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Sunday, 14 August 2011 19:41

Villas Boas frustrated as Chelsea held

Stoke City 0-0 Chelsea

Andre Villas Boas had to settle for a point in his first Premier League match in charge of Chelsea, after the Blues were held to a goalless draw by Stoke City on Sunday afternoon.

The former Porto coach, who started Jose Bosingwa at right-back for the trip to the Britannia Stadium, saw his side produce a much improved second-half performance, during which they had several strong penalty appeals turned down. However, Villas Boas’ men could not find a breakthrough, and had to settle for a point.

Speaking after the match, Villas Boas admitted that he was slightly disappointed not to have got off to a winning start, while also bemoaning the referee’s failure to stamp down on Stoke’s physical approach to set pieces.

"I can't be pleased with a point but it's one of the most difficult grounds to play at. For our title challenge I would say one point at Stoke is not bad,” he said.

"It's not the greatest start to the Premier League of course, but we are happy we raised the level of the game in the second half.

"Unfortunately for us the goal didn't happen. We were close and we had the possession we wanted and we played in their half, the game looked more in our control, but I'm happy we were able to raise our level.

"A point I want to make when you are playing difficult games like this one is the amount of pushing and grabbing in the box, because it's out of this world.

"We are okay to deal with Stoke's set plays and we were competent enough to avoid the dangers they cause. We know the amount of goals they score with these set plays. But I think there's a limit to the pushing and grabbing, it makes it impossible.

"Referees say these are the sort of details they are going to be aware of. It's difficult because they have to be aware of a number of situations but in this case, maybe the referee needs some extra help.

"But there are no excuses because we were competent enough to defend those set plays, but it's a pity that it was happening.”

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Comments (6)
6 Monday, 15 August 2011 14:03
To quote Nelson from the Simpsons..."Ha-Ha"
5 Monday, 15 August 2011 10:13
I saw the game and despite the result I predict a Chelsea more competitive this season. I see them already practicing a fluid football with tremendous pressure on the opponent midfield, a bit like he did on Porto.
I personally think that lacks only a coldly and quickly pass on the last few meters of the pitch instead of the still methodical game did by Ancelotti last year. Maybe a new signing for the midfield should be the point.

BTW, take a look on this lol:
Lots of draws!
4 Monday, 15 August 2011 07:34
Across Portugal and England there were draws and teams losing at home. First day of the season is always uncommonly hard with visiting teams and smaller defending hard and scoring on counter-attacks.
Chelsea stepped the level in the second half but I thought Kalou was especially poor and Malouda just could not find his rhythm. As usual Lampard is a good passer and can arrive late in the area but he does not create a lot, it was Torres that was trying to make things happen but when he tried to come get the ball deep there was no one else filling in for him the middle. Stoke though are a magnificent team at defending, and they played with three centre backs Huth, Shawcross and Woodgate, very very difficult to break down.

As you guys mentioned Artur and Benfica I just want to say that I cannot wait for Eduardo to become number one, he knows the league, he's consistent and he's Portugal's number one. If JJ doesn't see this I may have to start to agree with Orlandomac about JJ soon!
Stoke vs Chelsea
3 Monday, 15 August 2011 01:44
I watched the game,,Stoke 'park the bus' like a crap...that's why chelsea can't score..but at least,,bosingwa play well,,attack minded as his usual and Torres play well..LOL
I think Stoke is an excuse..
2 Sunday, 14 August 2011 22:20
Sorry NJ Stoke is an excuse and they have many scalps at home on their mantle.. is it sad.. of course it is.. but not unexpected.. it is how the team recovers during the year that will prove his mettle.

As you said in the Benfica thread it is only one game.

Also I forgot to mention in the other thread but yes Artur was to blame for that first goal as it did go right through his hands.. and with continued play like that you can expect Eduardo to be starting soon... Roberto still sucked last year...btw.. hopefully Artur won't this..

Go AVB!!!
Did Abram meet with him for 4 hours?
1 Sunday, 14 August 2011 21:45
Oh oh, maybe Porto had a bit more to do with AVB's success than himself.

I get the draw, since Stoke is very tough, especially at home. They play a horrific style, but I don't want to hear about the holding and grabbing excuses. AVB might not be used to it, but his players sure are.
Chelsea still had plenty of opportunities and just couldn't convert. I do love the fact that Torres is still struggling.

On a side note, Man United won vs WBA, but Nani didn't have a particularly good game. He missed on a great chance and misssed on another half-chance. He also took a couple of shots when a pass was in order. Rooney yelled, so if Valencia is better, Nani could find himself on the bench again.
Nani had a great preseason, but he needs to be consistant. I do like that he's been getting back and defending a lot better than last year.

Liverpool drew with Sunderland, 1-1. Meireles started on the bench and came on for Suarez at 75th minute. He was mostly set up out wide on the left side, and not in the middle, where he was successful last season.

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