your wingers always going backward that means your teem don't have a proper plan(balance).
Stay at Man U
20 Monday, 13 June 2011 18:25
Although depending on what happens this summer, that advice could change. Wesley Schneider and Sam Nasri are both rumoured to be going to Man U. With Park, Valencia and for a year at least, Giggs, along with those two potential additions, it makes for a crowded field.
Stay Put
19 Monday, 13 June 2011 14:52
Thank you for your sensible post tropiano.

SAF wanted players that were going to go all out and most of all track back and cover. Valencia does just that, and Park went non-stop.

Nani had a very good season, but he still disapears during games and forces the issue much to much.

Real would be a horrible place for him. First and foremost, Real has spent a ton for Di Maria. Second, if Nani doesn't track back and defend for SAF, what do you think Mourinho would do to him.
Yes Di Maria does track back and cover. More than I ever thought it was possible.

By the way Man United is a huge club. Real and Barca might, yes, might be bigger but that's it. People tend to forget how big Man United is in Asia. They have strong foothold on that fan base.
So much so that the Glazers have thought about having the club go public in the Hong Kong stock exchange.

As for Nani I wish him the best. Everyone says that he does work at his game, so it will get better.
People also have to realize that Man United is built around Rooney and Valencia defers to him much more than Nani does. Wrong or right that's the way it is.
18 Monday, 13 June 2011 14:51
Yeah Keep playing Valencia, Park and Giggs. Torpiano, why where these 3 out-classed by Barcelona? Because they don't have the game. I am sorry to say your assessment is completely off-base in regards to Nani vs Valencia. Yes, Valencia is stronger and a more direct attacking wing, but that's all. Nani could break down a defense, Barca would have needed 2 players to cover him. The problem with Nani was the tackle from Carragher(Liverpool), he was never the same player the rest of the year. Nani from the beginning of the year was outstanding, Valencia would never be able to take his spot.

Your comment about playing him against weaker teams is a joke and a provoking one, hence this post, you must not have watched United games the whole year. The big problem with Ferguson is that he thinks Park, Carrick, Valencia Giigs and Scholes where better than the Barca's midfield, and what a wake-up call he got for the 2nd time. Too me Nani, Anderson and possibly even Fletcher where better options.

Now who would you rather have running at a defense - Valencia or Nani, I think that is the great question. If you want force and be able to knock people over and possibly get a cross in - Valencia, if you want speed, force the defense out of position because of his skills to get around defenders, scoring ability and passing ability - Nani.

So the debate shouldn't be Nani or Valencia, it shouldn't come down to that, both should be in and Park, Giggs or Carrick should be out.
stay on
17 Monday, 13 June 2011 14:50
Well everybody has his/her own perception of a player.Nani and Valencia offer different attributes to Manchester united depending on what team it is that they play.I think Nani should stay.He has got game changing attributes about him that i think will be of great importance to Manu next season.I really hope he stays for he will offer much more next season than he has done this season.Otherwise it is good for the team too to have that squard strength-Nani,Valencia,Young,Park coz that keeps the squad fresh all through.Nani should stay
torpiano, uk
16 Monday, 13 June 2011 14:01
you are wrong , that is all i have to say here.
fight for your place
15 Monday, 13 June 2011 10:52
Nani should stay and fight for his place. He's had a good season and played a lot of games so there's no need to throw any toys out of the pram and move elsewhere just yet.

If he goes to another big club he will just have the same issues where there will be another talented player in the same position.

The person who said Nani is much better than Valencia is clearly talking out of their backside. There is a reason why Valencia started the CL final ahead of Nani, it's been discussed before and I agree with Fergie in that it was the right decision. He keeps the ball much better, crosses better, and tracks back. If Valencia was Portuguese I'd rather have him in the seleccao than Nani - every day of the week.

Nani still has a lot to offer and when on form he is a fantastic player. He offers a different option to Valencia, perhaps an option better suited to playing against the weaker teams or to throw on from the bench when the team is losing.

If he can improve his game and not give the ball away so much, and track back more, then he might just be able to start regularly ahead of Valencia, but until that happens, he might have to get used to being on the bench more, especially if Ashley Young moves to United too.

