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Thursday, 28 October 2010 17:00

Academica and FC Porto: Six degrees of separation

Coimbra side with winning mentality

Villas-Boas-Oct10.jpgjorgecosta_pressconference.jpgThis will be the tie of the round that many will be focusing on as two of the more impressive teams in the Liga ZON Sagres thus far, FC Porto and Academica, clash at the Estadio Finibanco Cidade de Coimbra.

FC Porto will pay a visit to Academica's home in the battle of two of the top three sides in the table. Traditionally, this has not been a contest that many would have paid attention to (due to Porto's superiority and Academica's mid table status), but that's all changed now as the two teams have demonstrated that they are sides to be reckoned with.

An interesting sub-plot will also play out as now Porto coach, Andre Villas-Boas, will face his former team for the very first time, while Academica boss Jorge Costa goes up against the club he represented for almost two decades.

Goalkeeper Pesier feels that the fact that Villas-Boas trained the Estudantes not that long ago will have no bearing on who has the inside track to the other team.

"We speak very little about him," said the French net-minder. "Maybe it will be easier for them to get prepared for this match because he was here already, but we have a team that is technically different and some different players as well. He could be familiar with the majority of the squad, but not everyone."

Academica tactician Jorge Costa echoed the same sentiments and rationalised that if Villas Boas has the upper-hand because he coached Academica last season, then what kind of advantage will he have after spending nearly his entire playing career with Porto?

"There are no secrets. If he (Villas Boas) has an advantage because he is familair with a large part of our squad then I also have the same advantage because I am very familiar with that house," said Costa. "It could be useful, but it won't be the deciding factor."

"I am a professional of Academica and I very much wish to win this match. My contract with FC Porto ended five years ago. It's logical that the emotional link to the club will remain for the rest of my life, but now I want to give my maximum to fight for the three points."

Asked whether the men in black fear Porto's attack, namely Hulk and Falcao, Pesier added that it would be foolish to focus soley on one or two Porto players.

"What is most important is the team. This is not tennis or golf - what is most important is the team's spirit. I am not preoccupied with Hulk or Falcao. Porto have 20 good players and if one of them has a bad day, another player will step in and pick up the slack."

"What is important is that we have a good game. It will be a difficult match, but if everyone is on form we can win. It is important to have the winning spirit and approach this game with our heads held high."

by Marco Pereira

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1 Thursday, 28 October 2010 22:19
Jorge Costa has done an excellent job so far for his "midtable" team. He has made Academica an efficient attacking team with some good players like Sougou, Diogo Valente, and Miguel Fidalgo.

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