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Thursday, 10 February 2011 18:53

Chelsea’s Bosingwa praises David Luiz  signing

Defender happy to be playing again

After a year out of the game, Portugal defender Jose Bosingwa is still getting himself back up to speed with English champions Chelsea, and says he has almost returned to his peak physical condition.

Bosingwa spent 12 months on the sidelines with a serious knee injury, returning to first-team action in late October having missed the Blues double-winning end to the 2009/10 season. Now, after starting eleven Premier League matches since then, the former Porto man feels he is nearing his best after a testing period.

“It was difficult when I came back to play because I'd lost my performance, I'd lost too many games and I needed time to come back to my best performance - but now I feel better. I think my body is stronger and in the games now I did well,” he said.

“Every day after the training I go to the gym and for 40 to 45 minutes I do my exercises and if I am not 100 per cent now, I am near.

“At the end of last season I was happy because the team won two trophies but I was sad because I didn't help my team, I didn't play, I didn't do my job and it was difficult because of this.

“Now I do what I love. Football is my life and I am happy now.”

Competition for a place in Carlo Ancelotti’s defence increased during the transfer window when Chelsea signed Brazilian David Luiz from Benfica. Bosingwa expects the new arrival to do well at Stamford Bridge, following in the footsteps of Ramires, who made the same move from Lisbon to London last summer.

“Every time I can watch, I do watch the games in Portugal so I have seen David Luiz play many times, and he is a good player,” Bosingwa said.

“I think he will do well for Chelsea and he will bring something different to the team. It is a good transfer for us. He is a fast player, and he is a strong player as well.

"Ramires is also a good player and now he plays very well. He is still a new player for us and sometimes he has been playing on the right of the midfield. If he plays near me, it is good because we speak in the same language and our communication is better. It is easy for him and for me because I can speak with him.”

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Comments (20)
20 Tuesday, 19 April 2011 14:41
I also want to parise luzi on his performance
Leave David Luis 4 me
19 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 21:53
I kingsley persona lly like david luis he's a unique play er indeed he realy showd d stuff he was of in 2days encounta wit man-u luis & cech 4 life
lol bryan/scb
18 Saturday, 12 February 2011 20:47
Yes we did horrible but dídnt we come 3 like Braga yes you did better but your acting like braga made it through hey at least benfica can make the champions league again at least we knocked out Braga from the taca de portugal at least we are in the semi final of the taca da liga but yes your right Benfica is a disgrace lol Bryan you don't understand anything about football you just know how to hate switch back to porto you fake braga fan at least porto will be in the CL and braga will never make it again
Benfica fans can talk all they want
17 Saturday, 12 February 2011 19:52
Bottomline is Benfica disgraced Portugal in the CL
Don't Short-Change Boswinga
16 Saturday, 12 February 2011 19:40
Chelsea has NOT renewed Boswinga and he will be a free agent/transfer at the end of the season.
Ivanovic just extended his deal so you can expect him to move into that slot.
Chelsea is trying to get their wage bill down (Fair Play Financial Rules), so you can expect either Anelka or Drogba to be gone after this season as well. A midfielder might also have to go.
Keep in mind that Boswinga is making a lot, and Ivanovic is cheaper.

Boswinga is great at his position and that includes defending and going forward. I have been pleasently surprised by Pereira's play. As long as Chelsea's Pereira isn't on the field, Portugal will be fine at the right back position.

By the way, Chelsea is at negative 89 million or so for the season. The purchase of Torres and Luis put them at a loss. Keep in mind that Chelsea had 255.9 million euros in revenue. Yet, dut to their wages and player transfers, they are coming in around at a negative 89 mil.

As for Luis, he'll fit in perfectly at Chelsea. Terry's play has been slipping badly and he needs a strong presence next to him. They will be Ivanovic - Luis - Terry- Cole next season, although Luis and Terry should switch spots. The problem is that Terry would cry and start trouble. I also think that Alex should actually play ahead of Tery if he's healthy.
Ivanovic does not deserve bosingwas spot!
15 Saturday, 12 February 2011 01:59
Ivanovic choked badly against liverpool, his headers went nowhere, how can anyone say he will be in the squad over bosingwa? I would have him off the bench for a centreback spot, but not on the flanks it makes no sense.