Chuchu - your post makes more sense than some of the comments posted here ;o)
14 Monday, 13 June 2011 10:48
Hello Guys!
I was away for a long time but I'm still following portuguese football and proud so far by what portuguese players did in europe in season 2010/2011!
As for me, I guess Nani was above all expectations!He shined and was more than decisive in many matches in premier League!Why he was left on the bench in champions league quarter finals and final!This is a question that only Ferguson can answer, and in all cases playing Valencia instead Of Nani made him pay the price in the final! I don't know why Nani's still under rated!He deserves more than this, he's one of the best players in the world :s!
I'm a big fan of Real Madrid, and I hope Nani can join his brothers over there(Ronaldo, Pepe, Carvalho, Mourinho and now Coentrao), but I'm affraid he'll face the same problems he faced with Ferguson, and he may stay on the bench for Di Maria/Kaka/Altintop or any other winger in the team since Ronaldo occupied already one wing, and that's what we don't want one year before Euro 2012!
So one year before the euro, I guess he should STAY where he is and wait one more season to join Real Madrid, hopefully after lifting the euro cup with his portuguese team-mates in Poland-Ukraine!
In the end what matters the most is Nani's satisfaction, he's mature now, and ready to help and give more and more to the SELECCAO! Força Nani!
But I just Heard that SAF wants to swap him for Sneijder and he doesn't need him anymore in his squad!How weird is this decision!Donno how can a great coach like Ferguson not to recognize the talent behind Nani and not to consider him among his first choices!:s
13 Monday, 13 June 2011 06:37
Nani will be staying at the best club in the world, Manchester United
Manchester Utd
12 Monday, 13 June 2011 04:22
They might have made the Champions League final but they couldn't compare to Barcelona because of Ferguson's ignorance. Once I saw the line-up I knew Barca would win and with Barca finishing the game with over 70% of the possession meant Ferguson came into this game clueless.
Personally I believe Nani is much better than Antonio Valencia and Giggs and he was snubbed from the starting line-up but I hope it hit Fergie in the head to start Nani from now on. Manchester United also needs to rebuild the depth in central midfield position or possibly aquire a defensive midfielder because this 4-4-2 formation won't work on all teams especially Barcelona.

I think Nani should stay at Manchester I believe he can win more honours under Fergie and I wish him the best of luck.

For the person who commented about Quaresma, it was his own fault for not fitting into Inter. He was very lazy and if I had to assume he probably thought Mourinho would guarantee him into the starting XI but in the end it was Mourinho would made the smart decision not playing Quaresma because we all know Mourinho won the treble.
11 Monday, 13 June 2011 03:50
Great job bringing Messi in the topic.

Nani works in United. As for RM, he could work as LW but only if he is chosen before Di Maria or everyone else. It's a tough spot and RM has way too many wingers/strikers.

I can't see a team that could work Nani as well as ManU. I am happy for him and I hope he does well :) Força!
10 Sunday, 12 June 2011 23:45
Yes, I completely agree with those sentiments....

@judao/qatar Tricks and flicks will never win you the player of the year(which was all he did when he was at sporting)........indeed you do not know anything of football.
9 Sunday, 12 June 2011 21:53
Your theory applied to Sir as well.
*why didn't he pick Berbatov to UCL final.
*Why didn't he star Nani.
because he thought {HE > club}
Out of order
8 Sunday, 12 June 2011 21:19
That is bang outta line. No player is bigger than Manchester United
united mpaka kufa
7 Sunday, 12 June 2011 21:08
nenda bwana hauna la maana zaidi ya kumuiga ronaldo,na kujiona kuwa unajua kuliko wenzako,united haitakufa usipokuwepo kwani wamepita wangapi wabovu kama ww
real madrid
6 Sunday, 12 June 2011 20:44
dont go to inter nani. dont make the same mistake quaresma made. italian football killed his style and his confidence. go to real. 4 of your brothers are there waiting for you (including pepe).
5 Sunday, 12 June 2011 20:40
why on earth would nani go to a worst team and smaller club in real madrid, where he would only play second fiddle to ronaldo.
move on.(as above)
4 Sunday, 12 June 2011 20:33
Judao/Qatar (above).You clearly do not know football.You can't even compare Nani to Ronaldo,they are on a totally different level.And Messi is a level even higher than that.You are right you don't know football.
move on
3 Sunday, 12 June 2011 20:12
go to real madrid nani. you are better than united. you are best thing to ever happen to portuguese football. for me your skills and ability is better than those of ronaldo or messi. 4 years ago when you were in sporting, i said if this guy doesnt get the fifa player of the year by 2012, then i dont know football.
2 Sunday, 12 June 2011 20:04
voted player of year by teammates yet didn't start Champions League final....

i think his future's elsewhere....
1 Sunday, 12 June 2011 19:49
woow that is the way you answer to media about this kind teasing questions.I am really surprised to see this from Nani they(English media) might now remove the cry baby label from him.
but I personally like to see him go to another big club because formation is not suited to his style of play.

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