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Monday, 09 August 2010 05:41

Bosingwa two or three weeks away from return - Ancelotti

Portuguese to miss season opener

Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that Portugal defender Jose Bosingwa is close to making his comeback from a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

The 27-year-old has been out of action since last October with a knee injury that required further surgery in March, leading to Bosingwa missing the World Cup in South Africa, where he would have been the Seleccao’s undoubted first choice on the right side of defence.

However, Blues coach Ancelotti mentioned the former Porto man during his squad fitness update following Sunday’s 3-1 Community Shield defeat to Manchester United. The Italian said “Bosingwa needs maybe two or three weeks,” before being considered for selection.

The Chelsea boss fielded both goalkeeper Hilario and right-back Paulo Ferreira for the clash with United at Wembley. For United, Nani was introduced early in the second half, with United already leading 2-0 through Valencia and Chicharito, and the former Sporting winger created the clinching third goal for Dimitar Berbatov late on after Salomon Kalou had halved the deficit for the Blues.

By Sean Gillen

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Comments (18)
18 Tuesday, 10 August 2010 17:49
Bros pls stop fighiting bosingwa is better dan miguel,miguel is also gud but old age is counting on him bosingwa is young.
17 Tuesday, 10 August 2010 02:46
I have no idea what that post was about. If that was an attempt to damage my image on this site then it was a really lame and low way of doing it.
16 Monday, 09 August 2010 20:37
Miguel (aka David/Portugal) pretty funny man.

Carlos, everything you said is true. Thanks for agreeing with me. Its about time someone did. People here seem to think its 30 and done for football players. Bosingwa might be more physical then Miguel but Miguel offers many more positives. You arent really done as a player until about 35 (Figo). Some play competitively till 40.
15 Monday, 09 August 2010 20:06
One thing I will always remember from Bosingwa is his performance in Stamford Bridge in 2008/09 first leg stopping one of the best attackers in the game Lionel Messi he made him look like a amateur.

Internationally it's Bosingwa's turn since he never really got his chance at a major tournament. Queiroz obviously screwed up at the World Cup for the right-back position he should of kept Miguel for the Spain match-up instead he uses Ricardo Costa who has never played right-back in his life for nation or club. Hopefully he can fit be for the Euro 2012 tournament (if we qualify).
we better win the qualifying group!
14 Monday, 09 August 2010 18:48
I hope there was some lessons learned in this WC. We will see on September 3rd when we face Cyprus. I bet though that Queiroz will experement again, not only with new players but the positioning of older ones. I think though that he needs to go guns a blazing to re-establish belief not only in the players but the fans and the federation. Then they will have confidence for the game on the 7th against Norway.
I'd like to know who he calls up. Where is this posted?
13 Monday, 09 August 2010 18:25
Who are we kidding here? Undoubtfully? lol. David/portugal has been Portugoalls best and most consistant commentor since 2004 and im sure he will be #1 atleast through Euro 2012. The only doubt in my mind is if his smoking catches up with him. Who can forget all those careless mistakes SUPREMO GINO made against Orlandomac when we were nearly eliminated from qualification. I guess if you have Supremo in your nickname, you become overrated.

Others who will say, JON/USA was #1 or whatever, everyone who has actually watched portuguese football for many years knows DAVID/PORTUGAL is was undoubtfully #1 and still is.
I agree with SupremoGino
12 Monday, 09 August 2010 17:55
I agree with him. You guys have to notice the difference here. Yes Miguel didn't get much playing time before the World cup but the coach plays him much more now. and yes Bosingwa is also an amazing RB and plays in a top club like chelsea.

But aside from that, I would still use Miguel over Bosingwa. Like supremogino says: versatile is always better. This is true. Although Bosingwa is fast and very strong at RB, Miguel has a lot of pace, agility, and did i mention stamina? This guy was always a machine! he would always attack up the flanks when he has the ball or just lob the ball perfectly for a winger. His work ethic surpasses Bosingwa's.

If Portugal is winning by a lot or still tied i would pick Miguel any day. If we have a comfortable lead, then i would sub in Bosingwa to hold the defense which he does well.
Love Miguel, but Boswinga starts now.
11 Monday, 09 August 2010 17:45
Let me begin by stating that I'm a huge Miguel fan. I loved the way he busted forward and was still able to get back and defend. Not only defend, but defend well.
But, that Miguel is no longer there. His time, unfortunately, has gone by. I've watched him at Valencia, and although he still shows flashes, he's no longer consistant. All the off the field problems can't be good either.

If Boswinga is healthy from his injury, he would be the starter in the Seleccao. At this time he has better pace, and puts in beautiful crosses.

The problem with this past World Cup was that Perreira is clearly done, and Miguel wasn't up to snuff. I still think that Miguel should have started due to his offensive production, but that didn't happen.

Let also say that I'm a Benfiquista, but J. Perreira at Sporting is really showing well. He will have to be considered, if he continues improving.