His slow, his crossing isnt great, i see nothing that special about him except for the fact he can tackle. Therefore he should be at centreback.
Bosingwa vs Ivanovic
14 Friday, 11 February 2011 18:47
I still say Bosingwa is the better one on their best days. With him at 100%, he is one of the best fullback in the world. His overlapping runs with his pace are thrilling to watch. Indeed, Ivanovic is having a fine season, but even for a center back, I still would prefer Alex to Ivanovic. Ivanovic is very unpredictable sometimes with his runs and crosses, and sometimes nervy, like we saw against the Liverpool match with Cech. Bosingwa is always calm and working like a machine, which the Chelsea fans labeled him. If he keeps on playing regularly, it will be tough for Ivanovic or even David Luiz to cut into his position.
13 Friday, 11 February 2011 12:58
Benfica have around 130-150k in debt. I already broke down the numbers for you before but I see your really slow. These could be wrong since they are a year dated and since then Benfica sold two players at record levels and has now been ranked with the top clubs in how much revenue they generate from all levels so that debt could be alot smaller.
12 Friday, 11 February 2011 09:52
Ivanovic is having a good season and is a big threat from set pieces plus is more accomplished defensively than Bosingwa. He also signed a new contract this week.

Long term I think the ideal back 4 will be Cole-Luiz-Terry-Ivanovic so Bosingwa will have to fight hard for his place.

He is a good attacking option though for easy home games or to come off the bench in games Chelsea are losing as he brings some much needed width to the side, but his crossing still needs a lot of improving.
11 Friday, 11 February 2011 08:41
Bryan, don't forget to ask about Jesus' suspension please. the crowd is waiting.
Bosingwa underapreciated
10 Friday, 11 February 2011 04:48
Can you believe in england its expected that when chelseas defensive line is back to full strength its expected that Bosingwa will get dropped for either ivanovic at RB or David Luiz, that makes no sense.

Against liverpool bosingwa had a great game yet he was still the scapegoat for a forward. Drives me nuts.
Silvio is the man
9 Friday, 11 February 2011 04:23
8 Friday, 11 February 2011 03:19
Why are you guys worrying about our right-back? Far as I know.. Joao Pereira has been excellent. He is so much similar to our 2006 hero Miguel. As mentioned Silvio and Nelson are great backup choices.

Btw, You think Carvalho is playing for fun? He has already stated that his aim is to reach Brazil 2014 before retiring. At the very least I'm sure he'll be in our Euro 2012 squad. Its too early to be concerned.
Bosingwa and Pereira replacements
7 Friday, 11 February 2011 02:13
We have some other good right backs like Braga's Silvio, one of Mourinho's favorite players in the Liga Zon Sagres, and Nelson, who is having an excellent season for Osasuna. Ruben Amorim, Abel, Miguel Lopes, and Alex of Guimaraes could also be emergency replacements. I'd take any of these guys before Costa.
I agree Jasen
6 Friday, 11 February 2011 01:04
Bosingwa is a great player and Carlos Martins is literal garbage. Enough said there.

Benfica is also ahead on having a 400 million euro debt SLB..
Fake and Real Talk
5 Thursday, 10 February 2011 23:55
I'm sorry Jasen/USA, but what did Carlos say bad in his post? All he wanted to know is which player would play RB if Bosingwa and J.Pereira went down.

Anyways glad Bosingwa is nearly back to 100% and can't wait to see my former Benfica hero get more games under his belt with Chelski. He had a nice little cameo against Liverpool. BTW I loved how Paulo Ferreira was doing the translating for Ancelotti when he was about to put now DL4 in the game.
still blaming coentrao?
4 Thursday, 10 February 2011 23:12
i forgot he was portugals best player in the world cup already.. wait i didnt but u did LOL

what i was stating had nothing to do with club levels, use ur small mind to see past clubs, its people like you that no one supports our Seleccao, instead you people support the few players on the team.

i had a valid point...portugals subs if you look at it, we are screwed... silvio is the only guy i can see replacing bosingwa or pereira and we wont lose skill value. if all of them are hurt, who will play RB or LB, can you think of anyone good enough? i didnt think so!

same goes for our CBs, carvalho will retire soon, and pepe who knows, then we got rolando and alves, what if both get injured? can you think of any great replacements? none at the moment!

you can argue the odds of it happenning are slim, but no one saw bosingwa or nani missing the world cup did they?

and once again, look past porto, because the national team doesn't revolve around any club! Its made up of people from PORTUGAL!
Just some info 4 bryan
3 Thursday, 10 February 2011 22:35
Benfica is the 11 highest Matchday revenue generating club :) another thing for him to hate on just letting u know benfica is now ahead of braga in iffhs standings
2 Thursday, 10 February 2011 22:08
you dont know shit... when bosingwa is 100% he is one of the best in the world.

What does your precious benfica bring to our national team? Carlos martins? the piece of crap who can't keep possession or send in good crosses from set pieces. Coentrao is usually good but he gave up such a silly penalty
you know..
1 Thursday, 10 February 2011 21:09
i just realised.. say bosingwa cant play and neither can pereira, who is portugals rb? ricardo costa? LOL

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