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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 18:04

Jorge Costa: We're well-grounded

Academica coach feels team is now a target in Portugal

Jorge-Costa-Apr10.jpgAfter six rounds in the Liga ZON Sagres the championship has produced another surprise this season as Academica are proving that they might very well be the real deal this year.

Sporting Braga stunned the world with their breakthrough second-place finish last season and now Academica are occupying that very spot - seven points behind leaders FC Porto.

The Estudantes have already claimed the scalps of Benfica and Vitoria Guimaraes and should things stay the same, in terms of  table positions, the league will be poised to see the top two teams face one another as Academica will pay a visit to the Dragao and do battle with FC Porto.

Academica boss Jorge Costa does not want his team to get ahead of themselves as he knows that his squad are inexperienced to maintain their table classification, but also feels that it is wholly deserved due their performances up until now.

"It is not customary to see us in this position, nor do we have players who are used to fight for this table position, but we do have past experiences that have guided us," reasoned Costa. "Last year, with three or four matches remaining until the end of the championship, the team were still unsettled as there were players who had been relegated to the lower division or came form the Liga da Honra."

"We are the aware that this situation is better than all the others. We are not a team who submerges into euphoria, but are proud of the good work that we have done and are aware that there is still a lot more to do - there are still a lot of points to be won."

"We have all gone through phases like this. What is most important is that we do not veer off from our course and understand the motives that got us to this good phase because everyone goes through bad phases.There is no better feeling than gaining points due to hard work and dedication. We are proud, but have our feet well planted on the ground."

"It doesn't appear to me that we're a team who have become a constant target to beat as we haven't reached that stage yet, but I do feel that we're a motivator for our adversaries because we are having a good campaign. We're prepared for this."

by Marco Pereira

Comments (2)
Nice Surprise
2 Thursday, 30 September 2010 13:08
I'm really surprised by Academica, especially in their win vs Guimaraes.
If they are just able to show some consistency, they just might be in Europa next season.
They have two very winnable games before facing Porto in three weeks.
Keep it up boys
1 Wednesday, 29 September 2010 22:43
Academica have had some strong forwards now for the last few years, Sougou or whatever his name is, is an outstanding player who always scores alot of goals no matter which lower tier club his at, good stuff great to see.

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