Lastly, don't compare Miguel with other players that play well for the countries Int'l squad and not their clubs. Podolski is young and a head case at the club level. In the Int'l squad he's only one of the guys.
10 Monday, 09 August 2010 17:22
Do we really have clowns in here? or is it just people who cant respect the opinions of others? Must I bring up that club form has nothing to do with form internationally. See: Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski. Miguel was having little playing time and so many legal troubles in the midst of it.

No Mikey, My comment was no sarcasm. I think we all can atleast agree that Bosingwa comes no where close to Miguel in his prime. A true wingback is someone who defends well and provides an attacking threat. Bosingwa has been completely useless if anything to provide an attacking threat. Its players like these who make me sick (eg. Pedro Mendes)

And in 2007 (the euro qualifiers for 2008) it was Miguel proving his worth. Bosingwa couldnt even match Podolski for pace on the first goal in our eventual loss to Germany in the Euro.

People can say oh Pedro Mendes is a DM (that's his job) or Bosingwa is a defender but everyone knows versatile players are always better. Even Miguel builded up Simao's goal vs North Korea. It was an excellent pass.. nothing Bosingwa could attempt.

I dont watch EPL cause theres like 5 good teams. The rest are worse then Portugal's Big 3. So Bosingwa doing good there means nothing unless its against Man United or Arsenal.

If anything, Bosingwa gives Miguel a run for his money, not the other way around.
9 Monday, 09 August 2010 17:13
Over the past couple of years Bosingwa has really stepped up. Missing Nani, Bosingwa, and Pepe (not fully fit) really hurt our chances in the World Cup. I hope he gets to his prime but missing 1yr due to an injury is huge and it may take some time for him to get back to 100% (unless he gets injured again). He’s great at bring the ball up which was what we were missing. He’ll still be at a good age for the 2012 Euro.
agreed jon/usa
8 Monday, 09 August 2010 17:11
you took the words out of my mouth about bosingwa when fully fit and about the reinforcement rbs. Don't know if he will be ready for sept 3rd and 7th qualifiers but if not then miguel lopes, joao perreira should be called. Miguel has served nt great in his prime and may still be of service but it's time to give lopes and perreira a call up I think ateast perreira
7 Monday, 09 August 2010 16:36
Looks like it's your turn to be the clown today... what air have you been breathing in? Did you watch EURO 2008 and the qualifiers for it? Did you watch the WC qualifiers before Bosingwa got injured?

When healthy, Bosingwa is the undisputed starter in the eyes of all ten million Portuguese in this country and Miguel has been overweight for three years now. He was great in '04 and good in '06 but his heydays are over.
6 Monday, 09 August 2010 15:31
Miguel was a great player 5 years ago and a true unsung hero for the seleccao in the euro and world cup, but today its a different story. I think he is better than paulo ferreira and especially ricardo costa and I still lose sleep over that terrible decision from queiroz. However, he is definitely not portugal's best right back anymore. I think that Bosingwa should start and Miguel Lopes and Joao Pereira would be strong back ups.

I watched chelsea almost every week just to see how deco, carvalho, and bosingwa do and I must say that bosingwa is amazing. I hear many experts around the world say that Bosingwa is second only to Maicon as the worlds best right back. I also remember when Bosingwa was a left back against barcelona and he did a fantastic job keeping messi quiet.

Imagine the back line of coentrao-alves/pepe-carvalho-bosingwa with eduardo in goal. Now that is without a doubt the best defense in the world.
@Supreme Gino
5 Monday, 09 August 2010 15:13
That comment was so ridiculous that I hope you were being sarcastic. Contrary to what you said, people who've watched Portuguese football for many years know that Miguel has barely featured for Valencia in that last two, and is nowhere near what he used to be. And I don't think anyone has said Paulo Fereira should be the #1 right back on our team, even when he was in his prime (which was still mediocre). Bosingwa is a world class right back. If you ever watched him play for Chelsea, you would have trouble disagreeing.
Bos versus Miguel
4 Monday, 09 August 2010 14:55
Gino, your having a laugh? Miguel was great in his day but Bos has been the best RB for Portugal for at least 3 years. We really missed him in South Africa.
3 Monday, 09 August 2010 14:41
"where he would have been the Seleccao’s undoubted first choice on the right side of defence."

Who are we kidding here? Undoubtfully? lol. Miguel has been Portugals best and most consistant RB since 2004 and im sure he will be #1 atleast through Euro 2012. The only doubt in my mind is if his smoking catches up with him. Who can forget all those careless mistakes Bosingwa made against Albania when we were nearly eliminated from qualification. I guess if you play in England, you become overrated.

Others who will say, Paulo Ferreira was #1 or whatever, everyone who has actually watched portuguese football for many years knows Miguel is was undoubtfully #1 and still is.

Obviously Queiroz hasnt when your coaching South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates..
Come Back Healthy
2 Monday, 09 August 2010 13:29
Couldn't agree more jon.
1 Monday, 09 August 2010 11:58
I hope he can return soon. When he is in top form he is one of the best right backs in the world. With Bosingwa back in the starting 11 in the seleccao, we should be able to win our qualifying group.

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