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Sunday, 16 January 2011 19:41

Video: Meireles opens Liverpool account in derby draw

Liverpool 2-2 Everton

Raul Meireles scored his first goal for Liverpool in the Merseyside derby this afternoon as the Reds recorded their first point under new boss Kenny Dalglish.

Dalglish, who took over from Roy Hodgson earlier this month, started his second stint in charge of Liverpool with back-to-back defeats to Manchester United and Blackpool. Having lost Hodgson’s last match in charge at Blackburn, the team headed into the derby clash at Anfield on a three-match losing streak.

Meireles had started both of the previous matches under his new manager, and the former Porto man gave Liverpool the lead in the 29th minute when he fired past Tim Howard from just inside the area after Dirk Kuyt’s effort had come back off the post.

The goal saw Liverpool take a 1-0 half-time lead, but Everton stunned the hosts by turning the match around with two quick goals inside the opening seven minutes of the second period. First Sylvain Distin headed in a corner at the back post to level the score one minute after the re-start, before Jermaine Beckford put Everton in front five minutes later.

Liverpool equalised midway through the second half through a Kuyt penalty, but could not find a winning goal to earn Dalglish his first victory at the helm. As such, Meireles’ side remain in the bottom half of the Premier League with 26 points from 22 matches played.

Match highlights:

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Comments (6)
Tough Road
6 Monday, 17 January 2011 19:38
Because of Dalglish's status in Liverpool fandom, they will turn on the players before him. Then they will go after the owners and lack of spending once again. It is what it is.
The fact remains that anyone would be crazy to try to come in now and rescue Liverpool.
Tactically they have nothing. They look like Stoke, just booting the ball forward and hoping Torres latches onto it. Torres hasn't worked very hard, but you can see his frustration.
They haven't looked good defenssively either.
Mereiles hasn't looked bad, but nobody is in sinc. No work seems to be getting done in the training ground.

If I was a fan, I also wouldn't have been happy seeing the smiles after the drop in points on a Merseyside Derby.
I don't believe in the game passing someone by, but I do believe in players not listening. I find it hard to believe in anyone of those guys really taking Dalglish seriously.
The fact remains that the players that he needs to preform well, know they can jump ship to a quality squad elsewhere.

Beating Liverpool would still be a great accomplishment. It's still very difficult to go to Anfield and get a result. With a top four finish all but out of the question now, they just might concentrate on the Europa League. You never know.
E Gomes
5 Monday, 17 January 2011 16:21
Interesting comments on Liverpool. The thing I’m most curious about is how long the fan base will support Kenny if he can’t stop this ship from sinking. If they turn on him too soon, would Liverpool try for a 3rd manager this season or will the new owners just bite the bullet and let this team completely fall apart before trying to rebuild in the summer.

I fully agree that this team is playing like they are entitled to win and seem to have no real drive to push for the win. I think Torres is horrible this season. I agree he isn’t getting quality passes but I find that when he has the ball he does little with it.

If Braga gets past the first knockout round of Europa they may face Liverpool. If they keep up their poor level of play it could be an interesting upset that Braga can pull off.
A lot of work left for Meireles
4 Monday, 17 January 2011 13:46
I follow the EPL a great deal and have been watching the debacle at Liverpool for a while now.
The previous owners will get all the blame for the mess, but Rafa Benitez contributed plenty if not most of it. Although claiming that he didn't get the funds to upgrade the squad, if you take a look at the amounts squandered he had more than enough to use. If anything Gilette and Hicks put too much trust in Rafa.
If I could make a comparison, Hodgson looked as clueless as Wade Phillips on the Dallas sideline. (Sorry for the NFL comparison, but it fit) The team never followed any of his direction and was going through the motions.
What I find funny is that now Dalglish "The Legend" looks as clueless. Yes he has energized the fan base and got support back, but how much will that translate onto the field?
Although everyone keeps saying that Liverpool has lost their confidence, I couldn't agree more. This team plays as if they are still the mighty Liverpool. If anything they are still very much an arrogant squad that thinks wins will just happen because of who they are. At least that's how they are playing, and people are taking advantage of it.
As for Meireles, he has actually played well. I wouldn't say much more that. Some of the service that Torres has been receiving has been awful. Too many miscues between him and the midfield, which puts it all on the manager and the training.
Rumors of Ranieri heading to Liverpool is a good thing. He would settle everything down and get them on track. Granted, it would only work after Dakglish accomplishes nothing this season.

As Eduardo, he is having an awful season. For all the bashing Benfica has taken for not signing him, maybe Jesus had a clear insight to him.
Eduardo & Liverpool
3 Monday, 17 January 2011 12:41
We have 3 upcoming friendlies. I say let Eduardo play the first game to see how he does. If he starts making mistakes for the national team then pull him and we're back to trying to find a new starter but at least we're trying things out during friendlies, not the qualifiers.

As for Liverpool, I am still shocked that these guys are still playing terrible. They have (or had) great players, yet they are a mess. O well, it's giving me some laughing points for my Liverpool buddy lol.
2 Monday, 17 January 2011 08:42
He never should've went to Genoa. He's lost a lot of his confidence.

I think it's an exaggeration to say that performance was the norm because he has had several good games, but he's also had a few bad ones.

Hopefully he'll regain form. I thought Portugal had their keeper problems solved when he stepped up at the WC, but he's put in some disturbing displays.
1 Monday, 17 January 2011 02:55
Meireles was excellent in this game, but did any one see the highlights from the Genoa game?

Eduardo was absolutely terrible. He continues to make terrible mistakes and his goal keeping intelligence is laughable. Udinese won the game 4-2, Udinese's second goal came from an embarrasing blunder from Eduardo and their last goal was a great trivela, but Eduardo's positioning was terrible.


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