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Monday, 28 February 2011 15:35

Leonardo Jardim steps down at Beira-Mar

Manuel Fernandes expected to leave Vitoria Setubal

Leonardo JardimLeonardo Jardim is no longer coach of Beira-Mar, having tendered his resignation. Manuel Fernandes is also expected to leave his position as head coach of Vitoria Setubal today.

Jardim has enjoyed an impressive debut season in the top flight, guiding the newly-promoted side to mid-table safety.

Speculation this weekend even suggested he could be in the mind of Porto president Pinto da Costa as a future coach of the Dragons. More immediately, with the Vitoria de Setubal post expected to become vacant within a matter of hours, Jardim will be one of the favourites to occupy it.
The 36-year-old insists his decision was not taken due to an offer from another club. “I’m a person who likes to work hard on (long-term) projects and staying for two more months makes no sense. This decision is not related to my future career.
“I did not accept the proposal to renew my contract and decided not to stay until the end of the season. As such, the club can prepare its future, and so can I. I believe it is the best solution for both parties,” said Jardim.
Jardim has had to work in precarious conditions at Beira-Mar. The Aveiro club are experiencing acute financial problems and could barely muster together a squad for the 2010/11 season. This has made his achievements at building a competitive team based around journeymen, youth players and loanees all the more impressive.
Meanwhile, the departure of Manuel Fernandes from Vitoria Setubal is imminent according to a variety of Portuguese press sources.
The Sadinos have won just one league match since October and are hovering dangerously close to the drop zone. It is believed Fernandes and the club have agreed to part ways and are currently negotiating compensation, given that the coach had a further year to run on his contract beyond this season.
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Sad Commentary
3 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 13:54
I agree Paulo. It's really hard for these teams to stay afloat, especially in these economic times.
I wonder how much its costing Beira-Mar to play in the Municipal de Aveiro. I love it that that stadium is once again in the first division, but at what cost. For average attendance in the league they are actually pretty good at 5,297. The problem is that the stadium holds 30,000.

Setubal is only averaging 3,369 in the holding 18,694 Boafim.

These teams live off their tv money and sometimes that has proven to not being enough.
I'll mention again that while in Portugal I saw no advertising or enticement to go to see these teams. Yes, every newspaper writes everything about upcoming matches and everyone knows there's one. The problem is that there's no promotion or enticement by these smaller clubs to get people in the seats. How about bring your kids for free. A family ticket cost. Meet the team before the game. If you think it sounds amateurish remeber that the NFL does this all the time.

Bryan, I agree that Jardim has done a great job at Beira-mar. I am sad that he has walked away for it, especially with teh club still very much out of relegation. Whoc cares if they shoudl fold, you should remain for the players and the fans. If he's not leaving for another job, then there was no reason to leave.
More League Shite
2 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 09:43
This is just the same underlying issue isnt it. these clubs havent got two escudo's to rub together,
there broke. operating on budgets that wouldnt feed the homeless in a soup kitchen
Its a joke.
mangers just leave becuase its a shambles.
crowds that are like nything about it.
I have heard Braga and Sporting are after him
1 Monday, 28 February 2011 22:16
Jardim will definitely make a step to a bigger club next year.

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